7 Golden Rules of Being Well-Groomed Lady

1. Hair

It doesn't matter how beautiful face your face is, if you have a messy hair then it will make a bad impression. So, it's important to have a clean and tidy hair.

2. Eyebrows

Eyebrows effects the way that our eyes look. If you pluck your eyebrows then do it twice a week.

3. Well cared-for skin

You must do your skincare daily. In the end, it's not good to have a dry or cracked skin.

4. Makeup

Consider your face shape and skin color while doing make-up.

5. Hands & Nails

Hands must be smooth and nails must be clean.

6. Clothes

You must choose a cloth according to your body type. It must also match with your hair and make-up.

7. Smell

Finally, you must choose a perfume by considering your skin type.


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  • Good Take :)

  • yeah , the hair part is true