Do you think girls with large bottoms look good in yoga pants?

The photo below is a picture a random girl on Twitter took and posted.

Below is another photo uploaded on Twitter from a random girl.

I think both girls look ok, but the first girl is a little heavy in general.

What do you think about pear shaped girls wearing yoga pants?

@Stacyzee You cracked me up lol.
@cavemanier I think pear shaped girls look hot in ANYTHING.


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  • A pear shaped girl can be hot in yoga pants 😍


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  • Wow, and I thought I was pear-shaped and I don't even come close to those girls. Guess I'm okay to wear yoga pants haha

    • The first girl is actually probably overweight. I would agree she's pear shaped but her arms look big and chances are, her stomach is a little big too.

      The second girl has a tiny waist and giant bottom!

    • My butt is like 1/3 of the second girls and I thought I had an ass lol I'm definitely pear shaped just not that much.

    • LOL well the second girl is quite the pear shape! Of course, she might actually have a little bit of stomach on her too but we definitely can see most of her way is in her rump roast.

      It reminds me of Squidward on the "Spongebob Squarepants" episode where he eats ALL of the Krabby Patties!

  • I'm a pear and I've never had any complaints for wearing yoga pants or shorts.
    I'm not as "pear" as they are though.


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  • Yoga pants look good on pear shaped bodies (which is the most common body type).

    Those pics u used look photo shopped. :-P

    • They're not photoshoped, I even double checked on fotoforensics. com

      The first girl may not be a pear as we think. I'm sure she has a belly on her too.

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