Are you looking heavier than you actually are?

Well, this is one problem that many women face every day. The problem is their body shape. People with pear or apple shaped body often face troubles when it comes to dressing right. This body shape makes you look heavier than you actually are. Women with pear/apple shaped body are a little overweight, but being overweight doesn’t steal your rights to look fabulous. Are you troubled with your weight and body shape that is making you the centre of attention? If yes, then it is time that you change your dressing style. Little changes in wardrobe can make you look flattering. Here are some tips that will help you long time in overshadowing your weight till you actually do something about it ;):

Pick the right colors: Dark colors are known to hide your weight while the lighter shades make it visible. An overweight person should always wear perfect matches of dark and light shades to ensure that they look fabulous without making their weight evident. You can try matching dark pants with light colored top. This would ensure that you don’t look too dark and at the same time your weight is camouflaged.

Prints: Huge prints are trend these days, but if you are overweight then it is best that you ignore these prints totally. Huge prints make you look broader and heavier. Always opt for tiny prints that will make you look some inches smaller than your actual size.

Are you looking heavier than you actually are?

Stripes: If you love stripes, then you should make it a point that your wardrobe doesn’t contain those horizontal stripes. Pick clothes with diagonal/vertical stripes that will make you look taller and slimmer. Horizontal stripes are for slimmer people.

Wear fitted undergarments: Undergarments play a major role in enhancing your appearance. A bra that fits well with make you look good and younger. You can also opt for a high waist panty that will tuck your loose tummy in. These products are not available in common market, because these are not used commonly. To find them, visit This online store has the finest collection of well fitted undergarments. These products are a little costly too, but you can always find coupons for Nordstrom to reduce your invoices. Coupons of Nordstrom are available at various deal sites.

Do not wear loose pants: It is always best to focus on your lower part of the body. Find well fitted trousers that enhance your lower half. A well fitted trouser will always mask the loose tunic that you are pairing it with.

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