Is it really True that Asian Women/Girls are more conservative than Americans?

The times i have checked, more Asian women and girls are the ones wearing hot clothes that show their shape and the short skirts. Most of the times American girls wear jeans.


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  • Not from my experience. I know quite a few Chinese girls and all of them are far more liberal, progressive and modern than American girls. I mean regarding relationships.
    The same would be true for clothes. There are some things we wouldn't really wear here. Like everything has ears there, like hoodies with ears, coats with ears. But overall they wear much the same. Jeans and shirt on most days. I also find they overall care less about what men think of their looks, which is refreshing.
    As for family it's very uncommon for women not to work. In fact quite often the woman makes more and quite a few of them were raised by their stepdads not their real fathers. Much what you would find here
    I used to live with Malaysian girls but well they were muslim, so all covered up. Yet from what they said, in their country the woman is quite clearly the head of the household

    Obviously I haven't been to all Asian countries but the stereotype that Asian women are more conservative and submissive, from my experience is a HUGE lie

    • exactly, like i said to the other guy. I see many more Asian exchange students in USA with provocative miniskirts and stuff than americans

    • Idk, I disagree with that. Most Asian girls I know dress fairly casual. Though you're right, when they do dress up, it's often much more revealing

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  • That sure may not be their native country :-) The families are conservative but certainly not the kids growing up in the US or similar :-)

    • what are you talking about. When i said Asians i meant Asians from Asia. Like the ones that come to the USA to study English. THey not conservative at all. they all wearing miniskirts and stuff

    • The very same ones I'm talking about. When they get out there they go all out with clothes for sure - minimizing I mean lol cause back there in their country either the parents & society will make their life miserable if there is no law that puts them in slammer for 'indecent exposure' first :-D

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  • it's hard to say really. i am pretty conservative when it comes to mentality but i wear revealing clothes often.


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