6 Reasons Why Dark Skin Promotion is So Important


#1 It's no secret that dark skinned black women are the least represented in commercials, advertisements & magazines.

This severe lack of promotion leads to the horrid lack of self esteem in our counterparts & it breaks my heart to see them so down. Promoting one standard or archetype (of beauty) leads those who don't fit in- feeling out and leaves a painful void in the way black women see themselves. They may see themselves as just inherently less attractive (though demonstrably untrue).

6 Reasons Why Dark Skin Promotion is So Important

#2 Poor self esteem leads to poor decision making.

This leads to decision making such as choosing a partner who is well aware of how the media and society sees you and takes advantage of someone who's in need of the most throw away & back handed compliments such as "pretty for a black girl" "pretty to be dark skin" etc. You get the point.

#3 Black men have a bad track record of not appreciating the features of our counterparts.

The third reason for the importance of dark skin promotion must fall on black men. I've shared theories of why this may be. Every other culture loves their women despite them not being the standard of beauty either. Mexican men desire the quirky body shapes of Mexican women. Eastern European desire the manly features of their women. Indian men enjoy the uniquely toned skin of their women and so on but black men are very vocal about not finding our counterpart attractive. I think it's because other cultures have a community to take pride in and well our communities were destroyed through the advent of the welfare state letting women marry the Government and rip apart families. Our families used to be more successful than the average white family during the late 19th to early 20th century and now hardly any of us are born into marriage. I don't think we even consciously digest that this is a big reason we don't appreciate our women's beauty because we don't see the value in ourselves as men.

6 Reasons Why Dark Skin Promotion is So Important

#4 Happy black wife=happy life!

I don't know about any of you but I'd really like to get married in the next 7 years. I'm not excited to have a wife who never feels like her looks are treasured. It most likely won't matter if I were the best husband since they started making husbands. If she feels like she's not valued by society (or at the very least the black community) your relationship will not succeed.

#5 Dark skin promotion helps black men as well.

We won't have our girlfriends; wives; sisters; daughters walking around with a screw and for there on we'll be satisfied with ourselves as men.

#6 It's a dick move to not desire women who look like you.

6 Reasons Why Dark Skin Promotion is So Important
6 Reasons Why Dark Skin Promotion is So Important
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Most Helpful Girls

    no One has high self esteem bc of beauty representation bc most people do not look like that. And beauty is ornamental not agency. Being praised or put down bc of a look It’s being a commodity not human.

    But otherwise I do think black People black women and women in society should hold more solid positions. not materially / commercially, but in spheres of actual Ingenuity creativity power and empowerment.
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  • Tideo568
    I hate the concept of using “diverse representation” to solve racial issues. I rather prefer that we focus on problems affecting each race and undo misconceptions and confusion between eacother. Stereotypes obviously exist for a reason , but usually not for a bad one. Pushing sterotype diversions can Be risky. It’s like flossing over actual issues.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • SixFootSexy
    Go ahead, try and shame me into what I should find attractive. I’ll just laugh in your face.

    Old school Chris Rock, Dave Chappell and others explained why marriage to a black woman is torture. They’re the complete opposite of submissive Asian women. It’s like you’re constantly fighting for your role as a man in the relationship.
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    • This is a misconception of extreme proportions. If you fear for your role as a man in a relationship, then it is possible that you are the one with insecurities. Also, due to so many black women having such extreme insecurities regarding their pigmentation, they (from my experience, though it probably varies because temperament comes from the influencing culture, not race, duh.) tend to be more insecure in their positions and less outgoing/outspoken. However, I thank you for your comment as it has opened my eyes to a prejudice that hadn't occurred to me yet. I realize that I sound like I am preaching at you, and I probably am a little, but I wanted to address this and I am not too worried about your feeling because you will just "Laugh in my face".

      TLDR: Temperament in any relationship, comes from the influence of the surrounding culture, not skin color and the idea that black women are domineering or overbearing is a misconception. I am 16, don't take me too seriously.

    • HereIbe

      Do you know what's funny? There are SOOOOOOOOOOOO many videos you can find with white men proclaiming to the stars that they prefer black women specifically because white women are "torture" and they are "constantly fighting for your role as a man" when in a relationship with a white woman, but black women are submissive.

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  • RationalMale
    We should promote dark skin. In Africa. The West needs to pull out of Africa, leave it to the people it belongs to, and the African Diasporas need to go back to their true homeland. Instead of this constant brain drain of getting all the talent to go to Europe or North America, Africans need to tend to africa.
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  • SirRexington
    Look, I'm for equality as much as the next guy and I hate people who judge and harass people simply for being themselves, but this is silly. Black people are more than represented enough. Especially women. If anything it's men that need more.

    Poor self esteem definitely can influence some less than practical decisions, I agree completely.

    "Quirky body shapes of Mexican women and manly features of European women"? Racist much? That's some ignorant speech there buddy.
    The welfare state had good intentions but obviously it failed to live to it's promise. It is a shame that the black community has a habit of broken family units that no doubt contribute to the high crime. Though sadly white children are starting to face this now to. No child, regardless of ethnicity should have to worry about such things, it's terrible what is happening and I wish the government would do something to help incentivize people to progress their lives instead of forcing them into a trap.

    Happy wife happy life is applicable regardless of skin color. What if your wife is not a dark skinned woman? Would you even marry a woman who wasn't dark skinned?

    It's not a dick move. It's just a preference. by the way, this is an observable fact by the way, generally people tend to gravitate towards people similar to them. We find people who remind us of ourselves attractive.
    • You're the only one who acknowledged my racism. I respect you for that

    • Well, it's what Im good at. Calling out bullshit. I'm not sure if it was intentional or if you were proposing a test for us, or what. But regardless, I always tell the truth or what I know to be the truth.

    • Well, I said Eastern European but that's ok

  • TuMeManques
    In theory I agree with a lot of what you're saying. However proportionately blacks are shown in media at a higher rate than the percentage they make up in the US.
    Also I think if you want to start positive change in the black community start with not calling each other the "n" word and other derogatory terms especially in places like rap music. Demand better for yourself and of yourselves.
    #6 I completely disagree with. There is nothing wrong with loving someone who looks different than yourself.
    • JDavid25

      Why not be shown more than our suppose population in this country.. We ain't ain't foreigners.. It's the least they could do since we did so much for this country, and it still ain't shown..

    • @JDavid25 What have blacks done lately for this country?

    • @JDavid25 I still love you Dave! Don't be angry with me

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  • MlleCake
    I agree, it's important to counter the narrative of "white as ideal" in beauty, and lighter being closer to whiter being more ideal. Colorism is a problem among many communities.

    Beautiful, wonderful, incredible people that I am happy to know and love come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
    • I'm adding this to my playlist

    • oops. that comment wasn't for you

    • MlleCake

      Hey, you're welcome to add this to your playlist. "Beauty comes in all shades."

  • azzntittiz
    True, that first girl though. Those are the quality dark skinned girls I have dated though, they always looked like dolls. How a woman grows up to feel about herself is also largely their parents responsibility. We have to break the cycle of poor family structure.
    • TripleAce

      You dated girls now queenpuff 😛
      Your story just gets juicer And juicier

  • hellionthesagereborn
    Blacks are over represented in media (they only make up 13% of the population) so black women not being "dark enough" in media is really only because of population size and thus greater competition from well whites (who make up 63% of the population) followed by Hispanics (who make up 17% of the population). As for the rest that is entirely due to the family unit, or more precisely the lack their of within the black community (which yes I agree needs to be fixed). I also think that its predominantly blacks who seem to have issue with the skin color of other blacks (for most others its really only a matter of positive correlation i. e. good experiences with black women immediately makes all women with similar features more attractive, the inverse is also true). Personally all the women depicted I think are gorgeous so again, I don't think its an issue of color but of population size (again, blacks are 13% of the population, which means about 6% of the population is black women and then from their only another percentage are of "dark" black women. That's not a very big pool to pull from). Although I do agree one should not hate their skin color, I don't think any one that does does so for legitimate reasons (I mean we could argue that with the prevalence of tanning salones and artificial tanning chemicals that light skin needs to be promoted because clearly they hate their skin color hence them trying to change it. That is its not really a reasonable conclusion to believe that it has anything to do with it not being "promoted" otherwise in a country predominantly comprised of whites who by extension are more likely to be "promoted" by shear statistical probability, we should not see any one tanning yet that is the exact opposite of what we see).
  • zagor
    Very dark skin, like the first two pics, doesn't show up well in photographs; it requires intensive lighting, or sunlight.

    Last year I was at a club when three girls asked me to take a pic of them together; one was white, one Asian, one black. It took three tries before I could get the black girl to show up as more than teeth and eyes.
    • zagor

      Four thumbs down? Someone is in denial of fundamental properties of optics.

    • I'm black and take pictures of myself and black family members and that never happens. What you're saying is pure nonsense.

    • zagor

      @Badkittymeo How many family pictures do you take in a nightclub?

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  • AriesMan
    The problem with commercials, advertisements & magazines is that they focus too much on trying not to market to a certain race which is why you see so many advertisements whether on television or in sales ads or on a bus about college, showing lighter skinned black women who can easily pass for a white woman or a mix-race woman who appeals to both races! This meets the criteria for marketing, it is race neutral and everyone is happy, except it leaves out darker skinned black women and alienates them!

    We need to get past this need to "not offend a race" by trying to find someone who can pass for a white person and black person with the right skin tone. If we truly want to practice what we preach, to embrace racial equality, you won't be scared to alienate lighter skinned men and women when you advertise dark skinned men and women in your advertisements. Don't focus on racially neutral marketing, we can differentiate products for men and women and yes you offer different skin tone makeup for different skin types, do we always need lighter skinned women to promote this product, no! Fear of racially alienating or targeting a certain market demographic in advertisements is the problem here! Stop it!

  • TripleAce
    I wouldn't say they are the least represented... id say they are second most representing compare any other minority group... after white people, black people are most catered too...
    so its not that bad lol... its just not equivalent to a white person, but no race is...

    do you believe a person who feels this way is seeing things wrong? ... that he's seeing something that isn't true?
    just wondering your opinion, I come in peace hahah
    • JDavid25

      "black people are most catered too".. Naw, "Black" people are the most patted on the back.. I'm sure the "Black" kids in Flint bein poisoned, and havin to sue the government because they can't even get teachers in they classrooms don't feel catered to..

    • @JDavid25 You're a monster today, Dave. Great come-back

    • JDavid25

      LMAO Thanks @AdmiralBailey..

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  • TisforTori
    This was a good post.
    My bff has a dark complexion & is also very beautiful. I’ll never forget we were out one day & this random girl we didn’t know said to her “ wow! You’re so pretty for a dark skinned girl!” My mouth about fell open. It was like she didn’t even realize that her attempted compliment was an actual insult. Faith told me it happens to her a lot.
    • @TisForTori Have your friend listen to Bob Marley:
      "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
      None but ourselves can free our minds."

  • mistress_zoe
    I agree with this post. It is a shame that dark skinned black women are not promoted more.. well. everywhere. Even when you google the words "pretty girl" you will get images of young, light skin girls. This really has a huge impact on what people believe beauty is and I have known black man who won't date black women and prefer to date white women and come up with excuses as to why they prefer white women.
    • OfDeath

      That's more to do with the language you are googling pretty girl in.
      Type it in Swahili and there will be a lot of black women come up.
      Type it in Chinese and a lot of Asian chicks will display etc.

  • GayHowellMeme
    You live in the west world like US right? The majority of the population's race in USA is white and that's why whites are more shown in ad's/magazines so it can appeal to the majority and then the business can success.
    Remember that black people have strong and equal opportunities as white people in US and the west world.
    Being white or black has it's advantages and disadvantages.
    You can imagine putting your own perspective in a white person's mind but you can't experience it as I can't with any other race.
    • "Remember that black people have strong and equal opportunities as white people in US and the west world."

      Here's a test. Give 50 white people the offer to be black the rest of their lives.
      Give 50 black people the offer to be white the rest of their lives.

      Then come back here and tell me that black people have "strong and equal" opportunities as white people.

    • OfDeath

      @dantetheexplorer that kind of test wouldn't work because you can't know the desires of those individual 50 people.

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  • Benedek38
    Aw, poow widdle baybe, don't feel represented?
    Try being an ugly, broke, below average height male or any race, and bitch about representation.

    "It's a dick move to not desire women who look like you."
    How about you keep your racism to yourself, and stop telling others who they should feel attracted to?
  • Logorithim
    Well, my opinion here should be taken with a grain of salt since I am not black and haven't lived in the US for a long time, but I do like black women and of the ones depicted here, the one I found most attractive was the one on the bottom (I think she is very attractive).

    That said, I get the OP's point.
  • TheUglyMan
    If you're insecure it's important. Also whites are the majority in the west and built western society. You're a minority if you live in the west get use to it. If not move to Nigeria where you'll find black people in magazines and ads all the times and dark blacks at that.
  • andreasderjuengere
    It is NOT important to do so. In my eyes it rather causes harm: When we continue to focus in differences of skin colouring - there will be no end of talking about something that is actually irrelevant. My vision: To just forget about it and to have a look at the individual person/ality.
  • howlyz
    I agree with you but why do you say this "Eastern European desire the manly features of their women" lol, have you ever met or seen any eastern european girl
  • Queenbeast22
    TBH I loved people of all skin colors my whole life. And some of those ebony men and women are so gorgeous. I would love to see more promotion of that beauty and more promotion of being real like magazines that don't Photoshop etc.
  • ErzasCheesecake
    I felt the need to add this as a comment too, not just a response.
    Temperament in any relationship comes from the influence of the surrounding culture, not skin color and the idea that black women are domineering or overbearing is a misconception. I am 16, don't take me too seriously.
  • Kaneki05
    Well i am only attracted to my own race really like some other races have some hella attractive people but i am mostly only attracted to my own race. Also there is a lot of porn with black women in and is about the same with how many white girls there are so the whole thing about a black women thinking there less attractive is just wrong or they have clearly never been a porn site which we all know is not true.
  • Badkittymeo
    Beautiful mytake! As a black woman I wish more black guys respected black women.
    • What did i say wrong?

    • I don't know. You're fine with me.

    • Anything positive about black women is met with so much backlash. People want to see black women as the underdog.

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  • simplyaramdomgirl
    Great take! It deserves more attention from Gag users and the whole internet. You bring up real and true points. Keep up the good work! Best of luck!
  • OfDeath
    I always found the darker skinned black chicks to be more attractive than the lighter skin ones anyway. (obviously as long as the face and body is hot)

    The reason they're under-represented in promotional posters/billboards and other visual advertisement is because it's a lot harder to photograph darker people.
    That's just the way it is. Things are gonna be OK.
  • ZenKingdom
    This is an interesting take. Although I appreciate what I'd like to believe to be the reason behind it, I'm a bit confused.

    Is this a pro black (women) take or is this a pro dark skinned (women) take?

    Your arguments also don't seem to be based on what I'd consider to be neutral grounds, but that's by the way.

    What was point #6 about and what's up with the picture?
  • Allie_Oops
    My problem with this that I, as a lighter skinned woman, have always been left out. People think light skin black women get promoted and that really isn't true. MIXED women get promoted. So instead of singling black people out in sections dictated by color, it should be all black women should be promoted and that black representation is important.
  • Massageman
    It's really kind of sad that we even have this question. As a massage therapist, I have worked on light-skinned people, medium-skinned people, dark-skinned people, obese people, slender people, men, women, etc.. If they are on time, washed, relaxed, and answer my questions so that I can customize their session to their needs, I "promote" my profession to all.
  • HereIbe
    I keep getting so annoyed when my wife tries to put down the girls for daring to go out in the sun and get even darker. Of course, her makeup foundation was several tones lighter than her actual skin tone when we met, and it's taken time to get her to use one that actually matches her.
  • If you want to see black beauty promotion go to a country where the population is 98% black because it won't happen here in the USA nor Europe since they promote their own people and their definition of beauty.
  • I personally am more attracted to white guys, but yes dark skin promotion is important and all races are equal
    ~ Mrs Manson
  • ronaldo75
    Once again SJWs use the USA and Europe has a half-assed represenation of the entire planet. How many black people are on TV in China? Or white people on TV in jamaica? Or Asians on TV in Argentina? The US is a 70% WHITE country and you have blacks all over TV. Why should there be anymore? What would that solve? In the 90s when it was "cool to be black" half the shows on TV had all-black casts. Now things equalized now that black culture isn't really in style. That's racist?
  • ChurchOfIron
    I agree. There's the same issue in Africa. We need to market white skin more in Africa.

    Guess what. If you live in a namely white country, what do you think is going to be promoted?

    Would you really move to China, then say, "You need to have more black women as the social standard for beauty." Really?

    That makes literally zero sense. WHATEVER way you try to swing it, *SOMEONE* is going to be left out. "Oh, you forgot to add in the half-Aboriginal, half Eskimo women. We need more of them in the media."

    Dude. Come on. If you live in a 78% white country, is it any wonder that lighter skin is going to be the standard?
  • Dchrls78104
    Black women in the US! If you want black men to value you, value them. I've seen opinions on g@g that black women tend to be loud, demanding, and difficult to deal with. I personally don't appreciate such qualities and if what I see is true you need to work on this!
    Why would I take the time and make the sacrifices to be with a girl who treats me horribly?
    Like I said in an earlier post, I wouldn't date a black woman just because she's a black woman. I don't have that kind of misguided loyalty. I would date a black woman because she is beautiful and makes me happy, and we're compatible. If I couldn't find a black woman like that, I would date a woman of another race who is. Sorry to be unkind, but this life is too short for anything else!
  • VanityFiend
    You sound like a massive crybaby. Having confidence in your looks has nothing to do with what commercials and advertisements you see. Are you by chance a black lives matter apologist?
  • CharlieUnicorn
    Sorry to run off on a complete tangent but: "commercials, advertisements & magazines"?

    Oh f*k those.
    I'd gladly see those entities and broadcasts fall out of touch and lose it's hold over the larger community until it's all replaced with a plurality of small niche publications. That's already happening by the way.

    There was a time before the internet when these things had a huge hold over what we think and how we look at ourselves. I don't want to see them improve. They'll die quicker if they fail to keep up.

    Men have a head start disbanding from all of this, but more and more women walk by, largely unaffected about what's on billboards and without ever opening a generic fashion rag, not giving a shit about whether their body types and skin colors are represented or not.
  • Salmon4056
    Sometimes I feel like I grew up on the wrong planet, because I had always thought that people who had dark skin were considered ideal or most pretty, knowing most I met, especially in my schools, were prettiest and handsome out of all girls I've seen and because it looks like a rich skin tone and anti-aging. I thought that it was the other way around ( not saying other skin tones aren't beautiful). But from what I been hearing on the internet and social media, I believe that it's a true amongst some. I've only seen this truth once in highschool through a boy get attacked for his dark skin tone by another boy who was brown skinned through an argument (and highschool and middle school was majority black, in case someone says that I went to a diverse or all white school). I agree that I don't know what it's like to be treated that way nor have I commonly experienced it or seen others go through it , but I agree that the hate should stop and more promotion would be nice.
  • John_Doesnt
    It's more important to promote underrated video games like Toy Commander or Nioh.
  • LeaLee
    In South Africa it is only dark skin that get promoted
  • DamnMan
    I like black women and I like em dark. I want all my babies with them.
    And I think they are getting better representation in the public media.
  • Jack_L_andTurn
    I think that till we all get past the superficial, some people will be unhappy.
  • IntuitiveMuffin
    I disagree with points 1,3,4,5,6. I agree with 2 but not for your reasons. You should always live for yourself and not for what society or some "community" thinks about you. This is a weird way of looking at life. So because dark skin isn't on the TV, now dark skin women hate themselves. Yea, I'm gonna give these women more credit than that. Plus it sounds like your saying that if they were "promoted", this would some how make them more attractive to people. I dont think people put that much value in what society and/or the media tell them to think. It seems that one thing everyone agrees on is that the media sucks. Lol doesn't matter who you are or what you believe everyone says "it's just the media pushing whatever". Were all people we do want we want.

    Stop belittling dark skinned women. You got those pictures from somewhere. So dont tell me these women are too low esteem and fragile to make something of themselves or to find men to love them. Smh.
  • BonnieBunny
    Off topic, but the lady in the first picture is gorgeous.
  • Bluedream13
    this is a prime example on why dating outside ur race is a bad idea...
  • Guanfei
    Come on, this has to be a joke. Today you can't have a tv show, a magasine, an ad campaign, a movie... who doesn't have his quota of black people in it.
    Not only they have to put black people in it, but they also have to be presented in a good way. They have to be smart, have a good job, they can't be the bad guy unless the good guy they're fighting is black too.
    Diversity doesn't apply to black people, they can have a full black cast show, and if there is a white person in it, he's either corrupt or bad.
    If there is an issue, it's withing the black community itself, and it's not everyone's job, especially non black people, to promote anything. Black people are already promoted everywhere, and in fact much more represented than their real part of the population.
    At this point, you can't ask for more, just fix it where the problem is.
    • Eh... usually there's that ONE token black person in shows and that's it. Through in an Asian, a Jew or two and a woman, and call it diverse. That shit is usually cause money. I have this strange feeling about the Black Panther movie cause as cool as it sounds, it feels like they were targeting a certain audience and knew they'd make money off them, rather than accomplishing the goal of showing diversity. Plenty of shows still where black people are minor roles. But really, even in those shows, in depends on the context of what's going on. Look at Rick and Morty. White (latino?) family with mostly other white people. Still has plenty of diverse fans specifically because of the content of the show and what it proposes. Darker skin people had to start out usually as bad guys or minor characters long ago, even if they had a lot more talent than the main stars. It's a bit blurred these days what's ACTUALLY promoting diversity, and what's pretending to for money.

  • Pink2000
    This was really good
  • naijagurl
  • ShesAmerican
    I appreciate this. Good take
  • LegateLanius
    Those are some fine women.
  • Gopnik
    fuck you feminazi.
  • Afrochick
    YAS <3
  • NYCQuestions1976
    My beard is dark. However I am pale.
  • Sikiciadamm