The Battle of the Blouses

The Battle of the Blouses

This is one piece of clothing that is a small part that can get over looked but makes a big difference. It's like the one feminine step above a male shirt but it can either be subtle or pop out in a big way. This first one is one that does pop. A basically satin outfit with a plunging neckline it has a strong, mature and sexy feel to it. Let's move on to some other ones now.

The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses

This is basically starting with a polka dot theme. The first picture is fun because the blouse is clearly oversized for the look with a big bow and big arms. It's just enough to add a touch of romance and whimsy. The second look is very sharp yet cute. It's charm comes from the cuffs and the collar which allow the black of the suit to blend in with the white of the blouse, which is a fun effect. The third blouse outfit is similar with the cuffs the black and white pattern really pops more with this outfit. The fourth one is fun and extremely cute being cropped with the long and baggie sleeves and a loud and fun tie in the front.

The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses

The next set of pictures focuses on puffy sleeves. The first one is fun and sexy. It has fitting sleeves and the top seems to appear as a corset, it also has a feel of a olden day dress without the bottom. The second picture is just fun and simple. It shows a bit of her shoulders and bust and also has adorable longer sleeves that cover her hands. The third one is simple yet fun and reminds of the 70's. The belt is a nice touch which helps the outfit pop. The fourth outfit is beautifully simple and functional. It looks cute and just feels like an outfit that is ready for action. The fifth outfit is just cute and dainty with a fun tilted finish. The sixth is sexy and powerful, while it has a revealing middle that is not its charm, it is just smart and stylish which is a great outfit for a meeting. The seventh and final outfit just reminds me of a fairy tale with a fun stand out collar, in fact it reminds me of the labyrinth movie.

The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses

Like the top this part focuses on fabric. Starting with the first one, I love the plunging neck line and the wrap around bottom, it is so romantic and reminds me of a gorgeous dress. The second also has a plunging neck line but has a more causal yet mature feel with loose soft ended sleeves it kind of reminds me of something a celebrity would wear. The third one is just loose fitting and fun. All the wrinkles and creases give it character. The belt is also nice touch. The first blouse is again simple and sweet. This to me is sexy and causal. The fifth is just cute and adorable. It's cropped with long sleeves and a big bow with a long white skirt to finish.

The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses
The Battle of the Blouses

These last three are random. The first is just casual and normal in appearance but its charm is the lack of buttons and the opening at the top with features the top neck area and collar bone. The second just has a lace and midnight feel to it, the love the design on the shirt and the fun collar. The final one is also fairly common. It is more old fashioned and professional but that is it's charm. while in this picture you can see the bra, that was not my intent but the overall appearance of the blouse from the collar to the fashioned cuffs.

Hope you enjoyed this mytake :) JJ

The Battle of the Blouses
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  • Evan_aa
    Are you gonna drop the websites so I can shop ☺️ lol?
    Is this still revelant?
  • lifelearner011
    They are so lovely!💜
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  • susie22
    For me, a simple button front blouse works great with a pair of high heels and a miniskirt, preferably without a bra. Silk feels SOOOO good against my bare breasts and it makes me feel confident and sexy. Guys seem to like it too, lol.
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    The Battle of the BlousesThe Battle of the BlousesThis second picture is sexy and i like the first one too
  • kymberz
    like didn't i already just tell you that you have an incredible eye for detail and great fashion sense? i'll take one of everything! i love flirty/fun/romantic/sexy blouses!
  • Flower7
    My favorites are the 2nd pic of the fluffy black and white blouse and the olive-green colored one (6th from the bottom.) I like the bows they have at the necklines.
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    My types: The Battle of the BlousesThe Battle of the BlousesThe Battle of the BlousesThe Battle of the BlousesThe Battle of the Blouses
  • Can_I_Get_a_Do-Over
    Now there’s some ugly blouses. Most are not really meant for anything but a runway. How are you supposed to move without the girls falling out?
  • spartan55
    Whenever I hear the word "blouses" I think of that Dave Chappelle skit where they played 🏀 ball against Prince. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
  • 19magic
    I liked it but only a couple of those are actually work appropriate
  • CindyRuns
    You don't need to sell me... a lot of absolutely beautiful looks !!!
  • brittany23
    They are all beautiful, I'd rock them all except for the puffy sleeve ones, those seem more runway only to me
  • SirRexington
    I guess I never realized this before but I'm not a fan of blouses apparently.
  • EmmaMary
    What an extremely thoughtful and well put together myTake, albeit being in the wrong place.
  • themomo84
    I admire your my take especially since I rarely wear blouses. More shirts, flannel, hoodies etc. Ty!
  • Plitty-Tank
    Those are a lot of great blouses. I like seeing women wear colorful blouses.
  • MzAsh
    I like the 2nd one. That’s it lol
  • AustColombiangirl
    I like the very top one
  • NorthwestRider
    Very nice stylish blouses
  • BasicBad
    They are ok.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good mytake.
  • Zoi02
    I like the solid colors.
  • darshil_shah99
    girls add beauty with blouses 🥰
  • esotericstory
    Why can't men wear blouses anymore?