My gf is feminizing me, something I originally suggested?

My gf is feminizing me, something I originally suggested in the bedroom but she is taking it out of the bedroom and now taking far more interest in it than me now.

Just want to know from the girls why she is so eager and how she feels about it. She was originally reluctant. Now she is moving me deeper than i ever imagined. Why?
Also she has taken it way further than I originally wanted


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  • She just wants to please you. So she's trying her best. And maybe you should tell her how you feel. So that way she doesn't get carried away with making you too uncomfortable

    • Well I do tell her but she seems to want to go through with it anyways, she also seems to really be very detemined about it

    • She's determined to please you instead of herself. It's actually very loving and thoughtful to put your needs before her own. She doesn't want you to serve her and feel unsatisfied. She's expressing how she feels. You make her feel amazing and she's returning the favor.

    • maybe you are right

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  • Well, she probably wants you to be happy. Maybe you haven't expressed interest in something REALLY specific before, so she wants to stretch it to outside of the bedroom and let you embrace it (because she's invested in your happiness)? I don't know, sounds like something you should talk with her about, if it's bothering you! :)

    • Thanks, thats definitely something to think about. This was really helpful! Maybe i am just overreacting. Its like the roles have changed permanently and i feel powerless

    • Its that she seems very persistent and determined and she systematically pushes me towards things I resist / not comfortavle with and later I become comfortable with them. So it can't just be she does it for me... (?) I've talked to her but she has a mind of her own about it seems

  • She likes the power and dominance.

  • I would tell her to hit the road.

  • Gee, who could have seen that coming? LOL

    She has lost respect for you.


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