Plus-Size Models Get More Buzz Everyday - Is It About Time?

Plus-Size Models Get More Buzz Everyday - Is It About Time?

A new trend that is emerging in the fashion and beauty industry is that elite modelling is no longer a profession open to only the tall, pretty and thin. In recent history, such a small percentage of society has dominated the depiction and idealization of the female form, that very few real women have been able to actualize the 'look' that almost every beauty brand promotes in it's subtextual mantra: Thin is beautiful.

But it seems like a new movement in the industry has taken shape: the Plus-size modelling phenomena. A lot of people so far have had mixed reactions to it. Many applause it and other deplore. A lot of women on social media have expressed that these models are not even 'plus-sized', that instead they are actually the 'average' or 'normal' sized depiction of an everyday women in North America.

Size does matter. And this will continue to be a hot issue for some time to come as more shapes and sizes, and more varied representations of beauty flood the scene than ever before. It can be interpreted as a more inclusive and more a realistic trend, than the almost unacheivable ideals young women have been influenced into accepting.

Meet the models who buck the trend of having to strive endlessly for the unattainable; bodily perfection. Who are defying all that's been marketed to them, and who have set out to create another standard of beauty, that utimately might be more appealing to women and men. And that just might be their biggest plus!

Meet the Plus-Size Models

Ashley Graham, @theashleygraham

A photo posted by A S H L E Y ✨ G R A H A M β„’ (@theashleygraham) on

Danielle Redman, @redmansworld

A photo posted by Danielle Redman 🐎 (@redmansworld) on

Julie Henderson, @JulieHenderson32

A photo posted by juliehenderson32 (@juliehenderson32) on

Inga Eiriksdottir, @ingaerla

A photo posted by Inga Eiriksdottir (@ingaerla) on

Marquita Pring, @marquitapring

A photo posted by marquitapring (@marquitapring) on

Meet the Plus-Size Bloggers

And to see the trend gain footing in the Fashion world, here are some of the most popular plus size fashionista bloggers right now who write and promote plus-size fashion. They try to convey how a piece of clothing might look on an everyday woman’s body and inspires people to think outside the traditional fashion box, and to try new things by breaking some fashion rules.

Inside Allie’s World, @alliemcgev

A photo posted by Allie (@alliemcgev) on

Lalaa Misaki, @lalaamisaki

A photo posted by Lβˆ†Lβˆ†βˆ† MISβˆ†KI (@lalaamisaki) on

Ashley Rose, @thisisashrose

A photo posted by Ashley Rose (@thisisashrose) on

Beauticurve, @iambeauticurve

A photo posted by Rochelle Johnson (@iambeauticurve) on

Tiny Red Shoes, @Tinyredshoes

A photo posted by Jessica Torres (@tinyredshoes) on

What's your take on this emerging trend? Did we miss anyone that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments. And if you're plus-size and proud, leave a photo too!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • It's great that people accept their own bodies. But in my opinion, those cheering for plus size models aren't fooling anyone but themselves.

    According to bodyfat charts, women above 32% bodyfat are obese, and several of these women are above 32%. Tiny Red Shoes, Ashley Rose, Lalaa Misaki, and Alliemcgev are not healthy, they are obese, which in my opinion is totally fine, and it is their life style choice, and they should be allowed to live their lives however they please.

    But it's very silly and pretty ignorant to claim that the lifestyle they are living is "healthy", and that the lifestyle of the plus-size women are healthier than the lifestyle of the fit women such as Danielle and Inga.

    In my opinion, unhealthy lifestyles should not be encouraged, however all lifestyles should be accepted, after all, obesity is linked to higher mortality rate (higher incidence of vasular diseases, cancers, etc.), increased healthcare costs to the society, and generally to a worse quality of life.

    In a a odd and slightly perverted way, plus size and obese women are pointing fingers at the fit and skinny girls out there, claiming that they're the unhealthy ones, and by doing so they are in a way trying to justify that being fat is natural, and that there is nothing wrong with neglecting physical exercise and eating healthy. I'm sure this way they feel a lot less guilty when they stuff themselves with deep-fried junk and high fructose corn syrup containing beverages.

    I just wish people could focus more on themselves and not having the need to trash talk other groups of people due to their own lack of confidence and self-image issues.

    • Couldn't have been said better. Instead of accepting these ridiculous trends people should worry about their overall health. Fit, "thin" models actually work hard by exercising and eating healthy to keep those bodies.

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    • Yeah you're right. Absolutely right.

    • " I just wish people could focus more on themselves and not having the need to trash talk other groups of people due to their own lack of confidence and self-image issues." I agree with you on this point both skinny and heavy people should stop body shaming each other. The heavier people wouldn't be hitting back at skinny people if they weren't being dissed by them in the first place. You can't always define someone fitness just by looking at their build. I used to be fat at school and I could run faster than most skinny girls in my year group. You look at most obese people who choose to lose weight. As soon as they reach their goal and exercise less often. They start going back to what they were. So maybe some of them think its pointless. You start exercising you've got to keep at it. If you disagree with body shaming then you've kinda contradicted yourself by claiming that all women carrying a little weight aren't as healthy as skinny or slim women.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, the models do look great - and healthy. =)


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What Guys Said 68

  • Not really. Plus sized models are a temporary, laughable fad. They certainly aren't here to stay.

    Plus, who want to see an "average" or "normal" American girl modelling? That doesn't make any sense. You wouldn't want Americans of average fitness being our athletes, or those of average intelligence and education being doctors. Models are supposed to represent the epitome of beauty, and plus-sized beauty is an oxymoron.

    Let the butthurt women downvote me.

    • This is the cold, hard truth.

    • THIS. This times 1000. I'm sick of America normalizing obesity. It is not healthy. These women are obese and they look disgusting. It is NOT healthy and not attractive. The doctor/athlete comparison is SO true.

    • Finally someone whom agrees with truth.

  • I LOVE how the 100% natural, curvy women that I am already so attracted to are actually getting attention as models! Although a couple are on the heavy side (there is a fine line between curvy and overweight), most are simply average size! Everything is different about these women as compared to the miserable, bony, starving waifs that slink their way down the aisle. Just glance at the photo of the 9 girls above. They are all genuinely smiling, glowing actually. None are wearing makeup. None have tattoos, or are wearing jewelry, or have dyed their hair. And they are in their underwear only. They are just about as natural as can be! This is a wonderful thing, because a woman is infinitely more attractive the more natural she is, as well. They really have so much going for them Several of them have very similar bodies to girlfriends I've had, and to whom I was highly attracted. I am really surprised they didn't include my six favorite models, however: Chloe Marshall, Tara Lynn, Denise Bidot, Sabine Gruchet, Kaela Humphries, and Candice Huffine. Not sure this will work, but here is a photo of Tara Lynn. I will give her a strong "9" rating here (because no one can be literally perfect!)

  • The fashion industry does need to change. Models are far too skinny, bony and angular. Its definitely not an attractive or healthy physique. Fashion media such as the Victoria's Secret fashion show propagates eating disorders, poor body image and unhealthily views on femininity and sexuality.

    Even some guys get ridiculous expectations when it comes to girls' bodies. Expecting thigh gaps and a completely flat stomach. Rejecting girls with thighs that touch or girls of a healthy body weight.

    Things have to change.

    Plus size models have the right idea, but they're taking it a little too far in the other direction. They're supporting an unhealthy body type too. They are a bit over weight, some of them bordering on obese. But they are insisting that they're beautiful and that women should be healthy. Thats hypocritical. Its unhealthy.

    Whatever is healthy and attractive should be what models look like. I personally think an attractive body type is whatever amount of fat a woman can have without muffin top. A bit of fat is actually very healthy and attractive.

    • "Even some guys get ridiculous expectations when it comes to girls' bodies. Expecting thigh gaps and a completely flat stomach"

      And what exactly is wrong with personal preference? I think thigh gaps are incredibly sexy and so are flat stomachs. You can still have a gap + flat stomach while being a few pounds overweight, nothing wrong with that. It's hypocritical to think that men's standards have to change while most women rub their clits to muscular men with huge dicks. Most people love perfection when it comes to modeling and sexualization, and there's nothing wrong with that.

      I agree with the rest of your post though!

    • @Remonster are you suggesting that thigh gaps and super skinny women are "perfection' or most men's standard?

      Because from what I can gather most guys do not actually like thigh gaps and a petite physique, but instead prefer a little "thickness" on a girl.

  • Honestly, the girls on the top should be considered normal. That is So not "plus".

    The plus size models look normal too, that Danielle Redman girl is actually still a bit underweight based on looks.

    The plus size bloggers seem a bit bigger than their natural weight, that doesn't look that healthy, unfortunately.

    But finally all this skinny nonsense is going down the drain. People legitimately died from organ failure because of how abnormal the whole trend was - and I don't know a single person who actually found them attractive.

    • Danielle Redman is not underweight.. She's just not as fat, yes, fat as the other girls. Maybe you ought to do so me research and not call a healthy girl underweight.

    • @DisastrousQu33n she looks underweight to me, based on her arms. I can't seem to find any data about her actual weight, so I can't check for certain.

  • Lol just remember that these plus size models are still photoshopped and pampered to promote beauty standards your average woman could never meet. They're still harmful to women's beauty standards, just less than a skinnier model would be.

  • Models went into thin women due to clothes being expensive to make after the first and second world wars. Prior to that, models were curvy. The first and second world wars are also the reason why many female trousers do not have real pockets on them. It was all to save money and fabric.

  • Yes and no. It's fine when they're curvy because walking skeletons are awful. But plus-sized is a common word for fat, even medically obese girls. So if an unhealthy lifestyle is what you want to promote, go right ahead.

    Fat-acceptance is getting silly at times. It's scientifically impossible to be 'healthy at any size'. It's a euphemism fat girls use so they aren't confronted with the fact they should shove less food in their mouths. Get your big butt of the couch and start moving. You don't have a slow metabolism or screwed genetics unless it's medically proven to be, which is a small fraction of the entire population.

    Bottom line: I am fat too, but at least I realize it's grossly unhealthy and try to fix it. BBW models are promoting laziness, plain and simple. Look, it's fine if you want to be fat, many people are. But don't flaunt it like it's a healthy thing to be. But that's the entitlement culture we live in today, everything has to be normal and accepted.

    And oh yeah, where is the fat-acceptance movement for guys? There barely isn't any because fat-acceptance is powered by feminism. That is all.

    • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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    • Man, no one is even straight on what that is though. There are medical studies that show life expectancies for overweight and obese category people to be longer and general health to be better than those of people in normal, underweight, and morbidly obese classes. While obese people trend towards certain kinds of diseases it is unknown if this is cause or if their is a common cause. So for starters, we clearly don't actually know what healthy size is exactly exept that is probably not either extreme.

      Secondly people have a piss poor concept of what certain sizes actually look like with the trend being that a person is actually thinner than what they categorize them as. So someone with a normal BMI is a size 8-12 but people think of normal as sizes 0-5 or 3-8. Body positivity is important. The media should embrace what real people look like. Why is no one who hates this fat movement outraged that the media has been portraying an image which fosters young women to be mentally ill?

    • Lastly, the phrase "healthy at any size" does not equate "any size is healthy," rather that general health is not necisarily marked by a certain size and varies from individual to individual. Obviously at extremes they will not be healthy, because if they were healthy they would not be such an extreme size. People who are so large they have difficulty walking would not be healthy because they have difficulty walking. It is damn time to shift the focus from size to health. There is an almost stupid presumption that because a person is thin or the right size that they are healthy, and this is also absolutely not the case. There are plenty of people who eat terribly and can't handle a flight of stairs who are 'healthy size,' size is just not a totally relevant factor.

  • About damn time. Hopefully this will help insecurity in both men and women. Sadly, even "plus" models aren't that realistic either.

    • Insecurity in men? No. Feminism doesn't work that way. They only want what's best for women.

  • I don't think they should get buzz because fat men don't get the same buzz. Society is pushing this plus size woman thing off to make them acceptable but they don't do the same thing with guys.

    • Because men are not as focused on in the fashion world or the advertising world. Instead of thinking it as a negative why not think of it as a step in the right direction that can ultimately crossover to men. Instead of be REACTIVE be PROACTIVE.

    • They still aren't being pushed down the throats of society like plus size, bbw's etc are. Hell they even have nightclubs that cater to them.

    • @Chercheur Because double-standards make no one happy. If feminism was about equality it would care about this as well.

  • Few of these models doesn't seem like plus size which have been shown above. Apart from that our society is full of obese people and we are still trending towards obesity. I don't think "thin is pretty" case is right either. In our society instead of embracing obesity and start trending plus size (which will be trended of course because we are an obese society) we should trend healthy normal sizes. Define sizes which are in the range of healthy as we say certain range of BMI is healthy. And women in those sizes should be trended.

    Our biggest flaw is that we do not think that our fashion has flaws, whether it is plus size of 00 size models. We need to create something in the middle of both extremes.

    Well, this is my take on this take, :)

  • I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, but if men who were not fit modeled they would be shut down fast.

    • Exactly. It's a double-standard.

    • No they wouldn't. I've seen plenty of chubby guys whoI've found attractive. I think it would be refreshing to see them on the cat walk or posing for Calvin Klein. :) I'm not saying that I don't find slim or muscular attractive but it would be nice to see male models who carry a little weight for a change.

  • I never been into model type bodies.

    But i thought the reason they're so skinny is generally because gay guys run the industry and the closer a girls body is to looking more boyish the more ideal they are

  • I dont wanna sound insensitive but really fat people kinda annoy me. Its a disservice to yourself to not be fit, you essentially lose a quality to your life. Its like having blurry vision when you could be experienceing clear crisp images. Not only that but it denotes a lack of discipline, it is actively potraying a character flaw. Finally being overweight is just unattractive. Do yourself a favor if your overweight just put in the work to get into shape.

  • Personally, I applaud it and think it's WAY overdue! I've always been a guy who finds larger women attractive. in my opinion, the only reason the fashion industry has embraced the skinny models with no real curves for so long is because it's mostly run by gay males. I think they impose their ideas of what female models should look like on everything, and it doesn't always line up with what straight guys really prefer.

    There's also a lot of B. S. out there pushed by the diet and fitness industry. These people make millions (billions?) of dollars a year convincing women they need to lose some weight to be healthier and sexier, regardless of any truth to it. A lot of studies out there contradict the idea that some extra weight is "bad for you". (For example, they found the overweight women in Alaska were far less likely to get sick than those of "normal" weight.)

    • Because Alaskan women eat more fish. Also being a few pounds overweight can be healthy. But you're talking about statistics here. Dying at 95 instead of 90. It simply doesn't matter in the big picture. I like BBW women too but let's not celebrate full on obesity as the healthy choice here.

  • At one point people are actually started to justify the shaming of smokers as a way to encourage them to stop smoking. This same tactic has caused fewer people to smoke over the years. People are now using that to justify their ignorant mistreatment of people that are already struggling with their weight.

    I think as we notice an increase in fat shaming there is a counter move of fat acceptance pushing back. The fat acceptance movement has fired back by trying to convince people that fat is beautiful. That is why we are seeing these adds more often.

    Throughout history people have used shame to control the freedoms of others. Fat shaming is no better than slut shaming. In fact in many ways fat shaming, and slut shaming are almost identical.

    As such I don't see these ads as a good thing. It is my belief these ads are a response from the rising intolerance of fat people. It is one last rally cry until public policy decides to demonize anyone that is seen as being overweight.

    • People are just weeding out the unhealthy habits. And shaming smokers? Well, as a smoker myself I think other people have the right not to breathe in your smoke. Plain and simple.

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    • Oh I agree with you don't worry. I smoke analog and electric too but I don't really mind what other people think of it. Electronic smoke does produce smoke, it just not harmful to inhale but it can be irritating in a closed space. Here we can smoke in public no problem. You can't where you live?

    • I have always heard they didn't release any smoke. It must be a tiny amount if any is released that most people don't notice. Here if they aren't allowed to smoke regular cigarettes, then they aren't allowed to smoke the electronic ones either.

      While I don't smoke, I just don't agree with how smokers are being treated. Smoking is commonly seen as a character flaw, much like how obesity is seen as a character flaw. I frequently even hear people making jokes about tobacco being a good thing, because it kills off the stupid people.

  • I personally find about 95% of women beautiful either through personality or looks, I think women's sizes should be just like men's because men come in all shapes sizes and so do Women. I think more emphasis should be put on health. Knowledge is power did you know that for every one pound of fat you have on your body it requires an extra kilometer, that right 1 Kilometer of blood vessels to supply it with blood. Which is hard on your heart. So you can either let that knowledge get you down or use that as motivation to keep yourself healthy. Use all of those ads as fuel for your motivation fire, to be healthy. I will agree we live in a sex obsessed, and vanity driven society, but we all have been blessed to live in a way that we are allowed to make choices. I do however think that if we educate ourselves and stop feeling sorry for ourselves and make a dedicated effort we wouldn't be putting crap into our bodies, we would sit in front of the tv less, maybe childhood obesity would lessen. Maybe we would make better choices for ourselves. Instead of attacking and defending look inwards to see what you want for yourself.

  • You peoe are crazy and stupid. All of those women were hot, regular, sexy women. Obviously models have been known to all of these things.
    How many of you have ever watched a model walking on TV? They look like skeletons of what used to be beautiful women but all of the drug addict fashion producers want their models to be skinny like their cocaine filled faces.
    In the end women ultimately decide what is "beautiful" or "trendy" because you are the only ones who talk about it other than gay men.
    Stop fighting for what is seen as beauty because no matter what you do you are making what ever woman who doesn't suit the standard feel insecure.
    Accept the fact you are all beautiful to someone and that is all that matters. Life is too short for this bullshit!

    • Accept the fact that obesity is unhealthy for your body and do something about it. Not all of the girls in the post are obese, but some obviously are.

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    • @Remonster or try focusing more on your own preferences and stop whining about what you don't like. The media aren't forcing you to change your preferences at all. Maybe some of those women are overweight but they are hardly holding you at gun point forcing you to find them attractive. Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring and Julie Henderson look shapley and healthy enough to me. Its about time some people knew the difference between carrying a little weight/chubby and obesity. I find it really hard ti comprehend why Danielle Redman and Inga Eriksdotter are here when they are both slim. So if this my take owner thinks they are fat. Then she really doesn't know her body types. Also, here in the UK a size 6 - 8 is petite not plus size. I disagree with a size 12 -14 jumping from a medium size to being labeled a plus size.

  • Really, I could care less at all who gets media attention. The mainstream media can tell me thin is beautiful but I will still prefer CURVY (not "fat") girls. The girls in the photo are curvy. I hate how they're called "plus size." There is a difference between having curves and having too much body fat.

  • I think its good to see plus-sized models. To be honest, I think the whole skinny and tall thing is creepy looking. Like a tough wind can blow them over. I've met plenty of big and beautiful women, nothing wrong with that. But if the model is clearly borderline obese, then yes we gotta do a little thing with change. Otherwise, some people are born bigger than others and there's nothing wrong with that.

    • Skinny and tall is terrible. But so is being obese. And no, people aren't born bigger unless they have a rare genetic disease. It's all in the upbringing and a lack of self-control of the parents. Often feeding your child until it's fat means the child will be obese for life. A sad truth.

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    • I'm not static it like it's an absolute fact. Hence I prefaced it with "Often".

    • "And no, people aren't born bigger unless they have a rare genetic disease." sounds like you are trying to state facts.

  • Since people are so dumb, they probably need the media to coax them into liking other types of people. Nothing new here.

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What Girls Said 63

  • I have to be honest. I'm tired of these discussions because it's focusing on the WRONG issue, which is the size/weight of women, instead of their health.

    Being thin/skinny doesn't mean someone has an eating disorder, anymore than being curvier indicated someone eats too much.

    What matter is whether or not a woman is taking care of her body with proper physical excursion and fueling herself with proper nutrients.

    The reason why the average American woman is not stick thin, isn't because being larger is "normal" or "healthy"; it's because of our lifestyle and NOT taking care of ourselves the way we ought to.

    The focus needs to be moved from physical appearance. Simply trying to promote average female bodies, is STILL focusing on the physical. It's dangerous ground to constantly focus on the physical instead of the characteristics of the women. Focusing the physical is toxic... whether looking at "perfect thin runway models" or looking at "curvy is better/normal".

    Neither look is better than the other. Only respecting your body by taking care of it, is what is important.

    • Nah, you're talking nonsense. You can focus on the physical because diet and looks are related. And neither is better than the other? Science disagrees.

  • yeah. I'm not letting this be my daughter's inspiration.

    • Well on the plus side the picture won't make her feel like starving herself everyday and she can also get a confidence boost from looking at it. So guess its good for something?

    • There is fine line between curvy and overweight. This one is the latter.

  • I'm just so sick of hearing about it in general. "Be skinny, be tall, be curvy, be plus sized" how about I just be myself and everyone can zip it?

    • πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘†πŸ»

      πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ preach

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    • Lolol @remonster. I'm a size 2... on a chubby day.

    • @BelleGirl21 Okay sorry then haha

  • Diversity is great and all, but both ends of the extremes should not be promoted (anorexia/bulimia/EDNOS or obesity).

  • I'm so against campaigns like this. Being thin my entire life and being made fun of for it, I take it very personally when the media bashes girls for being thin and calls them unhealthy or anorexic or gross or masculine. I'm HEALTHY and that's what matters. Just because you're 'curvy' doesn't mean you're healthier or better than I am. VS models are hated on so much- yes, they're very thin, but they are that way because a) that's their natural body type and b) they are extremely fit and eat well.

    • That's true! But wouldn't you agree that VS only really represent one body type, making people associate health with being 'skinny' which is not the case?

    • Yeah they should definitely be more diverse! I really like aerie's campaign right now but even that gets a lot of hate because the girls aren't bigger. Yet to me, all the girls look average sized and healthy so there shouldn't be anything wrong with that. Some of the 'plus sized' models I have seen are just straight up extremely overweight and I don't think that should be praised.

  • @Remonster basically said everything I thought - spot on!

    I personally feel like it's a promotion of an unhealthy way of living. Instead of accepting they're overweight and try to lose weight for their own health, they try to change people's views on them by making people feel bad for encouraging healthy lifestyles.

    This site basically sums it all perfectly, showing how overweight people warp anything to make out like they're being attacked all the time so people will be too scared to speak up. The people on there also don't believe you can be "healthy at every size" (HAES), but that's what overweight people made up to justify their weight.

    I've seen a lot of documentaries about popular overweight people who have supposedly become confident in themselves but you can tell that it's a false confidence, they're not actually happy with themselves but they put that front up to try to dissuade haters.

    One popular blogger who was overweight, that insisted she was happy with herself and healthy, decided to lose weight because she wanted to start a family (she obviously wasn't that healthy) but all her fans turned against her! They should be supporting her but they did the opposite and she became popular through being overweight. I really don't understand what these people are thinking.

    • oh so I guess being comfortable with your own body, even if its shunned by society means you're makin people feel bad about being healthy."became popular by being over weight" these women are models, they were already in a sort of spotlight, the fact that they're overweight is a "plus" in a way because it encourages other women who struggle with weight to see themselves with the same body as someone in a magazine and think "she's beautiful, maybe I'm beautiful too". of COURSE these people put in a front. they're ridiculed by society and you expect them to show how they really feel? I mean these people just can't win."oh you hate your body? well maybe you shouldn't be lazy and do something about it!" "oh you accept your body? well I don't it's unhealthy to my standards and you need to lose weight so that I can actually see you for you, and not the overweight, confident problem that you somehow are to me because of my limited logic and lack of fucking intelligence." that's what you sound like.

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    • Lol fatlogic makes me so angry haha. And I'm saying that as a medically obese guy. Maybe it's because I love science and hate it when people ignore the facts to stay in their comfort bubble.

    • @Remonster fatlogic is great but you start seeing it in life regularly and it angers you! Yeah, it's the complete ignorance and blame shifting that annoys me, how can people deny the facts so intensely? Like people assume I don't eat much or I'm lucky because I'm "thin". It's not that I don't eat much, nor is it luck. I just understand the body and more importantly, my body and what it requires. I have self control and know when too much is too much but to those people shown on fatlogic, I'm the devil itself because I'm "thin privileged"

  • This is absolutely ridiculous!, media made every thing wrong, they made fitness look wrong, being fat look wrong,...


    Fitness it not just beauty is about being healthy and living well. And as for being the so called "plus sized" I don't support it cause I find it unhealthy people have no reason to stay fat and being fat mean you eat a lot and unhealthy...

  • Most of those women aren't even that big, and you can be healthy even though you have a little extra. I think it's good there is some diversity in the models, not everyone is a size 0 with long legs and a round butt. I do not think we by promoting normal sizes, should shame the small sizes. That is what I think goes wrong, they almost start a war between skinny and +Size, instead of just celebrating all the bodies. All this "Only dogs go for bones" or "the smaller your waist, the weaker his knees" is not doing anything good for anyone. I think it's ridiculous why we have to have an ideal body, not everyone can have a thigh gap, just like not everyone can have a perfect hourglass shape or thunder thighs, or whatever they want to ideal body to look like. I am NOT in for promoting obesity, not at all, and I don't think that is what the current campaigns are doing as people claim they do. They aren't saying "Hey, you need to have 'curves' to be good enough!" they are saying "This is how an average body looks, don't be ashamed of yours"

  • They're so gorgeous!!! It's great that a greater diversity of body types are being represented!

    The scary thing is that for these women to certify as "plus sized" all they have to do is be a size 10 or 12. That's like a medium large. Medium is the average. The average woman is automatically being told she's overweight when she's just at a healthy weight. That's a serious problem.

    The real question should be when are we going to get past this point where women's bodies are there to be judged? When will we be able to look at women's bodies and not feel entitled to weighing whether she is worth based solely on how she looks?

  • I like skinny models. And I'm allowed to like skinny models. Some of those girls were very pretty and fit but some were also fat.

  • I feel that people are told inn to understand that this isn't about "fat acceptance". No matter what size your at you should be okay with yourself. If your overweight and totally fine with it that fine because it your life, but you shouldn't be forced to feel like shot because your okay with yourself. If you close to live that lifestyle then it's okay to like the why you look or be considered attractive.
    If your losing weight healthily them you should also have a positive body image of your preexisting body. You should be able to say "yes if like to change my body, but I still love myself", instead of what I do which is staring in the mirror and thinking "oh my god I'm so fat, I need to lose 10lbs. No body will ever like me because I'm so fat". Losing weight in healthy weighs should come from a healthy mindset. My weightless has not come from a healthy mindset so I've felt the need to starve myself to fit into some shorts. But maybe if I'm comfortable with myself at any size I don't feel a need to do crazy things because even not at my best I look great.
    Also if a big woman liking herself gives you this much distress then I'm thinking maybe you have a negative view of yourself as bigger so you project that hated ideal onto other people. No one should completely hate their body okay. I've done it and it sucks, but the worst thing is hating you body and making everyone else hate their body because of it.

  • why are we having "normal" and "plus" sized models? can we just have models that are all sizes? some outfits look better on skinny people and some look better on curvy people. can we just stop and have everyone be equal? people are always fighting over the races being equal or gays and straights. this can't be the same?

    • No we can't. This is simply how humans are. You and me included.

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    • No it's human nature. We won't ever be equal.

    • its just my opinion and you have no right to tell me that im wrong. you stated your opinion so please stick to that and dont attack mine k? k. @remonster

  • I think it's good. I think they're put out there for women who hate their figure and for them to learn to love themselves.

    Not all plus sized women can lose weight and many of them have this due to genetic reasons. It's so easy for people to say "Get healthy" when they're ignorant about what a lot of other people have to go through.

    I would think that they should love themselves no matter what and that while being overweight IS NOT GOOD, if they're a bit on the heavy side, who cares?

  • I am going to be downvoted like crazy. But I prefer fashion models to model clothes. It just looks better on them! I am sorry but I can't just lie

  • Tbh while I think the plus-size movement is a step sideways. It's good to see more body types included but STILL the healthy, average body type of the majority of women is not represented? What gives? The only campaign that I've seen that celebrates MULTIPLE body types is dove. Other brands? Follow suit please.

  • I personally believe models should be skinny
    They're models. I'm sorry

    Companies should stop advertising unhealthy weight numbers just so everyone can feel good about theirselves

    • Im not disagreeing on the "models should be skinny" because honestly they are just human hangers.

      But "Companies should stop advertising unhealthy weight numbers just so everyone can feel good about theirselves" is kinda contradictory with itself, since skinny models actually sometimes are dropping dead, from unhealthy weight numbers. I have yet to see a PlusSize model die from an unhealthy weight.

    • Most of the women depicted here are the epitome of healthy. And only average in size. To me, they are infinitely more attracted than the starving waifs who slink up and down the aisle.

    • Models are supposed to look attractive.

      Overly thin is not attractive. It is unhealthy, with possible organ failure and stuff. Look it up.

  • I'm all for putting some healthy sized female models out there for the world to see. Everyone is attracted to a different look! But by the same token, where are the male actors/models/magazine cover guys with average male physiques? Fair is fair.

  • I don't think it should be about someone being "skinny" or "plus size" etc. it should be about opening people to diversity.

    I'm also so sick of reading the comments from people who are disgusted about "fat" people. How someone is shaped and their lifestyle has nothing to do with you, it's just as rude to make fun of smaller women saying things like "go eat a sandwich", the body judging needs to stop in general. It's not your place to tell someone they are healthy or not and their lifestyle doesn't effect you in the slightest, so get over yourselves.

    Also how do you think it's better to be rude and judgmental which is a personality issue over someone having a food addiction or an eating disorder? They may be a little over or underweight but people like that on the other hand need a new personality and some empathy to go along with it.

    • It's in our nature to dislike fat people. Healthy people produce healthier offspring, it's science and instinct.

    • in your nature if you're a judgmental unevolved idiot.

  • I think it's great that they're shining light on "plus-size women" because the media often only shows "underweight" models so many people think they have to be skinny and start bad habits. When the media shows bigger people too, it let's people know that they don't have to be a size 0. Most plus size models are just average size women considered plus size for not being a zero so I'm all for it

  • Half of those aren't even plus size models !

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