Slim skinny jeans feminine?

Are slim skinny jeans feminine?
Like the kind that are between slim and skinny. The ones that have space/room around the ankles.

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I'm talking about something like this that i had posted.


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  • Some guys look okay in them, some people adore them, but skinny jeans can make even the most attractive guy look terrible. I don't understand why they're a fashion, it's so much worse than other fads around for guys. If you like 'em, go for it, but they don't do guys any favours :p

    • And i don't understand why high waist jeans/shorts are a fashion for women. Doesn't matter what kind of body you have, them make you look unattractive and kind of sloppy.
      I don't understand how/why yoga pants are in women's "fashion". You're wearing exercise pants as "style"? Um good god no. Lazy.
      Everyone has their thing.

    • Haha, good to know :D Well, yoga pants used to be called leggings and they were used like tights under short skirts and stuff, then they were used for gothic fashion and since they're so comfy, ended up being used for everyday wear. Hehe, but a lot of people seem to wear exercise gear everyday for some reason, yeah, weird :p :D

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  • People don't pick their jeans. The jeans pick their wearers.

    It doesn't matter what cut/style/brand. The only choice humans have when it comes to jeans is the quality of the fabric. After that, just ignore what everyone else thinks and let the right jeans choose you.

    • Having said that, I have a pair of raw denim nudies in the skinny with space around the ankles cut you described.

      Love them and never got accused of being feminine.

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  • bro, you gay if you wear those

  • They aren't very comfortable.

    • If they're 100% cotton, I agree.
      The pair I have are 99% cotton, 1% spandex. It makes a huge difference. If they were 100% cotton, they'd definitely be too tight because they couldn't stretch or move at all.