Nose piercing headache?

I just got my nose pierced on the right side with a gun and it was all good at first but now it is painful and my nose got so puffy mainly because i keep hitting it by mistake anyway there is like a bone (nose bridge) it is hurting me a little also below my nose and i am getting a headache is this normal? I am constantly cleaning the area with saline and alcohol though


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  • Like the PP stated, you shouldn't be getting pierced with guns.
    Usually, the pierced region swells up a bit, so that could be the reason for the puffy feeling.
    You might want to take ibuprofen to help with the swelling.
    Try hitting/touching less to prevent trauma.
    The headache in my experience isn't abnormal, I tend to get a headache a few hours after getting pierced.

    Just an extra, I have no nose piercings but to the best of my knowledge, you're not supposed to use alcohol to clean piercings


What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm I know it's a little late to tell you this but i can't believe somebody actually piercied your nose with a gun you really shouldn't use guns because it can shatter the cartilage

    As for the headaches it nothing to do with piercing any pain or soreness should go soon just don't touch it and leave it alone


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