How to dress modest AND feminine (advice needed from women and men)?

Hi everyone. So I have a question.

I got married not too long ago, and I used to wear very revealing outfits. I think it doesn't match my status as a married woman, but I don't wanna look matronly either. I'd like to wear over-knee skirts and tops that aren't so low-cut, but I always have the feeling that modest is boring and will not make me look feminine. Maybe you guys could help me out?

Girls: Any tips on how to dress both modest and feminine?
Men: How would you like your wife to dress? I've asked my husband but he said he knows nothing of women's fashion and as long as I don't dress like a guy, it's all good to him.

Thanks in advance everyone!

Ladies, thank you so much. Seems some of you thought I wanted this out of pressure from others- it was my own initiative. you were all helpful and sweet, so you all gave "best answers" so to say :) Thanks Sweethearts.


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  • Dress however you feel comfortable. It's your body and your clothes. It's no one else's business. You know that someone will always have something to say no matter what you wear.

    • Thanks for the support :) Though I really wanna do this for myself. No-one has made any comments regarding my style, I just don't feel comfortable anymore but I have no clue how to do it without looking "old" if that makes sense :)

    • Well as long as you're happy that's the most important thing.

      You can try repurposing items already in your wardrobe by tossing a cami or pair of leggings underneath. Cardigans and blazers are also really easy. Even if you go for longer hems you can still have interesting patterns or cuts. Maybe try to find a store that you like and then kind of pull items from different areas to build a look?

  • Then keep your style👍

    • Thanks :) I would but I don't feel comfortable anymore. I have just dressed what some might call "slutty" for so long that I don't know how to look modest and classy but still feminine. Also, what I love on other people, I usually hate on myself for some reason.

    • Because what looks good on one body style might not suit your body type. If people seem your attire to be "slutty" that's their problem. Be you hun😊dress in what makes you feel sexy

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