5 Killer Fashion Tips for Thanksgiving Day

A national day of celebration in itself, Thanksgiving Day traditionally kicks off the back-to-back Holiday celebrations towards the end of each year. While it is the perfect time to put your feet up and relax, you can’t let your style guard down.

Whether you’re spending Thanksgiving with your special someone, flying home to see 100 of your families, relatives and childhood friends or, spending it on a relaxing out-of-town vacation all by yourself, it is always in your best interest to be looking at your best. Here are 5 killer fashion tips to help you nail your Thanksgiving fashion:

Tip No. 1: Layer, layer, layer.

Do a quick weather check first because where you’re headed might not be as warm or cold as where you are right now. Make sure you’re appropriately dressed and when the weather is cool enough. Thanksgiving is also the best time to show off your knits in layered outfits.

Knits can be bulky. Choose the finer ones that are shaped to show the cinch on your waist. Remember those calf-length and ankle-length blouses that have seen so much runway and street time? Well, this year’s knits have taken cue from that trend so you might want to wear them longer. Of course, for full fashionista effect, layer with your tight leggings or denims underneath. Put on your printed scarf and your boots.

Tip No. 2: You can’t go wrong with a smart looking pair of denims.

You cannot possibly run out of fashion ideas when you’ve decided to put on a pair of denims for Thanksgiving, not even for your family turkey dinner. Choose to layer it with something as simple as a plain tee, topped with coat or poncho or just about any knit you can find.

So long as you’re wearing a great pair of denims and the right pair of booties, there is no way you can’t look posh. Flared and patched denims are just two of the most trending denims this Fall. Kick up those styling neurons of yours and Google up that easy, denim style for inspiration.

Tip No. 3: Be the first to put on those constructed shoulder fashion clothing.

Get 80’s inspired but keep it updated. Take inspiration from Balenciaga and leave your coats hanging by the shoulders. Show off your inner blouse. Use a bulky and loose turtleneck shirt to give your look plenty of high fashion elements. Put on those boots!

When looking for your perfect coat this season, choose the ones with padded collars or broad shoulders. Look 80’s but not so, by choosing a coat that still does not fail your natural woman curves.

Tip No. 4: Look effortlessly chic in a power suit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re homebound to your old, sleepy countryside town or spending Thanksgiving in the posh streets of New York. Keep your look sophisticated and be conveniently styled in a low, plunging neckline power suit. Remember, if it’s tailored to your body, you can’t go wrong with this outfit. Wear with flattering, long chain necklaces that highlight your sexy collar bones.

Tip No. 5: Don’t be afraid to wear your accessories.

Thanksgiving fashion can be easy, breezy to style up. When your Fall fashion is too convenient though, it’s also too easy to look just like anybody else you come across to in town. Stand out and make an impression by wearing your accessories smart!

Do you have any idea what the best Thanksgiving accessories you can wear are other than your booties? It’s your bag! Put an end to the troublesome, monotonous styling of Thanksgiving by making prints and color pop from your outfit using your bag as your secret weapon (wink, wink). Veer away from the usual browns and blacks. Make way for brightly colored and boldly printed bags. You can also quite simply just tie a scarf around your favorite, all-occasion carry-alls to give it a unique personality.


For many, Thanksgiving continues to be a time spent worthwhile with family and relatives. Some may choose otherwise. Nevertheless, how you dress up reflects a lot about who you are. Dress for the occasion but keep it appropriate no matter where you may be headed this Thanksgiving season.

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