She won't hold eye contact?

There is this girl that I think is really pretty that I would like to talk to but I have this problem. I see her looking in my direction occasionally, but that is always from further away and I am never sure if she is looking at me or something else. However whenever I am close enough to actually make eye contact I will look at her waiting for her to look at me, but the second she makes eye contact with me, she will immediately look away. One day I am pretty certain she was looking at me and she smiled as she looked away and then later in the day she was training someone(she is a personal trainer) and they came and used the machine right in front of me and she seemed nervous.(combing her hair with her fingers, playing with the zipper on her jacket, etc) Well as she was walk away, she looked back at me, saw that I was already looking at her (I was also smiling because I was laughing at myself for something) and she immediately looked away. Anytime we are close enough to actually make eye contact and she catches me looking at her she immediately looks away, but I will then see her staring in my direction from further away, even if I glance over at her, she will keep staring. She acts shy, but she's not. I see her talking to pretty much everyone in there(guys or girls) but with me she won't hold eye contact for more than a half a second if we are within 25 feet of each other. Why is this?


Why will she stare in my direction from far away, but when she catches me looking at her at a closer distance, she looks away before I even have a chance to smile? She is not shy around anyone, except possibly me.
I would love to go up and talk to her, but She is never alone, and I am shy, so between her never being alone, and never holding eye contact, it makes it extremely difficult. If she was alone and I knew she wanted me to I probably could, but otherwise, not so much.


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  • Well, if she likes you, she finds you intimidating. I get really self-conscious around my crush. People don't think I'm shy either, but quiet and self-conscious are two completely unrelated things. You see her being very talkative with her other friends and acquaintances because she has no reason to care what they think of her. The stakes are much lower. With you, on the other hand, she has to worry that she's not funny enough, not pretty enough, doesn't have enough interesting things to say, etc. She's afraid to look at you, because as they say, "The eyes are the window to the soul." Looking you in the eyes makes her very vulnerable and risks exposing her feelings, so she avoids extended eye contact.

    The fact that you've noticed her change in behavior around you in particular is a good sign for you. Just start a casual conversation with her and see how she responds. You don't have to dramatically declare your love for her or anything. Just a simple, "Hey, I always bump into you here. How long have you been a personal trainer?" That way it could be perceived as friendly and nonthreatening, but could open the door for something else later.


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  • It's probably because she likes you; I'm that way as well. I'm not too shy around other people, but if I have a crush on someone, I find it hard to look at them. I just get so nervous, and scared that they may not like what they see; try talking to her, and making her feel comfortable. She may be waiting for you to say something.

  • id say that she probably is getting feelings for you. if I make eye contact with a guy I like it embarrasses me. I feel like I got caught starring. but normally I'm a very talkative person. I would say that is probably what is happening ! good luck. go up to her and initiate a convo and see how she responds (:


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  • I thnk she may be attracted to you, but the only way you will know is if you find out..

    Why don't you go up to her and talk to her, what's the worst that could happen? If you do then who knows ? something could blossom and you could end up having a great time with her, if you don't then you will simply not know! lol


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