How To Make Yourself Unattractive To Men

This is a step-by-step process of making yourself (particularly women) unattractive to men.

Step 1: Give the Appearance of Obesity

Note I said "give the appearance of obesity", not "be obese". It's quite difficult to be obese on a plant-based diet, because whole plants don't generate many calories. You also can't really eat a lot of them, because they don't have added chemicals that keep you hungry and undernourished, leading to more food cravings. And some of the nutrients are not readily absorbed because of the fiber. So, a healthy lifestyle must be based on a plant-based diet. Not necessarily a vegan or vegetarian diet. Just a "variety of fruits and vegetables" diet. Don't be afraid to add whole grains to your diet. Forget about "Calories In, Calories Out", and eat a whole plant-based diet instead. Eat meat in moderation.

Seriously, I ate 3 medium-size tomatoes, and I was full. Fruits and vegetables really are the good stuff, and they should be the heart of healthy eating.

Maintaining a healthy body is important, because a healthy, strong body fights off disease. So, work on that, while maintaining a façade of obesity through extremely baggy clothes.

Step 2: Do Vigorous Exercise in the Morning

It is important to do some kind of exercise every day. Sitting is the worst activity you can do. Not only is it bad for your cardiovascular health, it also does not generate much stink. So, go outside and be active. Commute to the shopping center on a bicycle, or something. The more intense the work-out, the more you sweat. The more you sweat, the more you stink. So, if you do vigorous exercise in the morning, then you will smell of sweat throughout the day. Stink is a great people repellent.

Step 3: Choose Baggy Clothes

Baggy clothes make you look fat. The baggier, the better. If you fit into a size 7, then opt for a size 14. You can just wear belts to pull the pants up.

Step 4: Cover Your Hair

To reduce your sex appeal, you may maintain short hair. However, short hair will eventually grow into long hair, and if you are a fast grower, it may be difficult to maintain the shortness of the hair. In that case, you cover your hair with a medieval coif. Your hair is tied in a bun underneath the little cap. As a result, the hair puts less burden on your everyday tasks and reduces your sex appeal.

Step 5: Wear No Make-Up and Jewelry

Make-up and jewelry certainly make a woman prettier. But you don't want to look pretty. You want to look plain and boring. So, you reject wearing mascara and false eyelashes. You don't need them. You are already born with functional eyelashes, and lengthening them would be superfluous. You don't need redder lips or redder cheeks. You accept the lips and cheeks that you are born with. And you never shave your body hair, not even your pubic hair. Removing pubic hair has serious health risks.

Step 6: Eat Raw Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are healthy for you. Onions and garlic also make your breath stink. So, if you love eating onions and garlic, then that's great! Keep on eating them! They are vegetables that you love and everyone hate!

An onion a day keeps men away. Every time men approach you to talk to you, they have to stand at a talking distance, which is also the distance that they can smell your onion breath.

I do not like garlic, but I LOVE onions! Raw red onions are so crunchy, spicy, and very nutritious! You just can't eat too many of them, because eating them (not just cutting them) can make you cry hard.

Step 7: Rub Raw Onions and Garlic Over Your Body

I am not sure whether this idea will work, but you can rub raw onions on your body and see whether that will generate stink.

Step 8: Eat a lot of Beans

Beans produce gas. They are also very nutritious and delicious. You don't care much about your sex appeal anyway, so gas production is the least of your worries. If you happen to fart a lot by eating beans, then you can exploit that to your own advantage. No one wants a farter as a girlfriend anyway.

Step 9: Act like a Moron

You may be snacking on a box of steamed beans one day, and one guy approaches you. As soon as that happens, you begin to stuff the beans into your mouth very quickly and face him. The guy will feel disgusted and leave. That is a great way to act totally moronic.


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  • I think a lot of pink anons are already actively following this guide. You forgot feminism though. Saying you are a feminist in the US will take you from a 7/10 to a 4/10


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  • A lot of attractive women are made unattractive just by opening their mouth. Just tell how much you like Justin Bieber, how Trump would be the best president or how astrology gets it right.

  • I don't know about you but I like garlic. I think you're trying to repel vampires not men.

  • All this stuff turns me on tho

    1. I love girls who eat a lot
    2. I love the smell of BO
    3. I love girls who sag their pants
    4. It's sexy when a girl covers up her hair
    5. I like girls who don't wear makeup
    6. I like stinky things
    7. That will just make me want to lick her entire body
    8. I love farts. I'll suck a fart straight out her ass and hold it like a bong hit.
    9. I love when girls act stupid. Makes me feel smarter.

  • you will not only scare men away by this but everyone in general.

  • Step 1) Put on a hijab or worse a niqab
    Step 2) Don't shower more than once every 2 weeks
    Step 3) Be an inconvenience to others and act like a bitch
    Step 4) Burp and fart in public
    Congratulations now no guy will ever date you.

  • I'd still spot a hot girl a mile away even with all that... Nice try πŸ˜‰

  • Dress like Ellen. Problem solved.

  • This is obviously satirical

  • I disagree with 5, 6 and 8. They don't make a woman unattractive for me.

  • How to make yourself unattractive to men / how to have no friends at all

  • Lesbian feminist angry because she earns 3 dollars less an hour

  • I'd date a girl who followed these steps for sure!

  • Lol is this meant only for attractive women

  • Just say you're a feminist and he'll run for the hills.

  • I'm so confused.

  • 1. We can tell if a woman is hot under baggy clothes.
    2. We love it when hot women sweat
    3. See #1
    4. Nuns are sexy
    5. Hot women are still hot without makeup
    6. Onions and garlic are delicious
    7. See #6
    8. Beans Beans they're good for your heart!
    9. See #8


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