The Great Dress Debate

The biggest dress debate began when a woman posted the "color changing" dress on her Tumble account in means to seek of identifying the original colors. The dress then spread rapidly on several social media sites including Facebook. Twitter got a hold of the picture and cause this dispute to split tweeters into teams: #teamblueandblack & #teamwhiteandgol

The Great Dress Debate

The dress has gotten people, even celebrities, going INSANE!

I personally see a beautiful blue and black dress. Most of you may call me insane and say, "She's color blind the dress is white and gold!" There is not right or wrong answer according to researchers and I quote:

"The cones in our retinas — the fine layer of nerve tissue that lines the back of our eyes — detect the blue, green, and red in an image. The cones and your brain mix those colors to make other colors."

I searched for more proof and stumbled upon a tweet from the designers of the dress!

The dress is indeed blue and black. For even more proof a woman wore this exact same dress to her daughter's wedding. I'm sure if she saw the dress as white and gold she wouldn't have worn it. Or even if her daughter saw it too she still wouldn't have worn it!

So what do you guys see? Are you with the white and gold or blue and black crew?


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  • This whole controversy has been kind ridiculous. The actual dress is clearly blue and black but the first photo makes it appear white and gold due to lighting or some other effect. The color you see depends on which photo you're looking at.

    • dats not true actually. it says dat the dress hav complex rbg factors. and every person hav a substance on ratina dat varies from person to person. i read an article on the facts. so every person seed the dress differently

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  • Illusion got its Codebreak already.

  • the dress in first pic appears whiteandgold. the dress in the last pic appears blueandblack.. please comment on what colour do u see!


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