What lip size is the ideal for sexy red lips?

I have heard that red lipstick doesn't fit thin lips. I have also heard that red lipstick makes thick lips look vulgar.
Mine are NATURALLY very thick. I notice I get the most attention when I wear red lipstick. People look at my lips instead of looking in my eyes while talking to me lol. I want to know if they look at them because they like them or because they look awkward.

  • what lip size is the ideal for sexy red lips?very thick
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  • what lip size is the ideal for sexy red lips?thick
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  • what lip size is the ideal for sexy red lips?mid-size
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  • what lip size is the ideal for sexy red lips?thin
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  • I love thick lips !! They are super hot !! Personally i think dark shades and red look very nice on thick and very thick lips !!


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  • Dont listen to that nonsense. You dont need any specific lip size to make the color red sexy. Sexy is what you make it, not what your body does. And any guy who thinks body makes beauty can go take a flying leap.

  • Not that I'm a fashion or make-up expert, but I think the skin tone is more important than the lip size when it comes to where red lipstick looks better. I honestly don't think half the women pictured here look that great with red lipstick.

  • If you really want to bring out you lips wear a lips stick brings out you skin tone it looks more natural. What ever u do done get surgery men really like the natural female. I see those girls on instagram all of the time fake butt, lips, and breast and it is so obvious... it don't understand why they do it and it is easy to tell the are not real.

  • hahah you cray cray with all these bimbos lol

    Thick section - Top right and bottom middle blonde
    Midsize - left most
    Thin - Left most and middle

    Those are the nice one, the rest look abnormal

  • Thin or midsize. Anything bigger than that red lipstick just makes them look like a clown. Red lipstick doesn't even look good in general.

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