Metrosexual guys and tomboy girls?

If you're either of the above mentioned
can you try to describe, in your own words
what said terms mean to you?

You may answer if you aren't any
of the two, I just primarily seek the
opinion of those who consider
themselves by those terms. ^.^


Most Helpful Girl

  • I used to class myself as a tomboy because I hated anything girly.
    Now, I'd say I still am because I'm sporty, prefer to get down with the stuff that gets labelled as 'guy stuff' like paintball, wrestling, camping and video games (though the idea of calling them guy stuff annoys me), and by choice prefer to dress down and avoid skirts and dresses.
    Now I wear makeup more regularly and don't avoid skirts and dresses so much, I'd class myself as a bit less of a tomboy.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I actually rarely refer to myself by this term, but yup, I'm a metrosexual. :D
    To me, it means caring about and spending a lot of time on my appearance – it takes me forever to get ready, lol~! There are also some grooming habits like being clean-shaven always and getting rid of all my body hair. That's about it for me; I'm a feminine boy and sometimes I dress kinda girly, but I don't necessarily consider that to be in the sphere of "metrosexual". That's just me being girly. :P


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  • Tomboys are just girls who don't like dressing and acting like girls. I'm one, and I'm proud

  • A tomboy is a girl who dresses and has likes that are similar to those of boys. Yeah I guess I'm one lol I don't put a lot of effort in trying to dress like a girl. its just not as comfortabe.


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