3 Fashion Statements I Wish Would Make a Comeback

1) Capes

I think capes are so beautiful! Not only do they flow nicely, they also keep you warm. They can also add a touch of whimsy to any outfit.

Capes started in Medieval Europe and were worn over other layers to keep warm. Often capes are associated with wizards and witches. But capes were worn by many people in the past as part of their regular wardrobe. A cape made it easy to conceal money or other valuables on long travels which may be attractive to opportunistic thieves. Capes also made it easier to conceal weapons to protect the wearer from an attack.

Modern capes have made somewhat of a comeback. However, I feel they are very underrated! Fun Fact: Capes were worn by both men and women!

2) Muff (Hand warmer)

A muff is a cylindrical piece of clothing, which in the past was usually made out of fur. It's function was to keep hands warm, yet allowed the wearer to have free access to reach out their hands if necessary.

I think these two girls look so cozy wearing their Hand Muffs! I would love to own one, not one made out of real fur of course.

3) Smaller, beautifully detailed purses

Purses started out with the sole purpose to carry coins. They have since evolved to be so much more! Modern purses come in an array of sizes but for the most part are still quite large.

Smaller purses force us to pare things down to necessities only. This helps us be more organized. Plus who doesn't like a little bling on their arm? In the past, women made and decorated their bags themselves. Some bags would have lace or beaded detail, and some would have intricate embroidery.

What kinds of things would you like to see come back?


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  • The thin ties that astronauts and engineers wore in the 60s. The made a brief comeback in the late 80s.

  • I like the idea of capes especially first two pics


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