How To Have Your Own Personal Style

Karl Lagerfeld once quoted: Good taste only tastes good to the people who think they have good taste; a good taste can be very uncreative & boring. Good taste is something very bourgeois, very established, so it needs fresh air.

Establishing your own personal style can be easy and fun. Check out these steps.

1.Consider a few details such as your figure, skin and hair color, climate, budget, and comfort level are important. Once you have an idea of what you need to work around you need to ask yourself the big question. What do I want other's to think when they look at me? Answers include sophisticated, fun, flirty, laid back, preppy, jock, younger, older, outgoing, sad, anything really! But you need to know what type of look your going for.

2.Make a list of people whose style you admire. These can be real people, celebs, movie characters, book characters or anyone you can think of. Mine would include Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton. Find some adjectives that describe their outfits and keep this in mind while shopping.

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3. Keep a notebook of things you love. Clothing, accessories, hair styles, anything. Maybe write some words that will describe your new look. Make a list of individual items that you will need. (Remember- going for quality over quantity is the key to your own personal look. Your going to need a few "you" items, which I will explain later, so maybe add boots, a piece of jewelry, or glasses to the list.)

4.Sort the clothes you currently own. If you really love an item keep it, but try not to hold on to old things. I know that's easy to do but don't! Make two piles, keep and give away. Since you are going for a new look, there should typically be way less in the keep pile.

5. Now that you know what you are keeping go through what you still need on the list. Then get to shopping.

6. Look for unique items that people will attach your name to. A patterned scarf, unusual watch, or vintage shoes will definitely work. You will want to wear these items often so go for neutral colors if you have an iffy comfort level. Going for an electric blue or bright orange will work really good though if it fits into your look and you have the confidence.

7. Make sure that whenever you shop you remember whether your style role models would wear it or not. Also, even if you love something on the rack, you may hate it when you try it on. So...try it on BEFORE purchasing it.

8. Cut your hair. Make it fit the style you want. Emo will require jagged layers and bangs and is usually dyed. Preppy hair will be straight cut and conservative. Streaks of colors add personality but I strongly advise you not to go overboard! If you want to keep the hair you already have, or just want some more personality to it, add some clips, bows, animal print headbands, or any other fun accessories.

"Wear your look with confidence! You know that it's exactly what YOU love."
9. If you want to wear different make up get a magazine and find the exact products used in the pictures. Don't try to save money by buying cheap makeup. It never works.

10. Wear your look with confidence! You know that it's exactly what YOU love. So there's no need to worry.

People will give you props for having an original style instead of being a copy cat. And you can feel much more comfortable in a style that reflects yourself.


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  • I don't think you need to have 'role models' to be able to dress to YOUR tastes...I don't agree with most things in this article. I don't think there is a 'need' to have a key style and stick to it. The most stylish looking people follow their own instincts when dressing, not following trends.


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  • I have a dark purple beanie that I LOVEEE. I wear it wayyyy too much really but I love it because no one else has one like it so I feel very indvidual wearing it aha. Value village and urban outfitters tend to be two great places to shop for individual style! Also I have a hair wrap and beads in my hair with feathers at the end, which I feel is also indivual as no one else at my school has them

  • Loved it! The first part about what you want your look to read I never actually thought about. Having a few good style role models also helped a lot!

  • Wow. This is an awesome article!

  • Thank you, I enjoyed reading this!! I'm a plain Jane, but I want a change in my life, and this will help. :)