Does Tommy Hilfiger Cotton clothing shrink?

I know this is pretty random but I bought a 100% cotton polo and I am stuck between a size medium and Large, medium fits just right large is loose, but Idn if I should buy Large so it shrinks a bit, does anyone have any suggestions to what I should do?


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  • My Tommy Hilfiger clothes have fitted me even after washing.

    The shop, or website, or wherever you're buying from, should give explanations of the various sizes in terms of chest size, etc. So, sizes should take into account any possible shrinking. Some clothes are even pre-shrunk by the manufacturer.

    • so you just buy the size that is listed and fits you perfect

    • If medium fits you in the dressing room, then medium is probably the right size for you. But, if you're worried about possible shrinking, you could measure yourself and then compare your measurements to the sizes on the conversion chart. If, according to your measurements and the conversion chart, you should be a large, then that suggests that the clothes do shrink quite a lot in the wash.

    • it fits the sleeve is just right but large the sleeve is longer but I want to tumble dry at high so it probably shrink

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  • I've 3 clothes of tommy ( cotton polo too) And I dony wear them anymore because Tommy hilfiger is not creative anymore.. And quality is really low. I wear them at home.


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