Girls, Body hair on guys, what do you think?

for the sake of the poll I'm going to leave out no body hair as I'm asking specifically about body hair. Also body hair for men comes varies from man to man of course, these are just some of the amounts you could find naturally on a guy.

my hypothesis is that most women will pick the snail because there is less chest hair.

could you explain why you choose the option you do?

also doesn't having chest hair make a man at least appear a little more masculine? or is chest hair not attractive to women anymore? (idk I've always seen chest hair as a manly thing lol).

I know this is a bit of a silly question but I was just curious.

  • The tree
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  • the top heavy
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  • the Rug
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  • the snail
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  • the wooly-jumper
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do you think a man should have chest hair or no? (I know I didn't include no chest hair but I figure its worth asking about as well just to see).
there seems to be an even split between the snail and the tree... I wonder why that is... I would like to hear from the women who picked the tree if possible just to see why they picked it.


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  • The snail, I guess. I don't really like body hair but the little trail that's like from the belly-button downwards is actually kinda cute, so that's fine.

    • why don't you like body hair? jc

    • It doesn't feel good and it doesn't look good. It's tedious getting rid of it but it's what I prefer for myself and I'd prefer male partners didn't have chest hair. Leg hair and underarm hair and some pubic hair is fine for my partners but chest and back hair gets to me for some reason :P

    • interesting.. thank you for your answer! :)

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  • either the tree or snail

  • Prefer a happy trail.

    But, whatever this is.. I like it.

  • I Prefer minimal body hair. Obviously it's not important enough to change my mind abut a guy, but less is generally nicer.

  • It should be a fine balance between not looking like a prepubescent boy and looking like you're clothed when you're fully naked.

    • lol fair enough, so what do you say about the whole clean shaved or waxed look for men? do you think men should have chest hair or no?

    • If you have it, keep it. There's nothing worse than getting rug burn on your chest.

    • lol so I'm just wondering... which option did you pick?

  • i have never been with a man who had chest hair and i don't want to

  • The snail, I dont like hair on man's body

  • I personally don'e like chest hair :P

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    • thats fair. hmm would you ever not date a guy if he had chest hair? like lets say he was willing to shave it, then what?

    • Then yeah absolutely

  • I don't like body hair at all

  • I don't really care :)