What Dummy Puts Gorilla Glue On Their Hair?

What Dummy Puts Gorilla Glue On Their Hair?

I'm 2 years away from kicking in the door of 40, and I'd like to think in my 38 years of life on this planet, that I have plenty of common sense to realize that for instance, eating a Tide Pod meant to chemically clean my laundry is a terrible idea, or dousing myself in an accelerant and lighting my body on fire...for a video...might possibly kill me. I don't need instruction or warning for this, because again, common sense.

We unfortunately don't all share in this sentiment.

Case in point, some random internet person (because stories that start that way ALWAYS end well) decided that instead of the glue which one can buy for the purposes of gluing down and securing a wig temporarily to ones head, she would instead just trot on over to her trusty can of Gorilla Glue Spray and give that a whiz all over her scalp. In case you are unaware of this product, it is a super glue. It is not cleverly disguised with a pair of glasses like Superman where it could fool any one of us, but rather a bright orange bottle that let's you know on the cover that this is meant to secure say concrete to a sidewalk. At 40, Tessica Brown thought this was a great idea...at 40!

What Dummy Puts Gorilla Glue On Their Hair?

So apparently an entire month later, the wig hair and her actual hair were still cemented together to her scalp. She showed herself in an angsty video applying shampoo, and the shampoo just wiped off like Windex to a mirror. She even took her nails to the hair as one would do while washing their scalp, and NOTHING was moving. It's actually horrifying to see and think that that has been that way for a month.

What Dummy Puts Gorilla Glue On Their Hair?

So after of course sharing this video with the world, she admittedly embarrassed, decided to go to the ER. The ER actually gave her acetone, as in the stuff used to get nail polish off ones nails, to apply to her scalp to try to loosen the stuff, and they told her we can help you but it will take a good 20 hours or so to soak in this stuff and they can hopefully get it off, and she said....NOPE....and went home with a care package of acetone and her helmet hair still firmly solidified so she could then of course, go home and film a reaction video recounting her tale and a follow up of her sister STILL trying to get the stuff out of her hair.

And the dumb, get dumber....so in her continued clear brilliance, she thinks to herself, maybe she should sue the Gorilla Glue company, who at this point is getting great free press because their product clearly works on people too. Apparently she wants compensation and the world to know that products found in a hardware store are not suitable for use on one's body even though the product already says that but just for her own knowledge the company issued a statement repeating LOUDLY so the dumb people in the back could hear, that their product is meant for crafts, home and auto, office, and wood like it says on their damn can and not for skin, eyes, or clothing.They also added that she should STICK to using products meant for her hair (they didn't actually say that last part, but there are so many great puns they should use in court if it gets that far).

In case you're wondering, and I knew you were, she has a Go Fund Me which as I type has raised around $13,000. Twenty-seven plus donors would rather fund this woman than say a child starving of hunger, or buy PPE for front line workers, or save for their own future during this pandemic.




What Dummy Puts Gorilla Glue On Their Hair?
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  • Anonymous
    Any one who does this to themselves has a complete lack of common sense, as Gorilla Glue is Polyurethane based she turned her hair into the functional equivalent of fibre glass!! What did she expect would happen?
    And now she is wanting to sue the maker of the glue because there was no warning not to be used on hair, where most people would not have even thought of using it in such a fashion as there is a big black toxic material symbol on the bottle and warnings not to get it on your skin, but that is not the worst of it as those that have contributed to her Gofundme must have even less sense than she has!!
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    • Anonymous

      I tried to be an understanding person about this for all of about a minute but this is equivalent to saying ran out of mouthwash but like I have a bottle of bleach, probably the same thing. I can't abide by that. This was not a hair care product and was fully labeled so to even think about suing is ridiculous. And 27 people right behind her continuing to enable her.

    • She isn't going to sue them. She has said that multiple times and wasn't even the person who first said that.

  • John_Doesnt
    This is the best advertising Gorilla Glue could ever ask for. After a month of hot water, soap, chemicals and home remedies the Gorilla Glue is still holding strong. That stuff is clearly awesome.
    Those eyelashes, I thought she sprayed some in her eyes too. It's pretty sad that the surgeon actually paid to fix it for her for free. A bunch of people have actual medical problems that cost a lot of money, but this dumb chick gets free surgery.
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    • Anonymous

      This is the part that drives me nuts. She's now got 20K, is still stupid, and the problem fixed for free...meanwhile people needing say organ transplants or in desperate need for surgeries for debilitating conditions but can't afford them, are dying because they don't have money.

Most Helpful Girls

  • SomeBlondeChick
    What's frightening is the idea at 40 Tessica Brown's likely had kids. And they're more than likely as stupid as their mother or possibly even denser.

    What's even more frightening is on a website that praised the surgeon for helping her there's someone who says and I quote "And I hope he sells that idea because really - she cannot have been the only one and she may not have been the last one".
    Seriously? This is a new level of stupidity so the idea there's more is horrifying. (website - https://thegrapevine.theroot.com/free-at-last-tessica-brown-s-gorilla-glued-hairdo-fina-1846249132 )
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    • Anonymous

      She has 6 of them....and like it makes you wonder if we should be worried about their care.

  • douride2
    It is difficult to believe someone would actually do this. What is even dumber in my opinion is all the people donating to her go fund me. What is this world coming to when you have to put warnings on such things as a cup of coffee telling people the contents may be hot.
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    • Anonymous

      Funny you mention that case. That 79 year old who won her lawsuit for hot coffee did so because McDonalds WAS actually brewing their coffee to medically scalding conditions. They have a manual that lists the highest temp they can brew it, and they were going well beyond that to the point where when the coffee spilled on the ladies lap, it did cause actual 3rd degree burns which she needed skin grafts for. Regular hot coffee is going to obviously be hot, and maybe make your skin red, but not cause you to get skin grafts from a small spill. To add to that the company had been notified of several previous incidences of the scalding coffee and done nothing and when you do nothing to rectify a situation you knew about that your own manual stated was dangerous, you lose a lawsuit.

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  • Luv2BRealExotic13
    I’m not trying to figure out but I can’t help but wonder where these people come from. Some guy landed in the ER because he didn’t believe it. The ER might have to remove the top part of his lip. Then there was another girl that was mad the ER staff was laughing at her because she put a perm on her pubic hair over night. Who are these dumbass people and who raised them? That’s the real question.
    • Anonymous

      I swear....I mean, we could print all the warning labels in the world and people still don't listen. I mean how many people have been told not to park on railroad tracks when they're trying to cross.....and yet, we have at least a couple dozen accidents a year....we can preach until we are blue in the face but stupid is stupid!

  • Some people need protecting from their own stupidity. No doubt she's the type who doesn't take advice from "experts" . She's also a prime example of why we need to curb free speech to prevent idiots like her giving advice on youtube. What if a child copied her?
    • Oh lord... curb free speech? She's the reason why we need free speech. People need to see what idiots can do to learn from their mistakes... but regardless... curb free speech? You can go to China if you want speech curbed so badly.

  • Jayceeleigh
    Agreed social media is something else. Over $14,000, 530k or more followers, and overnight celebrity for doing something stupid at 40. And the kicker is the lawsuit citing “the product says skin and eyes not hair” really?
    • Anonymous

      And yet people who are legitimately trying to make positive global changes in the world never get this much press. SMH. But does she have a case? According to my lawyer (aka, the internet at large) she may have an actual case if she can prove that similar incidences have happened to other people AND that the company was made aware of such misuses and did nothing about it. Companies do in fact have to think of ways that users of products may misuse their products, i.e., huffing spray paint, or sticking a fork in a plugged in toaster to dislodge toast, and warn against such action even if "smart people" wouldn't be so dumb as to do those things. However, if this is a one off so rare an considered unreasonable under the law and no previous incidences brought up, she is sure to lose and at best, they'll just start printing don't use on hair either.

    • She could have a case as you said if her lawyers can prove it’s happened before or if they can prove she had no reason to believe this could harm her hair. The company has a legal obligation to the consumer. Now the question is whether the label includes enough warning that she should’ve foreseen this outcome. This is what little I recall from my last law class a few years ago so don’t quote me. But the real argument is going to be the fact that there is warning of skin which technically includes the scalp. “Should she have known it would get on her scalp” “did it damage the scalp or just the hair” these are questions based on the current label. She’ll have to prove reasonable expectation also. “What did u think was reasonably going to happen” “why did you expect that outcome” all this will have to be considered but she has an actual case for something that’s common sense to the rest of the world

    • BeMuse

      Hair and nails are actually modified types of skin so they are safe legally. They just need a biologist to explain it.

  • MarkRet
    Judging by the freaky eyelashes and studs, it looks like this person spends a lot of time sitting around doing superficial things to herself. She now has medical workers also doing superficial things. Does this drive up medical costs? I wonder if she's ever done anything useful in her life.
  • If she actually died... the lawyers that took the case and the judge that allows it to move forward should be tarred and feathered... with gorilla glue tar. Fucking leech.
    • Andres77

      Meant to say..."if she actually tried... to sue"

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately she may actually have a case. You see products on the market must think of the ways in which someone might misuse their product---like a chair is for sitting and not a ladder---so they can prevent lawsuits such as this from happening. Its called some type of reasonable misuse clause where one can expect that if you sell spray paint, someone might try to inhale it even though it's for walls and decor only. So if she can proof that other people have tried the same thing before with horrible results because the warning isn't strong enough on the label, and the company knew about it and did nothing, she could actually win, and we'll all be dumber for it.

    • Andres77

      That's my point though. Insurance costs are crazy high because dumbass people like her find little loopholes and judges and lawyers make more money off the case and another honest business is driven into the ground because of this selfish scheming leech.
      And employees get laid off but lawyers and this evil bitch make plenty.
      Just because it's legal doesn't make it right.
      People have forgotten their conscience.
      People are going to pay for the wrong they're doing even though it's legal.

  • zeitgeist057
    Okay, yes this was dumb. But on the flip side, this is part of the beauty of humanity. We have so many people and invariably someone is going to try something new now and again. Even if there is a sign that says "Don't try it.". The difference sometimes between "genius" and "dummy" is just dumb luck. People put things in their mouths and chew on them. That's how we know that potatoes, carrots, garlic, and many many other things are edible. It's also how we figured out how to cook some things. It's also how we know lots of things are poisonous. Someone ate it, then died, then all the other cavemen told each other "Don't eat the pink berries on the pokey bush, Zog ate them, now Zog dead." Thanks, Zog.

    It's also how we get great inventions and progress like flying, combustion engines, and other miracles. That's from people trying stuff that hadn't been tried before. I could certainly do more research and put this together in a much more convincing way, but you get the idea I hope?

    This poor girl, I feel sorry for her. In our culture, you see so many people doing "Life Hacks", where they use stuff for other than it's intended purpose, she probably thought she had a chance to stumble on some new life hack and get famous. Now she's infamous, so it goes.
  • Floppy2112
    It's always embarrassing to do something dumb. It's really, really humiliating when you put it on display for the world to see. This girl may have to shave her head, but she will have learned a big lesson, I hope.
    • AliLou123

      I goes beyond shaving her head as the Gorilla Glue would have stuck to the skin on her head. The only way around it is find a Native American to scalp her. 🤕🤕

    • Anonymous

      @AliLou123 Daaaaaaaaaammmmnnnnnnn! I tried not to laugh at that, but that was hilarious. She actually said that because the hair was glued down flat, she could not even slide a razor under any of the hair to shave it off. I just looked this up and she had a plastic surgeon remove the glue from her head free of charge under light anesthesia. He used the same variant of the solvent in the glue to get it all out and afterward, she was able to comb through her hair with her fingers. Meanwhile, she's now 20K richer from the GoFundMe.

  • Dazed0N0Confused
    Omg people like this piss me off to no end. How fucking stupid can people get? (Oh, wait 🙄)
    Unfortunately they are still allowed to reproduce and pass on their stupidity to their offspring...
    For the love of all that is good, you cannot sue a company who very clearly on their labels state what their product is used for and what it isn't meant for...
  • A stunt to get attention and money, which it seems worked... Sickens me the people that get help when there's real people with real problems struggling alone that could really use that help
  • Espresso-Grande
    It's not as bad as the woman who superglued one of her eyes closed. She thought she'd picked up her eye drops, but picked up superglue by mistake..

    The manufacturer of Gorilla glue with be secretly celebrating. They have free advertisement of their product. It'll boost their sales lol
  • annie6815
    Ok, what she did was really stupid... but, who’s to say we never do anything stupid and something like this happens. She didn’t know it was going to be this extreme... most glue does come unglued. I was rather surprised however, that she was 40 years old... I was assuming like 20
  • Tdieseler
    You may not be able to fix stupid but if the stupid mistakes are fixed, you just wait for the next one. she's finally free.

  • jshm2
    The internet sensation kind.

    These aren't the next Einsteins, Telsa's, Munro's or Said's.

    These peoples whole existence is for likes, ad revenue, and donations. Its their contribution to society. It may be a firefly existence, but they choose it for better or for worse.

    You are not their guardian to guide them different. Don't judge them too harshly, as they are probably on a sturdier pedestal than you.
  • Josh4206
    She's a school teacher too for elementary iirc so I don't know how she didn't know ehat glue was
    • Anonymous

      Ugh, I know. I mean honestly it literally is like you sat there and said, oops, ran out of body soap, time to use the bleach because it cleans stuff too, but also not going to read the warning label. This is educating children and has 6 of her own.

    • And they wonder why teachers aren’t paid more. 🙄

    • Jamie05rhs

      @Orangesareyummy 100

  • Sad that stupidity gets rewarded with so many donations when instead she should be getting kicked in the ass.What Dummy Puts Gorilla Glue On Their Hair?
  • katiesmuff
    And these same people are allowed to Vote! That should scare you as well; it sure does me
    • Anonymous


  • humanearth
    Wow, what a stupid woman. That just as bad as the woman that sued McDonald's for spelling their coffee on herself and got burnt

    In 1992, 79-year old Stella Liebeck became the poster child for frivolous litigation after filing a lawsuit against McDonald's for serving coffee that was too hot. The public generally ridiculed...
    • WikkiWikki

      Yes, gorilla glue girl is stupid. But you clearly do not know the tale of the Hot Coffee McDonalds woman. Sounds like you heard of the tale and did a google search to gather her age and name, but make no mention of the details as to why she sued or to what extent it actually played out.

      Yes McDonalds Hot Coffee girl was dumb, but it was not her fault. 190 degree coffee spilled in your lap is so damn close to the boiling point of water which is 212 degrees. She had third degree burns and required skin grafts on her inner thighs as well as on other parts of her lower body.

      While she was awarded 3 million dollars, that is not what she sued for. She sued for $20,000. just enough to cover her medical expenses. The way the media, at the time, framed it was absolutely disgusting and in line with the way the media has covered President Trump the last 5 years.

      I think you need to turn your telly off and stop paying so much damn attention to fake news.

    • humanearth

      @WikkiWikki yeah, i looked that details up after I posted. I remember the case, but not the details. Thats when i realized this was a bad sample to use.

      Oh well shit happens

  • What Dummy Puts Gorilla Glue On Their Hair?She’s a genius & an instant online celebrity & I wonder how many other people are going to put gorilla glue in their hair for $23,624.00. On the other hand hopefully she has health insurance & hopefully they cover this because I would love to see the hospital bill on this one.
  • 007kingifrit
    social media encourages stupidity for attention. it is the root of most evils nowadays
    • Anonymous

      This is true.

  • Brokenheartedx
    She's a numpty.. 40 years old and didn't realise superglue hardens and difficult to remove. She needs it all shaved off, including her own hair, dunno how probably needing industrial hedge sheers to get through the glue. In the UK she would have court case thrown out and the daily mail taking the piss out of her. Stupid bloody woman.
    • Lockersom

      Hey, Can I know your opinion on a topic in your DM?

  • RingOfFire
    Hopefully she also used the gorilla glue as a "feminine wash" so she won't be spawning any offspring.
    • Anonymous

      Too late, she has 6 of them.

    • RingOfFire

      Oh well... there goes the neighborhood!

    • Omg has shr got a video about what she uses as substitute contraception then?

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  • offendedsorbet
    Would like to point out you shouldn't even use this for wigs it should not be in contact with your skin, the only hair use it has is securing glue in extensions and that only touches the extension not your hair or the scalp
  • andreasderjuengere
    Super glue will soften up at around 190 degrees (C).
    Just saying :D
    Looking forward for more funny videos.
    • Anonymous

      That won't help her as it's not safe to go above 120 F on the body and even that is pushing it.

    • I do not intend to help people like this.
      I also don't miss the dinosaurs after they died out.
      Let's hope that she never has kids.

    • Anonymous

      It's too late for humanity. She has 6 kids.

  • hahahmm
    Think she did it on purpose for publicity/money but didn't expect it would hurt so bad or last so long.
  • locutus9999
    she is notba girl.. I read she is like 40. sooo... by the way I have 38 to... and there is people I meet and I dont know really how they survive that long...
    • Anonymous

      They say God watches out for fools and drunks.....so there you go

  • Pink2000
    Got2b glued is a hair spray for hair. Gorilla glue is not. She made a mistake. A stupid one but it was a mistake. I hate questions like this because people on here are so racist. “She’s black what do you expect”

    She was only asking for less than half of the amount that was raised to pay for the procedure which ended up being done for free.
    • blondfrog

      I agree race has nothing to do with it. The fact is this is something or a method that is commonly practiced. Which is the "home remedy". People do stuff like this all the time except the consequences aren't as severe. People also rub onions on their hair to try and get it to grow back. How stupid is that? The difference is Onions don't cause you to lose your hair permanently in this case.

    • Pink2000

      @blondfrog that’s true it’s stupid and she did this too herself.

    • Pink2000

      To* herself

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  • LOL. I just bought a can of that stuff to help make my awesome wall of shame! Like three weeks ago...
    Shame! Shame! Shame!
    Shame! Shame! Shame!
    • Does your wall of shame include the billions of dollars of damage antifa/BLM did to the cities around the US including killing innocent people? Oh, of course not... you can't see past your own biases.

    • @bellybuttonlint Of course not. Joe Biden was against that shit. Trump, on the other hand, was the cult leader who encouraged the insurrection. You worship a mentally ill clown. That can't feel too good.

  • Guido
    I can't imagine somebody that dumb but it takes all kinds to make the world. It's not hard to look like a genius if your surrounded by idiots. Hope she likes life as a skin head now. It will take a long time to grow back so she can be reminded of what an idiot she is for years to come.
  • Massageman
    The only possible argument to defend the gluedhead is that there IS a product called "Gorilla Snot Hair Gel", but other than a cartoon of said gorilla on the bottle, even my 4-year old granddaughter could tell the difference!

    Too bad they don't have a course in "common sense" in grade school.
    • They used to, until "No Child Left Behind" got implemented...

    • Anonymous

      ......if only she had made that mistake, but she admitted that wasn't the case. She knew what the stuff was and thought in her fevered brain that it would only be a temporary hold and would wash out.

  • Trooper205
    I wonder if sometimes stupid things are done not just from Stupidity itself, but for the attention, views and popularity. It's very foolish.
    • Anonymous

      YES! It's the internet....I mean two years ago or something, there was a "trend" whereby teens were pouring like nail polish remover on themselves and lighting it on fire....and in one video, this mom literally filmed her son doing it and of course the internet called CPS on her. The kid had 3rd degree burns that will scar for life. I mean...do we need to tell people fire is dangerous?? Did we need to actually sit teenagers down to have that conversation let alone an adult parent of a child?? But as long as there are views and an audience, clearly people will do anything. Well congrats to her because her head probably is or will look like trash for a long time or even for life if that was her goal.

  • Bee-Hatch
    If Darwin and Wallace's theory of survival of the fittest is correct I wouldn't worry. She will likely be weeded out of the gene pool in some kind of dumb accident
    • djfhsjk

      Well evolution is pretty much undisputed at this point but humans don't really get naturally selected the same way anymore. Technology and healthcare are able to save the lives of many people with genetic conditions

    • Bee-Hatch

      Yeah you didn't quite follow what was said there did you camp?

    • Bee-Hatch


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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks, for sharing this MyTake of yours, while I feel sorry for the woman
    but why would she proceed to do these things on Tik Tok that other people do
    I do believe that App needs to place videos in queue before they are allowed to
    be published on everyone's account on TiK ToK and they need to crack down on
    these people who commit such critical situations over the Social Media such as
    this one?
    • Anonymous

      For clarification, she didn't spray the glue on her head live, but rather started reporting on the outcome of what had happened a full month after she'd used the glue and she did say in the video....as if we needed to hear this...don't use the product on your hair, so they would have no reason to take it down because she's definitely not encouraging others to follow her in her stupidity.

    • Okay oops, I took it wrong well still I don't know why one would use Gorilla Glue in their hair?

  • vald9inches
    Unfortunately that is the sad state of the earth and the human race. Until we band together as a species instead of fighting amongst ourselves because of political difference or religious difference or just for money and resources then we will never be able to create a society of educated people. Capitalism is inherently selfish and is not the way...
  • That shit made me sad for three reasons
    1. People actually thought it was funny
    2. She needed medical attention
    3. Someone that grown can’t read
  • I honestly did not know people needed to GLUE their wig down. I always thought it came sticky inside the cap or had bands to secure it.

    Now I KNOW there’s wig glue. Lol
  • bamesjond0069
    I mean as her skin cells die and her hair grows out it will come off eventually on its own. Id say 3 months and it will be 100% off the skin and grown out enough of the hair it can be cut off easily.

    She is retarded.
  • SphynxUK
    I saw this pop up on someone’s IG. I’ve never heard of gorilla glue. I don’t understand why she would do something so stupid?
    I’m assuming that there would have been a warning on the packet?
  • This is just a more extreme example of people listening to any wives tale or riding anything off the internet as a "home remedy". It's just that her method had a more sever consequence. It's not completely her fault. I also blame our dumb ass society and parent's with home remedy method values.
    • Ellie-V

      It’s not a home remedy... in no circle of people is this a “thing” 😂

    • Anonymous

      @Ellie-V THIS! Seriously! The Internet is a vast deep well of dumb ideas, but even IT did not suggest this as a back up if you run out of hair glue.

  • recvcv
    everyone makes mistakes but why did she get attacked so badly for this one dumb mistake tough we are hmans get over it.
    • Maybe bc she's actually trying to sue? She's a dumb ass hoe who wants money bc of her own faults.

    • recvcv

      @lanadelrey25 fuck off and stop calling other people ''hoe'' and so what if she wants money? i dont even know you i wanna swear back at you but am gonna stay classy and say have a good day!

      and oh yea a tip. stop gossiping so much ''lAdY'' be a proper woman your giving me masculine vibes!

    • recvcv

      @lanadelrey25 also your desperate as hell obviously. your 17 get out of this website go do tinder dating instead or some shi!

  • the same who eats tide pods, the same who ate cinnamon,
    • Anonymous

      #FACTS....I was actually shocked years ago that my friend, with two degrees to his name, and one of the most intelligent people I know, did that dumb cinnamon challenge...and I'm just like, you're an adult, you've already seen dozens of times what would happen, and you still did it......I don't get it. Proof that an education doesn't necessarily mean you're highly intelligent.

    • My friend has a Masters in Education. She believes any lie, and repeats it on her facebook. I think its the company you keep.

    • Guys, the cinnamon challenge is not the same as lighting yourself on fire, eating a tide pod or using gorilla glue on your hair lmao.

      It's on the same level as trying a really crazy hot sauce. It's just to see if you can do it. It's nt gonna do anything bad to you.

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  • kingofthellamas
    I'm thinking that the go fund me donors are doing so for the comedy value of this. Perhaps if we pay her enough she might do some more hysterically dumb things.
  • ShadezMcgee
    I have no sympathy for her because this was easily avoidable. Warning labels exist because of people like this. As long as social media is present, we will continue to see Darwinism grow with each new trend and we will keep watching and giving these idiots their fame instead of doing what we should be doing by ignoring them.

    I think she filed a lawsuit against them. I am praying it gets dropped or she loses the case. Gorilla Glue should not be held responsible by any means and they should not lose any money for the actions of one idiot disregarding their warning label on the bottle.

    It's a construction adhesive. What did you think was going to happen?
  • erandal
    A future candidate for a Darwin Award if there ever was one. Everybody who added money to the 'go fund me' page should also get their IQ checked.
  • Wiredone
    She might not be smart to put gorilla glue in her hair but she's selling merchandise and making a mint. She had a "go fund me" page and got like 24 thousand dollars. She did donate 20k to charity though.
  • SheDidntDoIt
    I saw this!! I couldn’t stop laughing, she has to be one of the most idiotic people I have ever seen... the name says it all!
  • TsundereMatrix
    Gorilla Glue even responded saying there’s a label that says “Keep away from hair and skin” on all their products. This is why you read labels! 😂
  • This lady has got to be stupider than stupid. I may be a little naive but thats common sense to know.
  • Jmmmfi4
    These people are fucking morons & I can only they downtown pass their idiocy down to another generation
    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately she has 6 kids

    • Not surprised. Idiot people don't plan. Well-organized and smart people don't reproduce. That's why this planet is full of chaos.

  • YHL6965
    Hey, we should tell her that microwaving her phone can recharge it from 0% to 100% in only 3 minutes and that it makes beautiful effects on the phone if you look closely. I hope she records this if she ever tries.
  • BazookaTrouper
    We should let idiots like this just do the rest of us a favor and take themselves out of the gene pool. It burns me that an ER bed was wasted on that bitch and not someone who deserved to be saved.