How To Make Yourself Unattractive After Losing Weight

You were fat, but unlike other people, you actually preferred the solitude. No one had ever complimented your appearance, which saved your brain from finding something good to say in return. You know social interactions have never been your forte. But when you lose weight for health reasons, you notice that you become more attractive to people and get more attention from people. This has negative side effects, because you resent attention and feel awkward in social situations. All right. This guide is for you.

1. Wear a Fat Suit

Perhaps, the easiest way to appear fat again is to wear a fat suit. This method is not the most convenient or cost-effective way, but if you do have the money and time to apply a fat suit every day, then go for it.

2. Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes

If you are relatively poor or a cheapskate, then you should wear loose-fitting clothes. Wearing loose clothes will make you appear wider or bigger than you really are.

3. Make the Most Asymmetrical Face

Although a slim body is regarded as more attractive than a fat body, it is important to understand that facial symmetry also contributes to beauty. A slim person with an asymmetrical face is not considered as beautiful as a slim person with a symmetrical face. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

The problem is, most people are born with a decent level of bilateral symmetry. Nevertheless, it is still possible to create asymmetry in your face by making highly unusual expressions. Try experimenting with different facial expressions in the mirror. If you find one that you like, use it.

4. Do Not Wear Make-Up

The main purpose of make-up is to accentuate your looks or enhance your beauty. Some people do not find a person's natural appearance beautiful, and that depends on cultural preferences.

For women, they may take Anne Hathaway's example in the Princess Diaries.

5. If You Do Wear Make-Up, Look Like A Clown

In the following tutorial, the guy shows you how to put on make-up to give a clown-like appearance.

6. Do Not Smile

Smiling makes people attractive. So, you should not smile. Instead of smiling, you should frown. Fortunately, if your neutral face expression has a slight frown, then this task will be easy for you. An expressionless, lifeless face should be easy to do, because your face muscles are relaxed.

7. Wear Sunglasses

If you are outside, then you should wear a pair of sunglasses. It protects your eyes from harmful UV rays and hides your eyes from view.

8. Treat your Social Disability

If you are aware that you cannot function very well in social situations, and this trait is debilitating to you, and you have the means (money and health insurance) to treat your disability, then you may seek counseling to treat it. Surely, the therapist will figure out something.


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  • Or just say "thank you" if someone compliments you. Being complimented does not mean you have to compliment back. Especially since it would just feel forced and they would know that.

  • But I don't want to look unattractive


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