Why does he look at the floor? is he looking at me?

I pass the guy I like in the halls. Today and a lot of other days (not every single day though) he made eye contact with me.

I don't know if he does it just to me because he likes me or if he does it to other ppl but here is how it happens usually: I see him coming and he is usually either looking straight forward or sometimes off to the side or at the ground. When I pass him he looks me right in the eye then he kind of drops his gaze to the floor then looks at me from the side one more time and looks at the floor. Why does he do this? This kind of seems to me that he doesn't look at everyone who passes. What do you think?


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  • He's definitely not looking at anything on the floor. If he keeps giving you eye contact he 'd probably feel that he's staring at you too long and isn't ready to get that involved with you yet. The fact that he's making eye contact is a good sign that he likes how you look or likes you. Depending on if you've ever talked with him. When a guy stares a girl down with eye contact I'd say he's wanting to meet her ASAP and is ready to make any kind of moves on her that she will let him make. If you're not that interested, you should look away rather than make eye contact yourself. Maybe he's looking at you like he does because he thinks you're looking at him. He also could be shy.


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  • Like Nutz76 is saying, it just means that he's nervous. It's a natural reaction to look down when you're shy or nervous to talk to someone. And usually that nervousness comes because he is interested in you and flustered about what to say or do. Just be casual around him and show some interest, then he should snap out of it before long.

    • But the thing is he is a pretty social guy. I have known him a long time. he will talk to a lot of people, and he will talk to my friend when I am standing right beside her but he never talks to me. but I seem he looking at me sometimes when he is talking to her.

    • Take it from me, I'm comfortable talking to any girl as long as I don't actually like her, in which case I would turn into Jello. Something similar happened to me a while ago. There was this girl that I really liked but was way too shy to go up to. I would talk to her friend all the time because I was comfortable talking to her just to be able to be near that girl yet still never said anything to her because I was too shy.

      Moral of the story, even though I ignore you I actually love you =p

  • Are you staring at him?

    The fact that you are noticing all of this in such great detail tells me that perhaps you are gluing your eyes on him more than you are aware. That might be why he looks at you as many times as he does. Now that's not to say that he doesn't like you. It's hard to say for sure. If I had to guess, I'd say that he is aware of the fact that you have an acute interest in him. Try talking to him sometime; start a conversation about something funny and but ultimately unimportant to try and break the ice created by endless staring!

    Good Luck.

  • It is possible that he likes you. But he thinks your one of them plastic girls that wouldn't give him the time of day, so he looks away upset. But then glances cause he thinks your so hot, but deep down thinks nah she'd never be with me. SO he once again looks away. And continues walking. And says nothing. One he is probably shy. And two he knows since he's a guy he has to make the first move and your gonna make him and he's not up for that. So he gives up and continues walking. Has happened to me a million times.

    thats my. 02

    • That was just like the great truth of the universe in words to me right there.

      So true.

  • He's interested, but lacks self confidence/self-esteem. Basically he's shy and intimidated by women. It's pretty normal as most guys are actually like that, about 80% in fact.


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