Why do I look ugly at school but not at home?

like iwake up and fix myself at 7 a clock and i look nicee as soon as i get to school i look in the mirror and my face shape looks ugly and my eyes look tired and i have a dark shadow under my nose why?! everyone else looks perfect why not me i want to go to school looking the same way i look at home but why does this happen to me ? everyone tells me im ugly but i dont think so at home since its spring break i wake up at 11 and fix myself and i look great the whole day my self esteem has went up a lot these past few day cause i realized im only ugly when im at school but im wondering why? help?


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  • You need to get more sleep and keep yourself hydrated... becz that would make you a bit more healthier and also u will be active the whole day! :)

    Hope I helped!

  • Just be confident and that's it! Think you are the barbie!


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  • I had the same problem, because the lighting at my school was absolutely awful. That could probably be why.

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