10 Dumb Comments that Make Every Make-up Lover's Eyes Roll

10 Dumb Comments that Make Every Make-up Lover's Eyes Roll

1. Make-up is such a total waste of time.

...and so are those video games you play, the sports you watch, the hours you spend on social media, those games you play on your phone, and so on and so on. Look, we could be doing meth right now, but instead we're standing in front of a mirror one eye half closed, trying desperately to get our eyeliner to look like twins instead of distant cousins...there is clearly far worse we could be doing with our time. Every body "wastes" time of whatever hobby or passion they love doing; you've chosen your poison, and this is ours! Can we live already?!?

2. I prefer the natural look

10 Dumb Comments that Make Every Make-up Lover's Eyes Roll

Okay, good for you, prefer all you like in your own world but what does that have to do with us? We didn't think by the looks of our big ass suitcase worth of every brand of make-up we can afford, that it was in any way unclear that we prefer to wear make-up and that's not going to change.

3. I prefer the good old days, where girls didn't wear make-up.

What good old days are those? Cosmetics are mentioned in the Old Testament—2 Kings 9:30 where Jezebel painted her eyelids—approximately 840 BC—and the book of Esther describes various beauty treatments as well. The use of make-up is also well documented in ancient Egypt and Greece.

4. Girls only wear make-up for guys

10 Dumb Comments that Make Every Make-up Lover's Eyes Roll

Look at the ego on you thinking our world literally only ever revolves around you. Sure, we do wear make-up when we're off on a date or going to the club, but we also wear make-up to go to school, to go to work, to visit with our girlfriends, to go to funerals, to hang out with our family, to walk the dog, to go to Starbucks...all because we just like it, and we think it makes us look and feel good. If you happen to notice, than you do because you have eyes in your head, but trust us, from what we know, make-up or not, you're going to notice a pretty woman so don't blame us for that! Obvious Side Note: if you're a guy who "prefers" a natural look, then shouldn't that indicate to you that we are certainly not wearing it to attract you...you know because you ONLY prefer girls who are natural...

5. Make-up is so unhealthy for you

Really kind of hard to take you seriously when we can see that string of cheese from last nights pizza hanging off your chin and you haven't been to the doctor or the gym in who knows how long. If you take care of your make-up kits and brushes, engage in a routine cleansing of your face before/after make-up, and/or buy more of the organic brands, make-up is no more or less unhealthy than the dozes of other things people are or aren't doing to their bodies (except meth. Meth is always unhealthy).

6. You're trying to fool people by wearing make-up

10 Dumb Comments that Make Every Make-up Lover's Eyes Roll

Wait a minute, let me try and understand this. You, being an intelligent man or woman capable of higher level thinking, thought our sparkly eyeshadows, or black lined eyes, our bright lips, our gold glows, and our eyelashes out to there...were natural? This is what got you shook? This?!? Newflash, if you picked up someone at a club or you went on a date, the majority of women are wearing something that is not natural to them. I mean, what's next, we fooled you as to our natural smell by wearing deodorant or we lied about our lack of body hair, by shaving? I don't see you complaining about those things!

7. You wear make-up because you're totally insecure

Yes wanting to hide one or two blemishes or covering up a scar is being "totally" insecure. I'm 1000% certain you don't grasp what "totally insecure" actually means because one's face is such a tiny percentage of ones whole entire body. Are you totally insecure for working out at the gym every single day or are you just doing it to help you look good and feel good about yourself. Alrighty then.

8. Look at (insert female celebrity), she's so beautiful and natural

Haaaaaaaa! So you ARE attracted to make-up looks!!! Every time so and so celeb is on a red carpet, on a magazine cover, on a runway, shows up at some club at 2am, is out walking the dog, they are wearing make-up. They have whole teams of experts that spend 2 hours literally trying to make them "look natural." And if they fail at the task or heaven forbid the celebrity actually looks human, right behind them are whole teams of photoshoppers who sit there as their job, and remove ingrown hairs, straighten teeth, remove wrinkles, stretch marks, and blemishes, re-color their skin, digitally add more make-up, make their hair look fuller, put their body on the body of someone else, all before their picture hits the stands. So when you're telling someone to look like this or that celebrity, you're telling them to not only wear make-up in order to look good, but to be someone they cannot ever hope to physically be or look like because it was created on a computer.

9. You look so different without make-up

FACE PALM. What would be the point of applying make-up, if after we were done, there was no actual discernible difference from what we looked like before? We'll wait...

10. You don't see guys wearing make-up to cover up their faces

10 Dumb Comments that Make Every Make-up Lover's Eyes Roll

I mean, did you want to wear make-up because nothing is stopping you. If you want to turn this into some sort of unfairness rant, we will personally drive you to the nearest make-up counter and even out the playing field. There are in fact many men who wear make-up. And before you go off into some stereotype about how they "must" be gay, every newscast you've ever seen with male anchors and every movie and television show with any males on it, has men wearing make-up and you think nothing of it...why...because there are whole teams of make-up artists who make it their job to remove under eye circles, freckles, diminish wrinkles and redness in their faces, and take out greasy shine so they are camera ready with the aid of make-up. In essence, they "look natural," wearing make-up.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I can tell you had a hard time with people about this topic haha.

    Interesting Take.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love this article.

    It's weird how shocked some people (guys) are to hear that a makeup wearer has heard literally everything on this list - keep your comments to yourself. I wear makeup for me and because I can. I need no other approval than my own nor reason other than it is fun.


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What Guys Said 6

  • My little sister has pretty bad acne. She doesn't wear makeup, not even foundation. She is really pretty, though, and usually I have to worry about the guys on her tail.

    I asked her, "why don't you wear makeup to cover up the blemishes?"
    "Cause I feel more confident becoming comfortable with who I am, rather than putting make up on and having people like a face that isn't me anymore."

    Stupid Mytake, you take a "I'm not bad, because you're bad too" approach to making your points, which is as unhealthy as say, putting makeup to cover blemishes instead of becoming confident despite blemishes.

    Living with 3 sisters, I can tell when a girl is wearing just foundation. In my experience, the ones with less makeup wind up being the down-to-earth girls that I enjoy talking to.

    • I'm really happy for your sister. Good for her, but if you love make-up, which I and a lot of women do, you love it. Your sister is not affected by the fact that other women choose to wear make-up is she? No. She hasn't changed her mindset towards make-up because other people perhaps ask her, like you did, why she doesn't wear it, no. The same goes for make-up lovers. We're not going to change what we like because someone else doesn't like it. Do you change your mind totally about something you love every time someone disagrees or doesn't like it... I'm sure you don't. And yes, it is absolutely positively hypocritical to try and blast someone else for something you are doing yourself. If you're going to try and hate on make-up lovers by saying for example that, we are "wasting time" doing it, then why is it then suddenly unfair to call you out for wasting time on social media?

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    • Deodorant isn't really a beauty standard, it's just part of basic hygiene.

      Again, I think its kind of ignorant to pretend like make-up is some healthy lifestyle, when it clearly has an effect on people's perception of beauty. If make-up is this time-wasting distraction as you say it is, then it is like all the other time-wasting distractions - an escape from reality.

      You didn't necessarily address anything, you kinda just shot a sassy remark back at all the questions. A few of them seemed like you missed the point the question was making, too.

      All I know, is that when I sit at a bar, and there is a girl with seemingly perfect skin, painted eyebrows, and typically awful taste in lipstick color and another girl whose skin is a bit blotchy cause most skin is not naturally one, even tone, I'll take the one who is definitely comfortable with her imperfections. The guy boasting about his mustang and who forgot he doesn't need to wear sunglasses indoors can have the other one.

    • I addressed quite a lot in this take but you're hearing what you want to hear. I talked about other people considering make up a waste of time, but that I and make-up lovers do not. You've again, misunderstood, but it is there to go back and re-read if you missed it. You also seem to be trying to drive home a point about what you like in terms of make-up/no make-up, and this is a non-issue. I'm not trying to impress upon you that you must like a make-up lover in the slightest because you like who and what you please.. but this: "The guy boasting about his mustang and who forgot he doesn't need to wear sunglasses indoors can have the other one" is just sad. You don't somehow become a better person because you like those that wear little or no make-up and there is no guarantee that a make-up less girl will be an amazing person. People simply prefer what they prefer.

  • 11. Make-up is extremely damaging to skin and causes acne as well as premature wrinkles.

    12. The same companies who sell make-up also sell anti-wrinkle creams. They fucking laugh at how stupid their customers are.

    13. The other ten things you mentioned are all pretty irrelevant compared to this.

    • It depends completely on what type of makeup you use and what type of skin you have. Yes, there is makeup out there that contains harsh chemicals or ingredients that can set your skin or cause acne. But if you choose a high quality makeup that is appropriate for your skin type, then you should be fine. And one of the biggest reasons why makeup can cause acne is not actually the makeup itself, but the use of dirty brushes and applicators, and/or failing to wash your face thoroughly before bed.

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    • I've spent years researching cosmetics. If you are careful about the ingredients, don't leave it on for too long periods of time (make sure you wash your well every night. Better yet wash your face as soon as you get home if you can) and do regular treatments it will not cause aging. Also the use of a mineral SPF helps. Lots of women think their makeup is enough to protect them against sun damage.

    • @Nyx_85 Yep^

      As with most things, if you're careful enough you can avoid harm.

  • 9 contradicts 8 and 4 is true. you wear makeup to look good. who are you trying to impress? unless your lesbian the answer is men. the whole fashion industry is for looking the most attractive to the other gender. also makeup isn't unhealthy as long as you use it in moderation. if it was 100% unhealthy then you wouldn't get acne from it. thanks for wasting my time on a subject i had no interest in lol

  • "Make-up is so unhealthy for you."
    sure, It can lead to your death if you drink too much

  • I prefer the natural look 😂

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What Girls Said 16

  • Hahahaha Good take! Love the first pic!

    And about the beautiful, natural celebrities... yeah... men don't know when someone's wearing makeup... xD

  • I agree! I'm not super into make up (although i kinda want to be) but I am into skin care a lot. I prefer more organic products and i feel it really makes a difference, especially with my sensitive skin. When my skin is having a good day its definitely a confidence boost.

  • Thiiiiisssss. I don't even think I have anything else to add because you hit every single point so perfectly.

  • "Make up causes acne" yeah well, all these guys having acne... they surely used too much foundation. I know strong make up can cause having some pimples, because it's blocking the pores, but not acne. Acne is more complex than that.

  • Great take! I wear makeup and have zero acne. Personally I don't really care what other people think of me. To each their own!

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