Why being a pretty girl sucks

Why being a pretty girl sucks

It's all from my personal experience. And I acknowledge that being pretty has its benefits. I've never had to buy my drinks unless I strongly insist so. People always give me attention. Online dating is an easy game. But I'm not going to discuss it because none of them ain't new for folks to hear. I'm going to list things that make me believe being a pretty girl sucks.

People, especially women assume we're mean before they get to know me.

People assume we're not smart

Getting attention includes attention from creeps

Guys talk about how fuckable we're, not how funny we're or how smart we're

Guys assume we're not loyal

Guys assume we're a party junk

And most importantly being pretty doesn't make life as easy as people assume. If you're that pretty boys gonna never cheat on you? Nope, even Irina Shayk gets cheated on. They're gazillions of pretty ladies out there and it's nothing special. And yet, people only comment on my looks and that makes me feel like I'm worthless if I weren't pretty. I'm insecure af. And so are all of my pretty friends. I wish guys would treat me like one of their bros. Love you boys.

Why being a pretty girl sucks
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  • TremorJay
    I can definitely relate to the fact that people put way too much emphasis on appearance. My own friends and family have tried to comfort me by telling me I'm attractive. It's not some magic pill that makes life easy. For the record, I consider myself a 7 or an 8 at best, but I hardly notice any advantage at all - because I'm a guy. It's so annoying to put weight into something that virtually makes no difference, and to discount those personality traits and strengths that really matter. I'll be polite and say thank you, but it's the last thing I want to hear when I'm at a low point
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    • You would like it even less if you were a 5 or 6. Stop whining.

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  • Freddy78361
    You bring up some very good points. Thank you. I cannot disagree since I am not a beautiful woman. Don't forget the envy of other women and their cutting you down behind your back so that they can get a competitive edge.
    How do you fix it? Hide your beauty? That makes no sense to me.
    I guess all you can do is be the best person you can and shatter their preconceived notions.
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  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    I am sure that being a cute gitl must have it's disadvantages.
    I just don't really understand how are you insecure. If you get so much attention from the opposite gender there is really no reason for that.

    Speaking as someone whose looks have been improving over the years, I went from not getting any attention, to having girls bying drinks to me. So as someone who knows what is like to be in both sides I can tell you that you haven't much to complain about.

    I am not trying to say you don't feel some bad sides to it, I am saying to trust me when I say that the other side has it way, way worse.

    So imagine how it feels for most guys, who don't have what you do, to hear you complain about it. Looking good and having attention from the opposite sex is literally what the vast majority of guys want and doesn't have.

    It hurts. Trust me it hurts really bad to feel wortless. It took a lot of work from my part to start getting some success and even so I am sure I don't get as much attention as you do witout trying.

    Do you really hing that you would have a better if you were an ugly girl?
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  • SpiritBear
    I'd love to have a girl bro. I've had em before, and they were honestly a blast. You just gotta find em somewhere. I don't know how common they are, but they're out there sista.
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    • Anonymous

      Good to know!

  • KrakenAttackin
    Oh fuck, a pretty girl who wants a pity party -- just stop.

    "People assume we are mean"... well to average looking men you ARE mean. How dare Clif from accounting say "hi" to me, WTF was he thinking, I should report him to HR!

    "People assume we are not smart"... well, this is due to your lack or personality or ability to carry a conversation. Pretty women have never had to develop a personality, so you mostly just sit there with a vacant looks on your faces. This is why you are seen as "dumb".

    "Getting attention includes from 'creeps'". Well, welcome to the real world, everyone gets some kind of negative attention through life. You have the privilege of getting AS MUCH positive attention as you want, whenever you want, however you want. If you have to endure a few creeps, this is a small price to pay for your magic.

    "Guys talk about how 'fuckable' you are"... well guess what, we talk about how fuckable almost every female is who rates over a 4.

    "Guys assume we are not loyal"... that's due to experience. Pretty people in general are NOT loyal. Hot women are especially hypergamous, which means you are likely only loyal when and how it suits you -- so, no, you are not loyal.

    "Guys assume we are just party junk"... well, you are able to fuck the top 10% of Chads, so you do. It's women like you who end up as strippers, "onlyfans", and other sites monetizing your "hotness". Yes, regular people are jealous of your ability to manipulate all those around you and to make a ton of cash without having any skills, whatsoever, aside from being hot.

    So, all of the stereotypes you listes are true as far as I am concerned. But let me add one more "stereotype" which I happen to believe from personal experience.

    Hot women have a disproportionate share of personality disorders, making hot women a real headache to be anywhere around, let alone be romantic with.

    I dated a few hot women in the past and also divorced a relatively hot woman and I can tell you this --- I have no desire to be involved with a "hot" woman ever again. The pain is not worth it.
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  • Bluemax
    There are studies that show several of the things you mentioned are generally wrong. People on the whole have higher opinions of attractive people.
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    • Anonymous

      Comments like this are why I stated "It's all from my PERSONAL experience" in the first sentence.

    • Bluemax

      No I read that. The purpose of my remark is to show that your personal experience might be tainted due to the cognitive biases we all have.

    • Anonymous

      And remember, studies are just studies. If those studies could define everything accurately, there won't be any discussion. I agree on your second sentence.

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  • crazy8000
    It's pretty much the same the other way around.
    With little manipulative twist.

    Vast majority are very shallow and selfish.
    They doesn't know better.
    It's better to take them for whom they are and don't whine in a victim state.
    Just don't lower yourself to their level.
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  • morrowlow
    If you want to know what the difference is between the life of a pretty girl and an average person imagine that you had to work really hard for every little thing. You won't get free nothing, people won't hire you because you're pretty, you'll actually have to work hard and learn skills. And if you think you, a self-proclaimed pretty girl, make bad first impression, imagine what people think of us when we first approach them.
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  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Instead of looking at your flaws, why don't you use your that gift as an advantage? It only sucks being attractive if you don't know how to use it.
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  • Bananaman177
    Pour acid on your face and see how much better you like it.
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  • I-C3_ME
    I can't really associate with u but i can see why this would hurt u/your friends/any pretty person male or female and I'm sorry this makes u feel worthless. However this doesn't mean u are worthless, and i can go on & on why does could be the point but i think u want the truth. And the truth is i don't know u so I can't tell u these things that your funny cuz I don't know (i mean if u want u can dm me and tell me a story of something funny u did and I'll give u my honest opinion). Ok but back to my point, these people that don't know u don't matter. U say your pretty friends feel the same way so hangout with them, have fun with them, compliment them/them u. Anyone who doesn't see who u really are, isn't worth the sadness, isn't worth the pain. Your friends are the once that should now u, they are worth the happiness, they are worthy... So be with them, u'll feel better. Like i said feel free to dm if u need a little emotional boost (that's for everyone reading this by the way)
  • Thatsamazing
    "And remember, studies are just studies." Uh... what?

    Anyway, yeah, everyone is insecure, including pretty girls and occasionally even handsome guys-- but try being unattractive and see what happens instead. This is like writing about why being white sucks, when it doesn't. At least not based on anything to do with whiteness. We don't treat you like one of the bros because you're not-- you're a girl. And we want to have sex with you. That's how it works. Guys want to fuck pretty girls. Doesn't mean we don't also like the rest of you at the same time.
  • smølf
    We all have advantages. Some are good looking, others are smart, some just great people.

    So being very pretty, is having its drawbacks as well, no doubt.

    People only comment on your looks either because it the first thing they notice or because it is your defining trait. If its the latter, then work on your personality. Kowing your worth and know your stuff automatically gives you confidence.

    If you are a pretty girl, then guys would never truly treat you like one of their bros (because you are not). They would almost certainly, but secretly want to get into your pants. Not because of you, but because of biology.
  • asshole_
    Were you a cheerleader or a gymnast or a dancer in high school?
  • Nahid1707
    You’ll find a guy who treats you normal
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  • Anonymous
    Oh, you poor, poor thing.

    Are there disadvantages to being a pretty girl? Sure, there are some. Are they overwhelmingly outweighed by all the advantages and privileges that also come with it? Oh fuck yes.

    Forgive me if I don't have much sympathy for you.
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