Keeping a GUY INTERESTED without being ANNOYING?

Okay so there's this guy lol. I like him a lot! But simply, I want to keep him interested but I'm trying not to call him too much to the point he gets tired of me. We text each other a lot. Like flirty stuff. For example we'll ask, "How was your day? Goodnight. Hope your day went well." Stuff like that. Sometimes the texts get a little hot but I think it's best to keep this question Rated PG lol. But anyhow, how stimulating can texting really be? I want to do something else but I don't want to come off too aggressive ... Any ideas? What do guys like to see from girls that they're getting to know?

Oh and maybe I should point out that we have hung out a couple times.


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  • All men like when women are themselves, we can't understand who you are as an individual if you worry about treating us like we are fragile. Every individual in this world knows that things don't go his way - it's when things are bad that we need to comprimise together and find a solution while understanding each other's needs. (Meaning stop worrying about calling him too often etc)

    The "flirty" stuff you are referring to is a little bland, try to mix it up just enough to where you feel comfortable like: "Hey, I hope your day was great- I'm missing my -hisname- hug!" |OR| "We need to hang out again" then text him sorry because you meant "want" -not "need"-

    Ideas for something "else" besides texting:

    Arrange dates:

    - Rollerblading

    - Getting coffee

    - Walking throughout your town

    - Go to the movies

    - Go to an amusement park

    Conversate in person:

    - "Hey I'm in the neighborhood and want to stop by, are you free?"

    - "Hey, how much does it cost a woman to come over and talk? ;-)"

    **Then start a conversation about anything and say something cute like "It was actually an excuse to come see you"**

    Just be yourself, we don't need anything more than that - if some guy doesn't like that, you two wouldn't be compatible. It's better to know upfront than to fall for the other individual and get hurt because it didn't work out, ya know?

    Best regards,


    • You have a big point. I do tend to think waaay too much sometimes when I'm deciding to call him or not. He himself said I don't call enough lol. I'll try that though. Ask him if he wants to go out somewhere instead of him making all the plans. Thanks ArtistBoy!

    • My pleasure ^_^ - hopefully it helps / works and he accepts your invitations - if not, come back here and ill give you other ideas =)

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  • ArtistBboy nailed it:

    Plan dates. Take some initiative. Show him that you _do_ interesting activities. Show him that you're not all talk (generally, guys are _doers_ rather than _talkers_).

    Show him that your _behavior_ proves that you're invested in the relationship. Sitting around all day and talking about "the relationship" doesn't do a bit of good. Going hiking every weekend, taking him to a new museum exhibit, and so on ... those things are what strengthen a relationship.

  • He'll eventually reach a point where he's written you off as a constant, which is to say, he won't move farther with you but you'll always be there in case he wants to. And, assuming what you want to do is maintain the current level of relationship, that's the point towards which you are heading. Either step it up and build into a more concrete relationship or be ready to be the standby.

  • If it were me, I'd be more intrigued if all of a sudden you disappeared of the face of the earth. It's better to remain an elusive phantom than be 'just some girl'.


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