How Many Make-Up Products Are These Women Wearing?

This is a well timed part two to mytake about the 10 dumb things people say to make-up lovers in that it really illustrates the point about people thinking that certain people look all natural or that certain women aren't wearing a lot of products on their face.

Make-up comes in so many forms and varieties and a lot of women do try and wear make-up that is on the more natural side and save the heavy stuff for parties, dates, evening events, but the point is still, even with natural looks, a lot of work can be put into those looks. In many ways it is the highest compliment for someone to tell them, oh yeah, by the way, you look great or you look so natural.

Make-up is fun for those that do enjoy it. It's an artist painting on their own canvas and creating some version of beauty. Many products simply enhance what women already have, but I don't think people should be out trying to make women feel bad about wearing make-up or liking it and on the same token, I don't think make-up lovers should go after those who don't.

I think it's interesting to guess and see with the video how many products you think these women are or aren't wearing. It's a real eye opener. I mean, whether you or someone out in the world, or these women, you do what you like to do with make-up or you don't. You make your make-up choices or not, and have fun with that or enjoy it or simply decide, it's not for you.

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  • This is a good point - When I started answering this questions I went I like the light, no make up look but people are very black and white about so you have to refine the answer to - I like the light, no make up look regardless of the amount of make up used.


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  • Buzzfeed... misleading people since forever... Such clickbait. I mean - moisturizer, spf, serum, cream, primer - these aren't makeup... they're skincare.

    But yeah, guessed all except for those uneducated lumping everything she has on her face as makeup bits.

    • The title of the video may have been click bait-ish, but to be fair, in the video, the title card read: guess how many beauty products each person is wearing, and under that heading, the video is absolutely correct because a beauty product or cosmetic is any substance or preparation for human use for the purpose of cleansing, beautifying or altering the appearance, which includes personal toiletry products such as shampoos and lotion, beauty products, and fragrances.

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    • Hey don't bite the messenger, I'm just saying that's what it said and what the ladies in the video said.

    • Haha Not biting the messenger. The messenger isn't to blame. =)

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  • Cool video! I got pretty close on some of them, but others were super hard to guess haha. And yeah it's really annoying when people think you wear a lot/almost nothing just because of what it looks like. Like adding eye shadow somehow makes people assume that your face is cakey.
    My makeup routine consists of: moisturizer, 2 types of foundation (I mix them to get the right shade and coverage), translucent powder, mascara, eyebrow pencil, highlighter, and sometimes if I'm feeling fancy I'll contour my cheeks and add a sparkly eye shadow. :)

    • OH, and setting spray.

    • Could not agree more. I'm also a 2 foundation kind of gal. I never can seem to find "the one," or the "the one" is insanely expensive.

    • Exactly!! So annoying. The nyx foundation drops have the correct shade for me since I’m super pale, but I hate the weird consistency and how hard it is to blend out evenly (even with the beauty blender). So I just use Maybelline’s fit me in the lightest shade to get the correct coverage, and add a few drops of the nyx one to get the right shade. It’s a hassle but it works.

  • I really liked this! I've never thought about how many products I use when I do wear makeup nor have I thought of others.
    Applying make up is an art, a tedious art at times.
    I go to a make up salon and have my make up made for my skin tone. I LOVE IT!!! But any way: I use a moisturizer, primer, the foundation as all over face plus under eye concealer, bronzer, blush, eye liner, shadow, and mascara. So that's 9 products.
    If I use any other brand I have to wear more products. I have circles under my eyes- which I loath- , they're hereditary yay. So I'm selfconcious about that. And I'm fair skinned so people comment really mean comments too.
    They'll ask me what happened, then in the same breath ask me if I color my hair and brows! How beyond rude.

    • I feel ya. I'm a fair skinned gal myself. My skin is actually currently paler than in my photo here. It's not like I NEVER go outside. My skin is just resistant to tanning. Plus I don't tan purposely since it causes premature aging. I know people I went to school with that are younger than me and have wrinkles. All because they thought it was hot to get a tan.

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    • Accusing you are dying your daughter's hair is just so... ugh. WTF is wrong with people? Ok I can see if it was bleach blonde or a completely unnatural colour like purple or blue. But it's not a stretch for a 4 year old to have strawberry blonde hair. My oldest sister was strawberry blonde as a kid as well until her hair turned blonde blonde.

    • *dyeing

  • I do hate it when people think one girl has more or less make-up than the other just because she styles how she wears it differently.

  • It's not so much the products as much as how you use them.


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