Can you wear bodycon dress if you have hip dips or is it ugly?

I'm very self conscious about my hip dips. I would love to wear bodycon dress and high waist jeans with crop top but I feel like it look too ugly because of my hip dips.
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  • Yes, you can. Just be yourself. :) If someone has a problem with it let it be their problem, not yours. It says everything about them and nothing about you.

    • Yes but is it attractive or no? I don't want people to think I'm not attractive because of it.

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    • Everything above is absolutely right. You do you. You want to know what is actually sexy and attractive? Confidence. Feel good about yourself and the rest will follow. Don't worry yourself on what others think, others are judgey, stupid, and mean. Live for you.

    • @Oberon960 Yes, I know but if people find me unattactive then there's no point in wearing a bodycon dress

Most Helpful Girl

  • I have them too, and I stay away from anything tight around the hips. I think it just looks bad on me. My roommate has hip dips too, and she rocks bodycon dresses. It just depends on what you feel comfortable in.


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  • Of course you can

    • Would it look good though?

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    • Thanks for all your nice reply, it give me some confidence :)

    • Awe your welcome I'm happy to help girl! (:

  • I have them too. I've basically just said fuck it and that if it's comfortable I'll wear it. I've given up on fashion 😂

  • Hip dips really aren't as bad as you think.


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