WHY can't she hold eye contact anymore?

There's this girl I like and bump into her only once a week and we don't have any classes together (she was in one of my classes last year). This is at a community college.

We use to share pretty random but intense eye contact like we would stare into each others eye (but not for too long, but long enough for it not to be normal).

Now when I see her around we say hi and stuff and it isn't awkward, as if we are just normal friends.

But if I stop to chat with her and LOOK her in the eye, she will look me in the eye and then stare at my chest and then just I don't know , talk , but no more eye contact or staring at my shirt.

it's happened a few times already and I thought I had sauce or stains on my shirt. I find it awkward cause I'm looking into her eyes and she would return the look but then quickly look down on shirt/chest for a few seconds. I don't know where her eyes goes after that cause I get frozen when I realize she's looked away from my eyes onto my chest!


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  • haha((:


    1.) something is hot about your chest or whatever

    2.) she's just shy that she realizes that she does like you

    3.) is she short? or naww... maybe she just find it weird (some girls are like that)

    4.) the question is: do you like her or not? if you do... then try to observe her actions more. If you don't, just let it go... or if you're her friend: ask her or just open up to her, she won't bite.

  • Sometimes I myself cannot look one in the eye if their look is too... intense.

    There are days when I feel extremely awkward, and my eyes might even start running when I'm talking to a boy I find very attractive.

    Or it could be your chest. >:)


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