Tattoos and Body Piercings: Teens’ Reckless Decisions

When it comes to teenagers, visual look comes before food and water. Whether it is body piercing, tattooing or outfits, they express their needs and desires through their look and visual appearance. If we roll back the film, we did that too, but it was longtime ago, who even remembers that?! Tattoos have become so popular nowadaysand their meaning changed over time. With different size and design, each tattoo represents a unique story or a message we want to send.

From a female perspective tattoos and piercings are rebellious way of expressing certain opinions by teens and it is considered being outrageous. If you are a mom, then you know what I am talking about! Teens will pierce or tattoo themselves just to prove they are grown up now and they have the right to do that, especially if parents do not agree. As they are old enough to make certain decisions, why not choose marking the body? Naturally, beside the rebellious behavior, tattooing and piercing can come from the desire to beautify the body and emphasize its beauty.

tattoo girls However, the major downsize of this phase of expressing is its short life. Whatever size or design of a tattoo you choose, it will stay there permanently. Piercing is slightly different as it can be removed but it will leave the trace as well. But, what will happen when the strong believes disappear? Puberty is the part of life when huge decisions shouldn’t be made. However, if it comes to this, the most important thing is to remain calm and talk the things out. Education on these issues is crucial and leads to comprehension.

Things which are in style

What is trendy and stylish this year may not be that popular next year. This is ok when clothes or other fashion and chic trends are concerned. But when tattoos and piercings are involved, one should think hard before making such decision and marking the body permanently. The fact is that trends change and if tattoos are done due to trends, it is a huge fail. For example, this year, peacock tattoos of a large size are popular. Next year, it will be some other design of different size. If a teen really wants to find a way of self-expressing, you can suggest other ways like finding a part-time job, building some fashion style or volunteering.

Reckless decisions

Pierced tongue or eyebrows are common among teens. People have prejudices and certain opinions (mostly negative) of those with piercings. Piercing causes an impact on other people as well as tattooing. For example, you are 16 and crazy in lovewith your boyfriend/girlfriend and you think you will spend the rest of your lives together. So, in order to express your love, you choose a tattoo with the name of a small size. In couple of months things change, you break up and voila! Even this design is of small size, you still have it and now you probably want to remove it. Painful removal is not worth of some reckless decision.

Trends change and if tattoos are done due to trends, it is a huge fail.

What are the risks?

Tattoos and piercings come with certain risks. It takes time to heal and your body may not be comfortable with that. It can manifest that through various infections, rashes and allergies. It can lead to serious states that require aggressive treatments.

Time is the key

Taking some time to rethink your decisions can have an effective impact on the outcome of any situation. You should never make big decisions without thinking about all advantages and disadvantages. This also relates to tattoos and piercings.

Overall, you should never judge a book by its cover. You should never judge people by their looks, whether they are teens or adults. Whether a person has a piercing in the nose or tongue, whether he/she has many tattoos of various design and size, you never know the story behind. That’s what is important. The story behind these body markings counts.

So, instead of concentrating on looks and physical appearance of teens, you may want to come closer and see what is going on inside. A transition from childhood to adulthood is anything but simple and easy.


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  • I have a tattoo on my chest. And my gf has a belly button piercing.


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  • All I have are my ears pierced from when I was 11, and my belly button from when I was 20. I hate tongue piercings on some people myself, eyebrow piercings on anyone. I've contemplated for years a quote from my patron saint on my left foot, but not sure if I want to go through the pain of it being on my foot.


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  • I love all 13 of my piercings and my tattoos, I'll never regret any of them👍

  • I wanna get a lip side piercing but my parents are agents piercings 😒