The term "plus-sized" is erroneous and stupid and no one should use it.


This shouldn't take too long.

The term "plus-sized" is erroneous and stupid, and no one should use it.

So... why? Why's it stupid? Well... because it doesn't mean anything. And by that, I should clarify... it DOES mean something-- it means "fat."

Unfortunately in America these days (and it's been this way for quite some time), people are afraid of things called "facts." Some facts about body fat percentage and obesity for the overall American population include that obesity and body fat percentage has been on the rise slowly for decades, due to a largely sedentary work life, a sedentary lifestyle at home, general laziness when it comes to exercise, and a poor diet intake full of too much sodium, too much sugar, too many nutrient-sparse carbohydrates, too many processed foods, and too few fresh fruits and vegetables. These are facts. They are not in dispute. The reasons why they're true may be in dispute, but they are facts. This isn't complicated. At all.

Here are various sources of information regarding obesity and body fat, including from the National Institutes of Health.

This is pretty simple: As the overall pool of unhealthily fat people (some of whom are my own friends and family members, sadly) increases so dramatically, it was always naturally going to pervade into mass media/cultural aspects of life, as there are fewer and fewer normal, healthy-weight people... being fat has indeed become "normal." And since it's normal, doesn't that make it acceptable?

Well... no. See, the thing about science is that it's true whether we believe it is or not. Our joints, liver, pancreas, heart, and muscles are not going to care about how we FEEL about our weight; they're simply going to be harmed by our excess fat. Your knees don't care if you think "body positivity" is a thing-- they're simply going to be groaning under the extra 8% body fact percentage and excess forty pounds you're carrying around that you shouldn't be. Your heart doesn't care if you think that being fat is okay or something-- your arteries are still going to clog. Your kidneys and pancreas aren't going to care if you think working out and exercising hard is for losers-- they're just going to keep struggling to filter out all the excess sugar you eat as you head toward type II diabetes.

^ This girl here at least has the guts to admit that she's fat. I don't really know why she's smiling and laughing about it since it's adversely affecting her health and sexual attractiveness, but thankfully she has the guts to not use the idiotic term "plus-sized." Calling a rose by any other name does not make it something else. A rose is a rose, and fat is fat.

The reason people say 'plus-sized' rather than fat is because people don't actually want to be fat. If they did, they would choose it on purpose, or decline to use terms such as plus-sized, 'thick,' 'full-figured,' en masse.

But... people don't do that do they? We hide from information that we don't want. We hide from reality. We are fallible creatures. People don't want to be fat; many of us are simply too lazy to do something about it, such as hard exercise, more sleep, and healthier nutrition choices.

^ This chick isn't a "plus-sized model." She's fat. Many people ask (stupidly) "Well, well why SHOULDN'T we have fat models?! !?1?! ?!?!?!" Uh, because that's dumb. Do you see fat athletes running the 100m dash? Do you see fat astronauts? Do you see fat soldiers? Are most actors or actresses fat? Why are these professions of people, in animalistic ways that are perfectly normal and natural due to evolutionary biology and physical fitness naturally being aesthetic and attractive, objects of admiration? Um... because being slim and fit *is what most people want, even if they're fat themselves.*

People say we should accept fat singers such as Meghan Trainor for her body... huh, weird. Why are those same people the ones who say that only slim, fit MALE singers are attractive? Where are the "plus-sized" MALE models? Could it be that they don't exist because... males aren't deluding themselves that being fat is okay or something we should allegedly desire? Disclaimer: I'm not advocating for fat male models-- that's dumb. I'm saying that it's an idiotic marketing double standard that won't work on men, therefore it doesn't exist.

No one is suggesting that people who are thin (or even other people who are fat) should be meanspirited or malicious to people who are fat. That won't work, and people should generally be nice to each other in life, obviously. Love the sinner; hate the sin. But hey guess what? Sticking our collective heads in the sand by using terms that skirt around uncomfortable truths doesn't fucking help either.

People. Guys AND girls. Wake up. The term "plus-sized" was created as a marketing campaign from clothing companies and other industries in order to sell you shit by telling you that there's nothing wrong with us (fat), even if there is. Stop letting them lie to us, and stop lying to yourself.

So stop using it. OR, continue to use it; it's a free country. You'll just sound really, really dumb when you do.

~ Thaaaaanks. Hugs and kisses.

The term "plus-sized" is erroneous and stupid and no one should use it.
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  • Liz_thorne
    The worst part is when fat people complain that they're clothes cost more. Like bitch, you need double the amount of fabric that I need to cover your got, some kid in Bangladesh worked probably double the time on it, you better accept that you'll have to pay more
  • Sabrina_gomez
    Great my take!
    • Thanks. Except the site is stupid as fuck; I had images in here and for some reason they didn't include them, at all. So basically it's not nearly as good of a take as it's supposed to be.

    • oh I see
      it's okay it's still good anyways♡

    • Thanks.

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  • Anonymous
    First, I agree with you about the plus-size and body positive movements, damage peoples lives. I lost my fave cousin who was 25 years old to a heart attack, because she hide behind the plus size and body positive movements. Instead of doing something about her health. She never showed any signs of ill health and then one day, she was running to catch a bus and the pressure on her heart was just to much and she died. I was heard about it for her sister who was with her when it happened. I just wish people would think before promoting being fat as it's healthy. I just wish she would have listened to her family. Her death was a wake up call to other family members, that have now lost weight. Secondly, I like how you included sources links. I hate when people don't back up there facts, with the sources links they used. As, people can often argue that you made it up, but with the sources links it means it's fact based. No arguing, as it's just plain and simple fact. It's not easy to accept, but when you stop kidding yourself you are perfect just the way you are, you have to just get to eating right and exercising to get fit. I still feel sad my cousin is dead, and even though she was just in the obese category, her heart just couldn't take the pressure. I know she is to blame for her life choices, but the fact the movement was telling her it was okay to be fat. They are also responsible for her death, I have family members wanting a ban or warning on these sites about the health risk involved if you choose to be fat. I wish they didn't exist at all, because sometimes when people agree with you about something, that you know if bad for your healthy, it makes it harder to change. These sites aren't going to pay for you funeral cost or your medical bills. That is why I hate these sites and the body positive movement. I am just glad I am not the only one that thinks this way.
    • I'm sorry about your cousin, and that she refused to make herself change.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, I feel like it's was hard for her to change, because she was spending a lot time online were being fat was consider normal, and it lead her to believe she didn't need to change and anyone that told her other wise was a hater. I just wish people would think before posting unhealthy habits as normal. It's not normal to die you and need to have an out-sized coffin that needs to grave plots to be buried in, just because you didn't want to stop your bad eating habits. But we are being told to accept this as normal, but just can't accept that people want to die before they even reached the 50's. It's really awful that people promote this, it's like they want people to die.

    • I know. It's sad. And gross.