The jewelry I love seeing women wear and the jewelry I hate seeing women wear

I will discuss 4 pieces of jewelry which is necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings. I will tell how I feel about each of them.


I love seeing women walk down the street being a proud necklace wearer. It enhances her neck area and is often lovely and femininely designed with heart lockets or just silver or gold emblems and I automatically get excited. Women who choose not to wear necklaces are missing out on a very feminine detailed area of her body but I am not upset. I just really prefer women to wear necklaces.

The jewelry I love seeing women wear and the jewelry I hate seeing women wear


This usually enhances a woman's hands and makes them appear more delicate. However, when this is accompanied with nail polish, it's an instant mood killer for me. I really love the clean and nail polish free fingernails of women and love her delicate bracelets dangling around her hands. While I love the high fitting bracelets, I find it much more enticing and a turn on when women wear those loose fitting bracelets than half way back back from her wrists about 3 inches.

The jewelry I love seeing women wear and the jewelry I hate seeing women wear


Since I love the female foot and think heels enhance the foot, then the anklet is an obvious go to for getting me to really get me hyped up and going to view a woman walking and strutting her walk to excite me. It also adds flavor to her lower ankles and back of her foot area, both in front and the back. While both legs are okay, I prefer the anklet on one foot only and mainly the left foot and of course, no nail polish either.

The jewelry I love seeing women wear and the jewelry I hate seeing women wear


This is jewelry I hate seeing. Sure, you can say but wouldn't it enhance her ears and simply no, it wouldn't. The ears are a very delicate and intimate portion of a woman's body and I can't imagine more than a nibble on her ears and would protect her ears at all costs. I really get frustrated seeing women choosing to be earring wearers, even if the clip on type. It does nothing for me and I understand it's her ears and her decision but I can give my stance of them and it just isn't something I like.

The jewelry I love seeing women wear and the jewelry I hate seeing women wear


While I hate earrings, make-up and nail polish on my woman, make no mistake about it. I love her very delicately designed in jewelry and not this hot stuff hot shot no jewelry on my woman type of man. I also am not a fan of toe rings or rings that much. I just wanted to share my happening I love on women and why I like it. Thanks for reading!

The jewelry I love seeing women wear and the jewelry I hate seeing women wear
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  • yoshi_wanna_ask
    I can see you've put some time & thought into these ideas. It's true that jewellery is a little bit about looking good for other people & matching with outfits but a huge part of the style/colour/shape of jewellery a women chooses is because it's a reflection or expression of herself. An entire ensemble is kind of like an artwork she gets to compile and then wear that says "This is the way I see myself. This is a reflection of who I am". So, while there's certain kinds of 'artworks' different people prefer, I'm sure you can understand why some would get sensitive being told theirs is 'unacceptable' or beneath them.

    It's nice to talk about what kinds of jewellery you like or ensembles certain women put together that made them look elegant but it's usually seen to be pretty poor taste to criticise other peoples styles you don't like (unless they're really tacky) unless you're specifically asked. Then you'd only reply to the person who asked unless for some reason you were being interviewed, even *then* you'd still try to reflect more on the positive than the negative.
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    • Yeah. I don't criticize women who wears earrings, makeup or nail polish. I just don't prefer it.

      Criticizing them for that would most likely get my face slapped.

    • I hear what you're saying & I can see that's what you were going for but it's really easy for people to miss that and end up taking things personally. I suppose that's where a phrase like "Loose, silver or gold bracelets always look elegant & timeless" works better than "I like it when women wear loose fitting bracelets, with no jewels & clean hands". Meanwhile Melanie is like; "boy, my shoes already have stilts on them, what do you want from me?" Hehe, anyway, saying it like that makes the bracelet the focus and the object instead of the person. The *thing* is comforting & attractive. I guess you could see this as a tip for the future :) It can be difficult to get across what you really mean online sometimes.

  • Ellie-V
    Did anyone else need this laugh? I sure did 😆
    Great job, dude. I thoroughly enjoyed your take! 💕
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Most Helpful Guys

  • muffin_person
    I have no taste. I look past all jewelry, makeup, clothing, etc and straight into the eyes! If I speak to a woman for 10 minutes and you ask me what nail polish she was wearing, or if she was wearing a necklace or not, the color of her lipstick... I wouldn't be able to tell you.
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    • Curabyron

      Thats so relatable, ecspecially when they dye their hair

  • davidj555
    I dont even understand why people think jewelry is attractive. They're just shiny rocks which probably was manufactured through slave labour
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  • I had my ears pierced when I was little, so if I stopped wearing earrings my wholes would close and I would need new ones in case I felt like wearing them. Truth is sometimes I look better if I have them, it fits the attire sometimes. Also, unlike necklaces and bracelets they are much more comfortable.
  • Well you are shit out of luck lol.
    I only wear earrings.
  • Cryostatic
    I'm sure women worldwide appreciate your opinion on how they should adorn their bodies.
  • Киттйлинк
    You chose the most unappealing photos ever. Cringggggge😖!
  • leahzrc
    I think I'm allergic to nickel or something because earring always give me ear infections and i wear chokers, bracelets are uncomfy, and i dont own anklets
  • BuckWild
    Women who wear chokers are crazy sexy. I also like anklets.
  • Evil_Chuck
    I don't really get the fascination with sticking little shiny things on yourself. If you think it looks good then go for it, but it doesn't do anything for me.
  • Justbeyouandbehappy_
    Lol if I didn’t wear earrings i would look like a guy
  • Massageman
    Like any of the above. Dislike ear gauges, lip/nose piercings.
  • gothgirl997
    What about rings, nose stud or septum, brow piercings, snake bites and collarbone piercings?
    • Not into piercings so don't like them but not saying women can't do it or force them not to. She should decide.

      Just like I prefer a housewife bit think the woman should decide if she wants to be a housewife or work in the public.

  • Every woman loves jewelry. Thanks for sharing it.