Girls 18-24, can a guy your age be attractive physically and consider "hot/handsome" etc if he lost his hair very young?

Lost my hair young, shaved that stuff off, I think I pull it off well and I still expect to be married to a very good looking young girl, I've never and will never accept less or lower standards like some guys claim bald guys have to, in fact guys tend to hate on bald more than most women hah so anyway I figured I'd make a post to get anonymous opinions that wouldn't be biased, answer honestly as looks do matter here. Also the age group is just because there is the stigma that girls over 30 don't mind, no offense ladies, plenty look great in their 30's but I want to be married young. You're opinion in a comment is still very much welcome.

oh and here's meGirls 18-24, can a guy your age be attractive physically and consider

  • Girls over 30 (read description)
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  • Yes a bald guy can look good And desirable physically I would date a bald guy
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  • Sorry to me bald is bad, so young I probably wait for a guy with hair
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  • I think you have attractive features, but bald guys just don't do it for me, its not that boom they become unattractive, but the bald part is just not attractive. But you can always do wigs. But if you don't want to its fine, attraction is not the only thing in a relationship and even if it is (which it isn't) there are still women that will find you attractive regardless.

    • You are contradicting yourself here, you're saying being bald takes away from my attractive features enough that it's a no for you, which is your opinion which is fine I got high standards I doubt you would live up to either so I mean we're even haha but you get my point though, anyway did you vote C then?

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    • But you're naive and think the world revolves around you. I'm extremely self conscious of several things, and I really struggle with it and it has caused a lack of making friends and getting out there, trying new things, etc. it is a stump in my life, yet I don't tackle people and although I may not believe most compliments, I graciously accept them. And I will never, ever get on other people's cases out of my own lack of confidence.

    • I only got on your case when you said you voted B and that I was cute, then directly stated you wouldn't date a bald guy, you honestly don't see where that would confuse a guy?

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  • I would still a date a young guy that was bald. I had a crush on my manager when I was 19 and he was 26 and he was losing his hair. I still thought he was attractive.

    • Do you think I am in the pic? No creeper move just curious.

    • Yes you are very attractive, I don't know how you looked with hair but having no hair suits you very well.

  • You remind me of a young professor from x men lol but in good way, not many people can pull it off you look fine

    • So you would date a bald guy?

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    • So would you find me attractive enough? Don't worry I'm not pulling a creeper move like most guys on here I just want to know where I stand.

    • yea I said it in my original response

  • I wouldn't go for a bald guy but not because they look bad, it's just a preference thing. like some girls like beards or dreads, you know.
    keep doing you! cheers

    • I've never heard of beards being a deal breaker lie bald is to you, which did you vote then B? I mean your ideas are fine I myself have high standards on girls looks too and I shouldn't be expected to accept an average looking girl just because I can't grow hair. I still hold my preference. Would you say most young women are against bald? Be honest here you have more insight into female mindset than I do

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    • So you are agreeing that bald is unattractive then why not say so? Looks matter to me in s girl, I'll only date a girl who 'ranks high' as you put in looks so I expect to be the same. And as you're saying bald is seen as apparently so bad that it makes a man completely unattractive, don't sugar coat it you've admitted as much, if it were just against preference you'd still date a bald guy but according to you it's a deal breaker so it does take away a lot from s guy, so you really think bald is as bad as fat then? That's ridiculous a man can do nothing about hair loss girls and guys alike can get on a treadmill etc.

    • I think you're putting words I didn't say in my mouth. I can't help you with your confidence, that's your problem. maybe in a few years you'll come to realize you won't be liked by everyone and that is OK.
      P. S. from a stranger's point of view, if the guy I was talking to had as little confidence as you do, THAT would be the worst deal breaker. not his face, not his hair. nothing about his appearance. you just don't like yourself, how do you expect others to like you. please don't drag this conversation any longer. I've said all I have to say.

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