Bottomless is the new topless?

Another question on my mind... Looking for your honest opinion. I have been hearing from a number of my photographer friends that "bottomless is the new topless" in fashion/glamour photography. Their opinion: implied bottomless photos are becoming sexier and more common than implied topless photos. Do you agree? Share your thoughts!
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  • Call me old fashioned, but implied topless is where it's at
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As asked for clarification: implied, in this case, means you don't SEE anything but the photo suggest/hints at not wearing bottoms or a top. It's all hidden, usually wearing different degrees of clothing, with the suggestion towards top or bottom.


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  • I've modeled for almost 15 years, mostly catalog so no high fashion. I just don't have the classic looks and the "cute" 12 YO but sexy stage is over with.
    But I've been on lots of sets and full frontal is the norm for fems these days.
    For males it's still considered pornographic in the US.
    No big deal as far as I'm concerned.


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  • what's "implied" mean here?

    would make sense, looking at the whole big, unproportional booty trend.

    But seriously. Why can't people just wear normal clothes, BOTH TOP AND BOTTOM, and still considered sexy? Do people have to dress all skanky today to be seen as sexy? It's all so messed up.

    • Agreed can't people just leave a little to the imagination.

    • Nudity has always been a favorite art form.
      Back in the day, male nudes were all the rage with anatomically correct statues, pictures, and engravings. They are still mostly in place, mainly in Italy.
      Temples in India were adorned with sex acts including oral activity.
      Today in the US those things are considered considered pornographic.
      Women get arrested for breast feeding. :((
      Sex which was once revered and respected, is now dirty and nasty.
      How's that for progress?

  • blame the kardasians for this problem lol though i prefer her completely naked or dressed, the thing in between is too cryptic for me

  • i canĀ“t tell you anything about what gets more "popular" in photography. i personally prefer topless because i like to let my imagination do the bottom part.

  • I have to say I am more comfortable with showing cleavage...

  • Can I pick both?

  • Option C: Call me old fashioned but neither topless or bottomless looks good


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