The Hot Guy Face

So this has appealed to my curiosity for a while. Basically, what makes a guy have a 'hot' face. And what's the difference between hot, cute and handsome?

So I took to DuckDuckGo and searched images for 'hot guy face.' I have no idea if these guys are actually hot or not, but I started asking myself 'what do all these people have in common?' and a few things stood out. So this take will be about pointing them out, and yea girls there will be photos, but no names. (Sorry, can't be bothered to figure out who they are).

1. Jaw equally wide as cheek bones, but not wider.

Cheek bones equally wide as forehead, but not wider.

Flat forehead. Should slope back more. Upper lip a little long.
Flat forehead. Should slope back more. Upper lip a little long.
Hair line not straight.
Hair line not straight.
The Hot Guy Face
The Hot Guy Face


Forehead too narrow. Eyebrows a little high.
Forehead too narrow. Eyebrows a little high.
Cheekbones too wide, pallet too narrow.
Cheekbones too wide, pallet too narrow.
Cheekbones too narrow, nose bridge a little wide.
Cheekbones too narrow, nose bridge a little wide.
High eyebrows, low ears, inner eye not angled downwards.
High eyebrows, low ears, inner eye not angled downwards.

2. From now on, reference the above photos. Inner eye angles downwards.

3. Large brow ridge.

4. Small pores in facial skin.

5. Low body fat.

6. Low eyebrows. No upper eyelid exposure.

7. Rectangular face shape, but still a wide face.

8. Top of ear at eyebrow, or middle of ear level with eyes.

9. Forehead one third of lower face height.

10. Nose bridge slimmer than nostrils.

11. Small upper lip.

12. Straight hairline.

13. Light colored eyes.

14. Long upper eyelashes.

Yeah. That's about it I think.

Anyone else find anything they have in common that I missed?

The Hot Guy Face
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Kaazsz
    Supposedly I look like a Brazilian super model but when I look in the mirror I just see an ugly ass motherfucker. I don’t think I look nearly close to any of these guys. But girls do tend to throw themselves at my shy ass so I’m starting to believe maybe I am attractive. I just don’t see how ya know?

    Half of these guys look like aliens to me anyways. Some of them look like handsome real life humans. But some look weird as hell.

    If that’s what women want, y’all are fucked. This type of guy is super rare. I don’t think women care that much though.
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    • GiselleIB

      The opinion you have of yourself is pretty much the exact same my boyfriend has about himself. He looks very similar to the guys in the pictures and is one of the most attractive men I’ve seen but he doesn’t see himself like that. It’s so funny to me how he can be so delusional!!

  • VeryCleverUsername
    no nasolabial folds

    no circles under their eyes

    no smiles (especially forced / fake smiles)


    no long noses

    no negatively tilted eyebrows

    no advanced balding

    no bad teeth
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    • thicker than average lips (almost all)

    • no super-pale or super black skin

    • nose not too wide or stubby

      no acne (obviously)

      scars are hot

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Most Helpful Girls

  • THe black with the blue eyes is kind just cute cause of how his eyes contrast against his skintone. Other than that, nahh. The guy next to last wouldve been cute had it not been for his eyebrows so low. The last guy used to be cute but then i found out he was gay. A hot guy face to me consists of little to no facial hair, a pointy nose, thick eyebrows, lips that aren't too thin/thick, and perhaps liht colored eyes. Not all of these have that but these are what i Like and maybe add in brad pitt
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    • The top 3 are absolutely perfect. 2nd row has perfect jawlines. Third row have near perfect faces

    • by the way the crookd hairline is not hot. I only posted one with crooked

    • Robertcw

      Yeah I know about the hairline. I was pointing out imperfections in the comments below the photos.

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  • buddies
    Guys 1 and 3 and 7 are hot (great jaw, striking eyes, and strength vibes) 2 is cute, 4 just looks kind if reckless, 5 is only striking because of the way his eyes contrast with his skin tone and hair, 6 is not attractive to me, 7 has a great face shape and lips, 8 is okay looking.
    There is my opinion, 😁😁
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    • Robertcw

      They literally all look the same to me. xD but your input is valuable and confusing and basically interesting.

    • buddies


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  • Mikayla3
    Number 2 and 3 are the only ones that I looked twice at here but none of them get me horney... or, interested. So yeah, people just like who that like is all. Stereotypes are meaningless but if you are asking me to look from a look from a brainwashed societal perspective... I will be able to acknowledge that all these men are model material and are considered hot to the masses.
    • Robertcw

      This always blows my mind.

    • Yeah I compartmentalize attractive women in this way, too. I have a "hot" box and a "beautiful" box for them. "Beautiful" women align with the cultural consensus of beauty, whereas "hot" women trigger physical arousal in me upon sight alone. The hot ones are a mixed bag because, while I can keep track of the physical features most of them have in common, I can't predict exactly what combinations of features will trigger my arousal. In other words, I don't know them till I see them.

  • JohnSanDiego
    Well, just look at all of those faces. A common trait you can see, right off the bat, is they're not fat. There's not one double chin or turkey neck there. The faces are chiseled, with a well defined jawline and neck. Most men can achieve this, with losing weight and doing some facial exercises. There are devices you can buy to help you exercise your face and neck.

    That which is out of your control, like the shape and color of your eyes, the shape of your nose and bone structure, you shouldn't worry about. You can be an attractive male, even with a big nose. If your nose is so darn ugly, you can work, save money and get a nose job. Cosmetic surgery can work wonders, provided you don't over do it and have a good surgeon. You don't want to end up looking like Michael Jackson or Mickey Rourke after all of his surgeries. There are ways to "cheat" nature, if it didn't hand you a good set of cards.

    Most men, can look "hot" if they would only do the work, make the effort. But, it's not that easy, going to the gym five days weekly and eating healthy. Easier said than done, especially today in the era of the Sony Playstation, Xboz and Internet.
  • hahahmm
    I think it’s all social hypnosis. If we lived in an age with zero art/media then 100% of men and women would be considered sexy, as long as they’re physically fit.

    Media/art builds popular ideas/social pressure to rank & fawn over different looks that just (I say) came from random groupings.
  • rozequarts
    Only three here are attractive. One of whom is handsome, another is cute, but not hot.

    Hottest guy in the batch is
    • Robertcw

      What features make him hot to you?

    • rozequarts

      I just really love when a guys eyes are small and deep set (so as to say the eyes are more inside the skull compared to the rest of his face.)
      That and he's tan. Pretty much sums up my type.
      The first guy has it too, but his face is just too sculpted and square for my taste. The second guy with the green eyes is the one I think is handsome, his features are soft and he 'looks' sweet. And finally the black gentleman, the last one, is cute.

    • Robertcw

      The last guy is Asian but whatever. The only black guy on the list is Jeremy Meeks.

      But you like the 'hunter eyes.' That's in line with blackpill theory.

      Is it just the deep-set eyes or does eyebrow height also play a roll?

      This photo has very low eyebrows covering the top of the eye. Eyes can be deep set without this effect, such as with Jeremy Meeks.

  • caligirl03
    Believe it or not, all these guys are way too "pretty boy" for me. Even though a certain degree of symmetry is involved when gauging conventional attractiveness, it's hard to pinpoint a tried and true formula since it's ultimately all super subjective anyway.
    • why women don't love pretty boys maybe they are super aggressive and masculine in their attitude. What about then?

    • @Mamamialetmego We don't like men prettier than us haha at least I don't

    • I like a "manly man"

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  • Wowgirl30q
    Secret to a good male model face is just looking confused
    • Robertcw

      You don't notice facial bone structure though?

  • Киттйлинк
    The sad thing is most of these also have the gay look :/ the first one for example looks the most gay... super gay even with all the attractiveness he looks gayish and that alone makes me Not feel attraction while still acknowledging he is attractive but does not stimulate me or cause any effect on me simply for the fact that he looks gay.
    • CallyKat89

      What do you mean "gay" look? Do people who fall into the LGBTQ+ community all look a certain way? What does that even mean?
      "Does not stimulate me or cause any effect on me simply for the fact that he looks gay." You have literally assumed that a good section of the male population is gay because of their genetics. I understand having preferences. What I don't understand is justifying your preferences by saying that due to their genetics, they must be gay. So then by proxy, they are not appealing. Not only is that insulting to men, but it is also insulting to those who identify as gay.

    • Manlyman1

      Lesbians are known for their brightly colored hair but they're only part of the LBGTP+ community. I'm pretty sure she meant male gay.

    • Manlyman1

      Tbh I only think two of them are gay.

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  • DorkVader
    I think 6 would fall into the cute category, because he looks younger and softer than the others pictured. 2 looks like buff Bob Saget, 1's face is too square and looks almost featureless to me, his only distinguishing feature is his eyes. 3 is handsome, 7 looks like he can/has fought and looks the hottest of the men pictured here.
  • PinkMichae
    They are all handsome in their own way. I think it's having masculine symmetrical features. But I find full lips and peircing eyes on a guy to be hot. Still if his eyes look small for his head it can throw things off.

    For me I think I'd be much prettier if I had a more narrow nose and maybe my upper lip could be a little bigger. Then I might qualify for hot.
  • jaystar
    Hot- Has a kind of bad boy edge to him and seductive look going on.
    Cute- Softer features and more of a laid back feel to him.
    Handsome- Clean cut type of guy. Well put together. (imo)
  • One thing they all have in common is they used a good photographer. The right focal length, lens, lighting, pose etc massively improves a photo. Get it wrong and you look terrible.
  • chunlilovesvega
    I find these male faces hot:
    • The first one looked like a girl to me for a while 😂. Had to see it twice.

    • first one looks girly. last one typical middle eastern. I'm curious do you know these men personally

  • Games_
    I barely see men with features like these, like never in my life time.
    • Robertcw

      Move to California and you'll be considered below average if you don't look like them. (srs). Especially in southern california.

    • Games_

      Interesting. I'm still in HS so I know about these, but i dont see much people around me with defined jawline and cheekbones like the models here. Most men I'm seeing are average, below or just above

    • Robertcw

      🤷🏻‍♂️Yeah but seriously, San Diego to LA is crawling with people who look just like this. Typically they come from old money families with wealth so they get perfect nutrition and preventative medical and dental care -- which undoubtedly helps.

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  • Somethingwittty
    Well I know my looks and you know how well I do? Perfectly fine. Granted I know what I'm doing and "leagues" aren't a thing for me. People are just people. you're attracted to what you like.
  • malealpha00
    a man's neck should be long, muscular and upright with good posture
  • I don’t know why, but whenever I see these type of guys. I always think they’re never interested in girls OR no girl can live up to their persona stature.
    • David92506

      I think that a lot of guys think the same way of gorgeous women. With the exception of Charlie Sheen.

    • Robertcw

      @David92506 That might just be a dating life hack. Go after the hottest people, because they'll never see it coming.

  • jc_789
    Opinions are like assholes everybody has one and here's mine. I've only been on this platform a few days. And I cannot believe the amount of attention this one topic has gotten. It just blows my mind, all I can say is "WOW".
  • stardust101
    Hotness is determined by how asymmetrical one’s face is. And then the strong jawline and chin makes him hotter 😃
  • Shortyyyyyy0928
    All these girls saying these guys rent hot, i mean damnnnnnn look at them!!
    • exactly i wonder how they rate average guys like us. I mean i gues it's true women aren't visual they respond personality and attitude.

  • Unirocks
    I’ve just never found such guys attractive. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    • lier. If these guys are not hot then no men is hot. I mean no men.

    • Unirocks

      @Mamamialetmego nope, beauty is very subjective. I also like smart guys. So it would depend entirely on that.
      In fact, I’ve spent most of my life running away from guys such as the ones in this MyTake

    • keep running :)

  • hsshannah96
    Guys who have a “hot face” usually aren’t very nice to me
    they’re usually not respectful guys
  • Trisha3103
    I have never found guys like those attractive!
  • call_me_scar
    So what I'm hearing is jim pickens
  • Joker_
    " So I took to DuckDuckGo and searched images for 'hot guy face.' " lmao, this is a good myTake
  • AntiHunger
    They’re all hot but needs some Asian and black guys too.

    I love all 🥵
    • Asian guys really? I can understand black dudes but Asians?

    • AntiHunger

      @Mistermiracle57 every ethnicity has attractive people

  • lifelearner011
    Interesting what would you say makes a woman "Cute" and "hot"?
    • Robertcw

      You know, that's honestly a tough question. I've decided just now that I'll write a take for that.

      Usually I just know from looking at her because I get the nervous pit in my stomach feeling as a reaction from looking at her, like a squirrel looking at an acorn.

      But yeah I'll collect a bunch of photos and put them next to each other and see of anything stands out at me. I actually think the list will be very similar actually, believe it or not. But that's just my first instinct.

    • I'd love to see one. Very rarely I get a "hot" alert, usually is you're adorable -cutesy vibe.

    • Unirocks

      I’d be interested in that MyTake too

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  • Jelena1234567890
    only the 4th one seem attractive to me, then maybe the 1st one I d say is attractive. None of these I d date just for look.
  • NatalieKeller95
    they don't have autism, if they did, they wouldn't look like that
    • If they are not hot how do you find average men then? I bet i'm monkey for you.

  • Mamamialetmego
    Based on women's answers i can tell you this: Women aren't visual at all.
  • The only thing I see is a severe lack of SMILING!
    • women say they want to see smiling, but research shows they actually find non-smiling faces hotter

    • Sonorous

      I think it's because smiling can make a man look less masculine and less mature.

  • princessbuns
    None of these men are attractive
    • Robertcw

      😯. Blows my mind every time. It's incredible.

    • Guy. I also can tell you none of them are good enough, but you don't understand anyway. And I'm not a gay.

    • Robertcw

      @lucian_lucian_123 Uhh, okay. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  • rayjinazn
    Hot: Hugh Jackman. Cute: Scott Eastwood
  • Estellaaa
    Yea there all gorgeous 😍
  • UnknownGagsUser
    I always think hot guy refer to his bodies
  • Sonorous
    Boiiiiiiiii look at them thin philtrums
  • ImpatiensSultani
    For me ian somerhalder
  • xyz94
    Only the second and third photos are hot.
  • mk200195
    Lol that's gay
  • themomo84
    Where's the intelligence factor?
  • meb6890
    God Damn they are gorgeous 😉
    • Are you lesbian? Because almost all girls here said they look feminine or gay and they are not attractive. It's weird. It's because i have pretty face too and in real life i'm really masculine dude but in pics i look like these guys so it's weird that girls judge men like this very poorly. I guess personality matters most. I bet in real life all girls here die and get really wet for these guys.

    • meb6890

      No I'm not a lesbian

  • anymouse6265w4442
    U are right
  • OddBeMe
    Well the first step is you have to have money.
  • robocop666
    great article
  • yourfavperson
    5 and 8 oml
  • eminem33
    I of course dont have a hot face
  • hijgh32
    they r all hot
  • trupzz
    It's actually personal preference
  • Hawthorn18
    Well I'm screwed on all of those features
  • Anonymous
    Good looking guys like the ones you put look gay to me :) I like regular dad bod guys <3
  • Anonymous
    That’s not really hot. Maybe it’s just be but guys like Toby Maguire are hotter than that.