I've never been told I'm good-looking...

Does that mean anything? I've read several posts here in which the question asker will say that they've been told they're "good looking", or handsome or cute. I rarely am told those things. Does that mean I'm in the ugly-to-average range? Do good-looking people get told that they are on a regular basis?

And how do you know that you're good-looking anyway, regardless of whether many people or absolutely nobody tells you?


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  • I'm thinking that you're probably not bad-looking. If you were, then at some point in your life, someone would have told you/ bullied you/ joked about it.

    In posts when people say that they look good, I usually take that to mean that they don't see themselves as the weirdo who is following a girl/guy around like a stalker or pathetic puppy. I take it to mean that they think they're pretty normal and are having a legitimate problem that a normal person would have.

    Some people just have much more demonstrative friends. Maybe your friends are more macho. Or jealous of you. I work mainly with guys and they usually never talk about each other's looks. The good looking ones often seem surprised if anyone points it out. If you know any older people who aren't related to you, ask them what they think of your looks. They're often pretty honest because looks for guys didn't used to be considered important, I think.

    Even today, I think that there's a pretty wide range of what is considered attractive for guys. If you're concerned, try changing your wardrobe. That can help in how people perceive your attractiveness.

    Relax, I bet you look fine.

    • Yeah, honestly whenever someone says that classic "My friends have told me I'm soooo pretty but whatever", I always just think that it's their own opinion of themselves just put in another's mouth so as to not sound conceited.

    • That's not true really good looking people have been / bullied you/ joked about it

      will smith had big ears and a large nose

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  • That just means they think they are not that bad themselves = Its just my way of saying I'm not exactly repusive imagine I'm just an average joe like you


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  • Girls tell each other they're gorgeous all the time and most of the time they're just doing it to hear it back. Guys tell girls they're good-looking if they want to bang them. Girls tell guys they're good-looking if they feel sorry for them. A guy will only tell another guy he's good-looking if the sayer is drunk and to some degree idolizes the other guy.

    • Girls tell guys theyre good looking if they feel sorry for them? What? When has a girl come up to you and said hey your cute, and then gone back over to her friends and said I feel sorry for him? If a girl says hey your cute to me, I take that as hey your attractive, or I am attracted to you, and then I end up getting her number and usually dating her.

    • Girls don't take the time to go up to a guy and tell them that they are attractive just because we feel sorry for them. That takes a lot of guts and is kinda is a bold move and hard to do, so the reason would be we want to pursue. And to the question of not being called attractive means you aren't attractive is total bull. Like I said not many people will come up to you and randomly tell you how attractive you are. Don't let it bother you and don't assume silence is a negative thing.

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