Why would a girl wear spandex (like nike pro shorts) under their dress or skirt? Aren't spandex for like sports and the gym (thats what I thought)?

I saw some girls wearing spandex underneath their skirts


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  • i totally do that all the timer. bc i can be active and still wear skirt or dress. if i wanna climb a tree or hop a fence or do a hand sopping or w/e i can do it without flashing everyone. and what if I'm in a jam and i have to climb or stuff goes down and i gotta hustle. i dont have to be thinking oh if i do this or that my underwear is going t be exposed.

    security of movement. thats why i do it.

    but not leggings. just the shorts. i dont really like how spandex looks i just like the security. it provides. plus if i out and wanna fog running instant work out gear :)


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  • For some girls it's a safety thing if their skirt gets lifted in any way. It prevents them from having embarrassing panty shots. I do this when I wear short dresses or skirts for that reason. I'm not sure why any other girls would wear them for anything else...

    • Yeah someone else was like it stop pervs seeing anything

    • Yeah some girls dont want pervs looking up their dress so they wear spandex to stop them seeing anything

  • Because if the wind blow their skirt or dress up they wouldn't want to be exposed to the world so they wear shorts

  • Are you sure it was spandex and not shapewear?

    • I am pretty sure it was spandex, I saw their black spandex

    • Well then, so if their dress/skirt flys up in the wind then people won't see their underwear. Or maybe they were doing exercise that day

  • So people can't see their underwear.

  • They wear spandex underneath so creepy perverts like you don't look up their skirts and dresses. The spandex covers up their privates and undies so you creeps can't see them because they have self respect.


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