Why Hot Girls Date Ugly Guys


Why Hot Girls Date Ugly Guys

I stumbled upon a question on the site recently about why hot guys date ugly girls, so in response, I wanted to switch the context and write about why hot girls date ugly guys. Though this topic is extremely superficial, I’d be lying if I said a guy’s looks didn’t factor into my dating life.

It would be vain to refer to myself as a “hot girl”, but I do pride myself on the way I present myself. I frequent the gym to stay in shape, I put in the extra effort to perfect my beauty routine, and I dress in styles that best flatter my figure. I think one of the major qualities that factor into the “hot” category is personal maintenance. A naturally beautiful girl who eats fast food all day, wears a sweatsuit, and no makeup will definitely be outshined by the average beauty who puts the time and effort into her appearance for a night out. Beauty is one thing, but “hot” is another.

I won’t lie, I am skeptical of the couples I see that simply don’t match. Whenever I see a beautiful girl with a frumpy-looking guy, my mind starts racing about how he ended up with HER. The older I get, the more often I jump to the conclusion: she’s only with him for his money. How shallow is it to think an unattractive guy only could snag a beauty based on his financial state, but then again, society is one of the biggest contributors to this theory - Hello, Hugh Hefner.

Maybe it’s money, maybe he’s well-endowed - but maybe the real reason isn’t as shallow as you’d think.

Just as some guys tend to prefer the “chill girl” over the “high-maintenance” girl, girls often have their same reasonings. It would be narrow-minded to assume that all hot guys are the same, but from my dating experience, I’ve learned good looks really aren’t the deciding factor. I’ve discovered the two main worries girls have when dating the “hot guy”:

Why Girls Avoid The Hot Guy:

They Must Be A Player

In the same sense that guys are intimidated by the hot girl, we are intimated by the hot guy. With incredible looks, we often jump to the conclusion that he’s a player and bound to break our heart. With every girl in the room drooling over our man, we worry he will eventually give into temptation - or the jealousy and worrying will drive us mad.

Why Hot Girls Date Ugly Guys

They Are High-Maintenance

As females, we put enough pressure on ourselves to look good. As much as we love a great six-pack on a guy, feeling like our body isn’t as tight as his or our appearance isn’t as perfect as his can make us feel insecure. Sometimes a nice little stomach roll can really make us feel at home. Just saying.

Why Hot Girls Date Ugly Guys

Guys often consider a “hot girl” to be conceited or a shallow, but really as females, we just enjoy taking care of ourselves. Fashion is fun, beauty is rewarding, and keeping our bodies in shape makes us feel healthy and beautiful. Appearance isn’t everything, but your personal characteristics and traits are. As lovely as an attractive man is to look at, these are the main traits girls look for in relationships:

What Girls Look For:


We’ve been hurt. We’ve been cheated on. We’ve dealt with the painful feeling of betrayal and heartbreak. Finding a boyfriend that we can trust to respect our feelings and emotions is the most important.

Why Hot Girls Date Ugly Guys


We want a guy to make us laugh, to know what to say to brighten our day, and to simply click with us. Sharing the same interests and easy conversations go a lot further than toned arms.

Why Hot Girls Date Ugly Guys


No, I am not referring to financial success, but a guy that is determined, motivated, and successful is incredibly admirable. He constantly inspire us to be our best self and we love supporting him along the way.

Why Hot Girls Date Ugly Guys

So whether or not you have the genetic makeup of Brad Pitt, when it comes to landing your dream girl, looks aren’t the final factor. Hot girls date ugly guys - and it’s not as shallow as you think.

Why Hot Girls Date Ugly Guys
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  • Anonymous
    Such a load of crap. My entire life I've only ever seen one hot chick with an ugly guy and of course he just happen to be extremely wealthy.
    You know ladies we really aren't as dumb as you think, no matter how much you try and convince us and yourselves, that women are so noble and such great people, we know your just as pathetic as the men you bitch about and denounce.
    Trying to convince the world that you aren't extreamly materialistic nowadays, aren't fickle or avoid responsibility, rally against double standards only to relish in them when they are in your favour, expect far more of men then you are willing to bring to the table themselves, detest male ego but cultivate your own, place unrealistic standards on men, say on one hand you like men to be emotional but expect him to be a rock and lose attraction when he is not, tear down each other out of jealousy, spite or just to make yourself feel better, and deem any guy who shows interest that you don't find attractive, creepy or weird.
    Time to get over yourselves ladies. You talked about how much better off the world would be if women were in charge and now that you have the opportunity to be equal you can't seem to wait to outdo men in shitty behaviour.
    So cut the crap.
    Women do want a man who is everything her Disney fantasies dreamed up. Good looking, tall, fit, romantic, considerate, ambitious, have social importance, interesting, smart, cool hobbies, car, and very importantly money. True some women will go for a less attractive guy but almost always because she wants him to worship her which is essentially selfish. Usually only as she gets older and starts to feel her own value drop will she start to consider dating a man who doesn't fit all of these requirements and 'settle'.
    So cut the crap trying to convince us and yourselves how awesome women are, it doesn't work. Wishing it so, does not change reality.
    If women were so awesome more and more men would be wanting to get married and be in relationships not less and less every year.

    So get over yourselves. Time to admit women are just as shitty as men are and that trying to convince the world otherwise is just a useless gesture.

    There are a few exceptions on both sides, but they won't be the ones claiming that women are really just misunderstood, even though they behave like children, are actually awesome incarnate.
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    • CyphorX

      Yep, all the average guy has to look forward to is some 30- 40+ woman who says yes to his proposal over the ticking of her biological clock while trying to hold in her tears because she views him and a bigger loser than the 8 guys who she turned down for marriage in her late teens and early 20's

Most Helpful Girl

  • BarbaraP
    Some girls do it because they think they will be treated like gods because of their beauty. Sometimes it's just about power... "if someone like HIM gets the chance to date someone like ME, he will be doing everything I say not to lose me". Sad but true.
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    • Yep pretty much

    • What if he's not like that? He may be ugly, but sure he commands something, it may well be the other way around.

    • BarbaraP

      @theegreat017 Yeah of course... I was just referring to those guys who will fall into this "trap" and those girls who are so spoiled that they only look for guys who will easily forget themselves to be with them. Obviously the fact that you're not very attractive doesn't mean that you should put up with everything a very demanding girl wants just because she's pretty.

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  • YourFutureEx
    Why girls date below average (not ugly, literally) guys?

    Because they
    ●Dared to approach them
    ●They have awesome personality
    ●They have enough money an average guy has

    If you're a player / high maintenance / ripped, it won't repel girls.
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    • You mean they "dared to approach them" WITH money.

    • @EnglishArtsteacher with 'enough' money to afford a home, clothes and food.

      Would you want to spend your life with a beggar?

      You just don't need Aston Martin to catch a hot girl.

    • @YourFutureEx There is a huge difference between a "beggar" and someone who is filthy rich. You used a major hyperbole there.

      Actually, I would spend time with a beggar. But let's be realistic-These women don't JUST want "stability", they want guys to shower them with gifts every day. Nearly every woman under 30 is a gold-digger.

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  • Mistnigqa808
    LMAO dont any hot girls date neckbeards 99% of the time IRL + all she sees is "$$$" in that guy cf.girlsaskguys.com/.../...d-9889-699b3ff2456c.jpg i mean just look at her face >_<
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    • That's Bar Refaeli it was for a Go Daddy commercial. She even said herself kissing him was rather gross but to him obviously it was heaven because she's so gorgeous.

    • @dominiquois 'gross'? Wow, so what's this take about then?

    • I don't know I think this myTake just used her picture. In real life that picture comes from a commercial with the supermodel who has to do that kiss over 60 times to film it. In an interview she subtly expressed her disgust with it.

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  • Hal2002
    As a man that has been in and out of the dating war for about 34 years minus the 16 years I was married, the hot women that I know that date guys with below average looks. Taking out the ones that are there for the money, are the women that have kids or have reputations where guys will hook up with them but not take them out on dates.

    I have watched many hot girls over the years, play guys then get played themselves. Than after a few years they start seeing that they are aging, and they are losing out to younger hot chicks. They grab on to some guy they at one time considered a loser, because they figure he is not going to cheat on them because of his looks and because in most cases this below average guy will do anything to try and make her happy because he has the girl he considered out of his league and he wants to keep her.

    I am sure there are a few women that have hooked up with an below average guy, because he was a great guy. But they are the rear exceptions, and not the average result,
  • Cjanes
    To each his own. I date whom I find attractive. However both looks and personality affect your attractiveness. I say looks are 50% and personality is 50%. Honestly if a guy looks like Channing Tatum he's going to have an advantage over the average joe. However an average guy with a good personality will still be more attractive to me then a super hot douchebag.
    Both men and women have shallow tendencies but that's okay
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  • ConsultantIsBack
    Many Hot guys have the desirable traits you described. I think the case is actually average girls end up with average guys.
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    • Go to Silicon Valley all the smoking hot chicks are marrying ugly nerds.

    • DBAOracle

      @sparkly-crystal And why's that a problem? Some chicks are hot and value intelligence a lot.

    • @DBAOracle never said it was

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  • Hannah591
    Whenever there's an attractive, fit guy, my mum says "he'll love himself more than he'll love you" or "he loves the gym more". Hot guys usually expect girls to flock to them and don't make any effort so yeah, I don't bother too much with them.
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  • LittleSally
    It's hilarious how guys think they know girls better than we know ourselves...
    I agree with your MyTake! =)
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    • evenlift

      The sales industry doesn't exist, right?

    • Punkin45

      Yup, totally to both of you!

    • @LittleSally i mean we do pay attention how our "dream girl" talks to us and who they usually date right

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  • Dulcedulcexoxo
    lol, this is true. Its not necessarily the best decision for women to make anyways since so many women report not being physically attracted to their spouse and the sex stops , communication.. etc I think women need to look for physical attraction including all these traits. May be rare but its worth looking for.
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  • vishna
    I don't think I'm hot, but I've dated people that my friends thought were.. not so cute compared to me. And the things you listed still applied.

    Hot young guys are often conceited and have high expectations.

    I'd rather have someone who is driven, trustworthy, and likes me for who I am even if it means he isn't a 'hot' guy.
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  • Tanuron
    wut? Dont think I ever seen a "hot girl" with what people define as an ugly guy. This actually exsist? Well except in my own case perhaps, since im butt ugly and certainly everyone I been with was good looking compared to me, lol.

    Seen the typical opposite a lot though, but ya I can't think of any couple ever seen in real life that yeah was like that, except myself again I guess.
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  • AleDeEurope
    So an attractive guy can't be trusting, have a great personality, and be ambitious? Why is a hot guy always portrayed as a player? Are all hot girls sluts? No. So not all hot guys are players.

    You girls don't know what you may be missing when you just assume that because he's hot, he's a player.

    I get the point of your Take, but you really think if she didn't stereotype the hot guy as a player, if he had the traits of that ugly dude she's dating, she won't go for the hot guy? Of course every girl will choose a hot guy with a good personality over an ugly guy with a good personality. The reason they chose the ugly guy is either because she stupidly assume all hot guys are players, or because she's lazy and just settled down with the first guy that treated her nicely.

    And this same thing applies to guys, I directed it to girls cause that's who the "hot" person was in this Take.
    And to clarify again, I don't think this is a bad Take.
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  • Awesome558
    I think personally myself I may look at the six pack guys and say there sexy but I try to get to know them but mostly they just blow you off like a candle but I would rather have someone I love cuz of their heart and the way they treat me
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  • KRIEL55
    great take! its all so true. i mean we all have different types but honestly, when i see a guy who is too into fashion and too into working out, im automatically just like no. dont want a guy who's obsessed with himself and will expect me to obsess over him as well. just not happening.
  • aficionado
    This is so not true. It's very rare for hot girls to go for 'ugly' guys. Change 'ugly' to 'average' in this myTake, and then you see more truth!
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  • hairydudesrock
    Looks aren't important, and besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To mee humour in a man is attractive as is intelligence. As long as the man is kind, honest and that we a lot in common then looks aren't high on my list.
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  • Bandit74
    I think girls often hookup and have their most rxciting memories with the hot guys but they settle down with the less attractive guys because they are safer and more reliable. Also the hot guy didn't want to committ to her. They grow tired of being cheated on or used by the hot guys and settle for an average guy when its time to buy a house and raise a family.
  • pavlove
    lol, these are movies. i actually think in the coming years we're going to see girls become more superficial and men less so...
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    • I see ugly guys with hot girls all the time.

      However, "hot" and "ugly" are subjective.

    • Rufus335

      im pretty sure girls are already way more superficial than guys. not always on the "looks" front. But how many guys marry for wealth... how many guys marry a girl cuz she's hot... (sure it happens but its not like we can just choose a chick and boom she's mine)... how many young girls are obsessed with some dude and have 1000 pictures on their wall... how many guys have just one picture on their wall... girls are absolutely and have been for the last 30 years been more superficial than guys.

    • GlibSluice

      @Rufus335 I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement. I mean, you saying that only reinforces how 'superficial' guys are. I think you only see girls as more superficial because of the whole makeup, clothing, popularity, maintenance thing i. e. what SOCIETY has pressured us into being like. Me, I care about appearence and things like that, but because they're fun and I genuinely enjoy it.
      You're analysis/assumption that 'girls are more superficial' only serves to illuminate your own superficiality.
      Far too often have I met arrogant, self-servile guys who are as shallow as a cup with one drop of water in it. In fact, most of the guys I've known have been like this. And while I fully acknowledge that many girls are the same way, I have come to the understanding that it's better for me to only have girl friends that are my age, instead of guys friends. Because, in my experience, all guys my age and younger, are immature, perverted, unsophisticated persons whom only time can improve.

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  • Kuraj
    Please, if a hot woman is dating an ugly guy he is rich.
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  • truthhammer
    the hot girl knows how fucked up she's conditioned to be so she knows how the hot guy is fucked

    pieces of the same puzzle. use to being chased and used to havin the last say and use to take take taking.

    she wants security thats why and hot guys have options. more likely to flake these attractiv animals
  • blondfrog
    All those guys you showed weren't ugly though. The only time I've seen a hot girl with an ugly guy is when he had money and by that I mean he doesn't have to be rich, just make a significantly more amount of money than she does. The only other chance you have is if she way more into bodies and you have a nice body, but an ugly face. Of course a hot guy with a shitty personality is bad too and that will drive women away too, but most women would still at the very least use him for sex.
  • Lisa2521
    I don't think that all girls would have the same reasons - I believe there are a lot of mean girls who would do this only for the money, but if I was hot/perfect I can only date an ugly guy because of his attitude. For me the attitude is very important in a guy.
  • buttheadkakakak
    Most of my problem is actually jealousy because when a woman hits on my man I get really pissed off
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    • fiodor99

      why do they hit on your man? isn't he with you?

    • @fiodor99 yes he is but that doesn't stop dumb bitches from seeing him and talking to him anyway

  • ccp16
    I think it is really sad how many guys are being so. bitter here... No wonder you don't get 'hot girls'!

    I work in bridal registry, so I work with newly engaged couples all the time- usually in their mid to late 20s. I can not count how many times I saw mismatched attractiveness in couples! It happens way more often than you think, and in both directions ie. sometimes it is the hot guy with the average girl.

    I think a lot of the guys on here are being so bitter because they are both ugly inside AND out, and immature for it. I know of at least two of my close female friends who I would consider very beautiful/her asked out on almost a weekly basis. But they hate the guys who do ask them out! They tend to be superficial and rude. Both are currently dating someone I would consider below them in looks, and neither are rich!

    Basically what I am trying to say is that confidence, humor and being a decent person can override looks way more than you think!
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  • Catalie
    Well, there have to be some hot guys out there who have a great personality and aren't players!
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  • doodlecake
    If a girls wants an ugly guy that's me, okay I'm not ugly, just not one of the good looking dudes,
    But if she want's financial security, that's not me, I draw, I make things, I hate math, biology, and want to write and draw for a living, so financial security is out the window, unless I write the next harry potter.
  • Starfishlover
    It isn't because they're ugly. It is because some girls look with the heart, not the eyes.
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    • SomeGuy37

      Yeah, and they ride unicorns, and live in an AMAZING Disney world, not reality.

    • CHRIS11796

      @SomeGuy37 why such a bitter comment bro?

  • dominiquois
    Its several reasons not all of them are noble either. Sure pretty girls might date an uglier guy for great personality or moral values. Some pretty girls are shallow some are not. It really depends.
    Some pretty girls will actually date an ugly guy to have a sort of personal worshipper. Hot guys wouldn't give nearly as much praise to the beautiful girl than the ugly guy would because hot guys are gorgeous too and probably just as vain as the pretty girl. The chances are that the uglier you are the more you'll worship your good-looking partner. Sorry but that's what it is.
    The ugly guy will appreciate her more and are much more likely to be loyal because they'll probably never get someone as good as her. The pretty girl is probably tired of being treated like a disposable by hotter guys so they seek out guys they're sure will cherish them.

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  • Dylanguest1989
    Eddie Murphy summed this up

    Mick jaguar

    Etc etc

    Successful ugly men

    If you are nice, good to her, good personality, not negative p, have a job, car, future, you've got a shot I think
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    • When I was in school, the hottest girl in school was Katherine a. She had a pretty face, nice boobs, flat tummy, yet curvy and a nice ass. She was a ten but since she dated an asshole ugly dude and EVERYONE wanted her even other girls it turned me off. I've never been attracted to super hot girls I feel like they are unattainable

  • RationalMale
    i love how in that ad where the hot girl kisses the fugly guy, you can see she's about to barf.
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  • ManOnFire
    No, I think @ConsultantIsBlack put it best. He actually said it better than I was gonna say it.
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    • @ConsultantIsBack I thought you're white?

    • Stacyzee


    • @ManOnFire thanks man! appreciate it
      @YourFutureEx @Stacyzee

      hahaha ya, i am white. it's a common mistake to read my screenname as "is black" instead of "is back" (back as in this my 2nd account from @consultant) lol no worries. When I play basketball people think I'm black, so i understand the confusion LOL jk!

  • ballbustfreak
    to be honest i have seen a lot of people who do that and some times its out of love and some times its out of greed. thats right some ugly guys may have a lot of money and thats all the hot girl would want from them.
  • TheInfamus
    absolutely no truth and if they do it's because the ugly dude has money. Im ugly af and I've never had a girlfriend so no.
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  • CoolSky01
    Most of what you said applies to movies not real life, are you seriously telling me evvery girl has been hurt, and heartbroken in the past? i doubt it, also hot girls who know they're hot go for hot guys... as for maintenance its really irrelevant, since guys are usually the main money makers they often want a girl that doesn't cost a lot but girls on the other hand dont have to worry about supporting their guy finanacially cause he won't leave if you dont make 100k+ a year.

    Looks wise a pretty face always wins, sure no one is gonna go for fatties but if your body is pretty average and have a tummy but really beautiful i wouldn't care less about how not tonned your body is in fact no guy does and if he does he has some issues, basically i think why hot girls go with unattractive guys is because :

    1- The guy is rich and can support her
    2- she is not as hot nor attractive as she thinks
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  • IceEverest
    A woman who does this is insecure and want to be treated like a princess which is possible only when she marries a NOT HOT guy.
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  • DizzyAster
    "Why Hot Girls Date Ugly Guys"

    Because they know how to treat a lady and have an awesome tongue game.
  • KateNikolenko
    аgree with the opinion that the concept of sexuality and the ugliness of the subjective firecams. com Here is a website where you can build your destiny, find a partner
  • BrownBoyBrownies
    I've got so many bonas from watching that ad with Bar Rafaelli. #JustSayin'
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  • xxcchhllaauu
    I have no drive anymore. like there's no motivation what's the point I'm already like this so no changing it imma still gonna go to school to survive
  • Smells-like-lavender
    Well the way I see it is that good, it's good that all the good looking dudes will not take all the ladie folk.. good
  • JamesDylan1990
    people date people because people can be sweet, kind, sexy in other ways. looks fade. personality stays.
  • CBryan
    This is a tough pill to swallow considering that most girls will only start looking for those characteristics if its a guy she could be interested in first, because of his looks. I can say that from personal experience.
    It's like how they go shopping for shoes. They usually only try on the ones they think are really cute. They normally don't pick out ugly shoes with the hopes that they will provide comfort and support, in reality, most girls will put up with pain and blisters, as long as the shoes look cute...
    • If they are on sale and you really need new shoes, then you might try the "ugly" shoes on and find out that they are better than you expected though.

    • CBryan

      @kareenakapur yeah.. . but.
      Girls don't go for guys who are "on the sale rack", and they don't really need a new guy. We're talking idealistically here ;)

    • A lot of the guys I go for aren't necessarily the "hot" guys. Usually they start off as friends, and the more I get to know his personality, the hotter he seems to me.

  • huntme
    Haha.. Ladies.. You just thought about how many ugly guys you’ve seen in your life eh. The truth is those ones were simply not your type, most of those guys didn’t get half a second of your gaze. Well, well, I must say that those are just your preferences, all you can do is not see yourselves with them. Do you know how many other ladies are dying to see themselves with them? Think about it, men are the treasure! Getting a hang of it yet? Ever walked past a very beautiful woman, and when you see her husband or boyfriend you ask “What in heaven’s name are they doing together?” Yep, that has happened to me too as well. You just can’t seem to understand how beautiful ladies end up with some guy that you don’t think is worth it.
  • skeptic007
    lets be real you girls just want a hot guy
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    • Applefan1

      I love the was you don't beat around the bush when it comes to how women behave and tell it like it is without sugar coating it.

  • DarkHumorRUs
    John Tucker Must Die!
    Great movie there.
  • yellowmamba024
    These only happen in movies.
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  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    Hot girls date ugly guys...
    .. So i am hot?
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  • pezzonovante88
    Girls do not avoid hot guys.
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    • sweettckae

      i avoid hot guys, they mostly want a hookup.

    • @sweettckae If that's the case, the only reason why ugly dorky men don't do the same is because they can't not because they don't want to. The ugly dorky men I know are usually very traumatized and bitter. As a result they get extermely clingy, controlling and jealous.

  • thesunstillshines9
    Why does it matter?
    Are you a jealous ugly girl?
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  • Checkmate5345
    I get turned down before I get a chance to talk.
  • babu_001
    $$$ Money $$$ is the only reason.