My beauty ratings for models

Starting from most to least attractive

1. Adriana Lima- 8/10

Adriana’s face is stunning. Blue eyes, dark hair and olive skin tone. Her body isn’t the great so I’ll give her an 8. If she was an hourglass, she would get a 9.5.

My beauty ratings for models

2. Candice Swanepoel - 8/10

She isn’t as stunning or exotic looking as Adriana but she has the best body in the industry. Nice waist to hip ratio. Perfect hourglass body. Her face is pretty but not stunning.

My beauty ratings for models

3. Barbara Palvin - 7.5/10

Victoria’s Secret token plus size model. She doesn’t have typical model body but her face is beautiful. Nice blue eyes and brown hair. I’ve seen better though.

My beauty ratings for models

4. Sara Sampaio- 7.5/10

I love her skin tone and beautiful eyes. Her jawline is kinda weird looking to me. She has a nice slim body but not ideal. She is still very pretty.

My beauty ratings for models

5. Kendall Jenner- 7/10

Kendall was unattractive before her numerous surgeries. Now, she still looks okay and average for a model. She has a nice body and height for a model.

My beauty ratings for models

6. Kate Upton- 6/10

I don’t think Kate Upton should even be a model. Her face is pretty, slightly above average but her body is not good. She is a bit chunky to be a model. I consider her plus size and not mainstream regular models.

My beauty ratings for models

7. Behati Prinsloo - 5/10

I find Behati Prinsloo quite unattractive. Her face is weird looking and girls on the street have a better face than her. I can honestly say that I am better looking than her by a mile. I have no idea how she became a model.

My beauty ratings for models

8. Lily Aldridge - 5/10

I find her unattractive. She looks older than her actual age, she has too many lines on her face and I don’t like the gap between her teeth.

My beauty ratings for models
My beauty ratings for models
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  • LoU_Hades

    #2 and #3 is definitely 10/10

    @Janisjp who is 10/10 for you?

    • Janisjp

      Because perfection doesn’t exist. Angelina Jolie is a 9/10 she’s close.

    • Janisjp

      But Angelina is not a model. Soo

  • Xyline789

    The plus sized model has the best body. She's not even close to fat or what would normally be considered plus sized. She isn't all bones like most of them.

    • Janisjp

      She’s not fat but she doesn’t have ideal model body.

    • Kate Upton isn't plus-sized but I get what you're trying to say. She doesn't have a defined waist.

    • Xyline789

      I'm talking about #3 by the way. Kate Upton isn't as attractive to me but she's not ugly for sure.

  • nerms123

    i pretty much agree with you except that Barbara is my favorite because I don't favor bony types.

  • All of them look way better than average women. There's a reason why they are models and average women are average.

  • gothgirl997

    Spray tans, nose jobs, botox and plastic surgery... Conformism

  • Gedaria

    For me Barbara Palvin is my best 9.5. lovely figure...

  • If I wasn't Christian I would have worshipped Barbara pavlin

  • vsbw14

    I rate candice 9

  • Thatsamazing

    Candace is the best. 9/10.

  • Ur so picky lol but I understand your opinion

  • cheekylad

    As a kinky cheeky naughty bloke I uck um all