Girls, How young would you say I look? Scruffy face or Clean shaven?

How old do you think I look? / How young/old would you say I look to you? Also which do you think looks better/more appealing? I had an interview today and the woman who interviewed me asked me if I was older than 21. I say to her "How old do I look to you?" and she said "Not old enough to drink, maybe like 19-20" I know the lighting is different and I apologize for that. The top is what I looked like before and after is on the bottom. I know I don't look that good with a scruffy face, but there are times I like to hide the baby face (if thats what you want to call it, I don't mind either way)
Girls, How young would you say I look? Scruffy face or Clean shaven?

Haircute and a smooth clean shaven face


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  • Scruffy - 33

    Shaved - 37

    • I'm sorry but I don't think you know what a guy in his 30's look like.
      He really doesn't look anywhere close to 30. Just saying.

    • @PuertoRicanLuvr420 I do... Why would I not know how they look like? What a silly thing to say. xD
      People age differently.

    • @Asker, sorry, not a troll at all. I never troll - it's a stupid thing to do.
      It's just how you look to me...
      Nothing personal. You asked, I answered.
      I apologize if it made you confused...
      Maybe next time type in 'If you're going to be honest, please don't.' ... O. o

  • I wanna say clean shaven but it's not really fair I'm not crazy about how your hair was on the pic with the scruffy facial hair.

    Also I honestly think you would look better when you have the second hair cut and a 5 o' clock shadow. Not all the facial hair but shaving it and leaving the stubble.

    • Thank you! I could have, usually when I cut my hair I like my face free of hair. Even though it makes me look young, I like to look presentable and nice.

  • Scruffy? you look about 24

    Clean? I'd have to say 16 as well

    You look much cuter clean shaven :)

    • Thank you! So far gotten two of the best responses so far. Not too sure about the other one, probably an internet troll.

    • you're very welcome! you don't look anywhere close to 27
      you look more like 16-19, clean shaven

  • Scruffy? 23
    Clean? 16

    • I can't believe how much of a difference he looks from Scruff to Babyface

    • Really? Thank you, that def makes me feel better :)
      I'm actually 28. That's a big gap from being 28 and looking 16
      Now I'm blushing hahahaha

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