Guys, would it bother you if a girl has ugly nails?

Lol , just wondering cause girls like to do their nails , eg:
(These aren't mine btw)

As opposed to:

Would it bother you if a girl you like had nails similar to the first set?

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  • No wtf that wouldn't bother me
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  • Plain nails are not ugly nails. Ugly nails are too long, over decorated, or poorly decorated. Natural clean nails are nice.


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What Guys Said 7

  • Not done up necessarily but taken care of, especial toe nails. Ugly toenails weir me out. Not a deal breaker but one of the things I'd have to overlook cause no one is perfect anyway

  • Wouldn't bother me one bit. And I don't see how the first pic shows 'ugly' nails.

  • Yes it would drive me away immediately. It's the one and only shallow quality I can think about me that is a deal breaker in attractiveness. I love hands and nails. The second picture is beautiful. A lot of guys are a boobs or butt type of thing in a shallow way. But Hands and feet, especially hands are a weird breaker for me. I don't like man hands.

    If those were your nails would you get them done if it meant it to your guy? I realize that sounds a bit shallow but I wouldn't ever ask a girl to alter her chest or anything else on her, that's not cool. But nails to me seem like a minor sacrifice? Just curious how you felt about it since you brought it up? Thanks!


  • I have a thing for girls nails but if they are at least taken care of then I would be totally fine with them.

  • Wtf? I have nails that short and I don't think they're ugly, I find this question offensive and I voted B)

    • My nails are short too. Should I also get offended by my own question?

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    • But I don't like them?

    • Well then have a different one that I like! But I still don't think they're ugly. In fact, I actually don't like the weird multicolored stuff like pink and blue? Really? Reminds me of a fungus infection. I like them if they're fancy, but it's not a necessity. It's easier to screw it up than to just leave it natural.

  • Ugly? no Dirty? yes


What Girls Said 2

  • As a girl that wouldn't bother me unless she had a lot of dirt under her fingernails. At least in the picture her fingernails are trimmed down and look nice. They just aren't painted. It is cool to see a girl with painted toenails/fingernails cause it just shows how much you take care of yourself. If you seen someone with really long toenails you'd probably think they don't shower or something since clipping your toenails is an easy thing to do. I knew a guy that thought nail polish was a turn off and he didn't like when girls would wear it. I found that odd.

  • to be honest with u, it bothers me slightly when a guy has ugly nails that look like they've been bitten and chewed everywhere or never cleaned... so i wouldn't blame them if they felt ours were ugly.
    i believe that as long as they are trimmed and clean then there's no worries.
    short nails dont equate to ugliness. especially with the first pic u showed. her nail shape is just that way, she can't actually change it. even if they were to grow long, they'd never look like the second picture.

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