Writing a satire about body image for school?

So i have an assignment and i have to write a satire and present it to my class. I was going to write about body image expectations for females but is that too risky for school? i don't wanna offend people. If it isn't, does anyone have any ideas for how I could make it a successful satire? I also have to make a satirical proposal on how to fix the issue, which i'm struggling with. Thoughts?


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  • Regardless of what you write, there will be someone "offended" by it, simply because people always want something to complain about.
    I could lend some advice, but I'll need more details. What specifically about body image are you aiming to write about.

    • I want to write about the unrealistic expectations for women to be stick thin and have no additional fat and have perfect figures and i need to write a solution to this problem i. e.:everyone cuts off their body fat

    • You could include a line where anytime women go to a restaurant, they'd order one of those steaks that are about the size of a fingernail, and they'd think it would be enough for two meals.
      Or that dogs would mistake crazily thin women for sticks, and they'd chew on them, thinking it was a game of fetch.
      Also, this may work well if it was written like a poem (if that's allowed, of course).

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  • Well if you want a satire, you can write a story about a new trend spreading across your school where it's "cool" to wear more layers. And then girls start showing off how many they can wear, and guys get really into it and seek out girls who wear the most. It's turning the body image stereotype on it's head, so would make a pretty good satire!


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