Women are turned on by what they hear, men are turned on by what they see. What's more difficult?

we all know women for the most part are turned on audibly (things they hear) and men are for the most part turned on visually ( by what they see). but my question is. what's more difficult

men having to make sure they always say the right things


women having to look appealing to the eye.

explain your answer if you'd like

  • Men saying the right things
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  • Women looking appealing to the eye
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well after 118 people. have voted. its clear that men have a more difficult time saying the right things. thus proving women CAN take some things way too seriously and over sensitive to it..


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  • Men saying the right thing is harder hands down!

    Think of it like a blind date. A woman has to show up looking clean and attractive. She doesn't have to weigh 100 lbs, she doesn't have to have a perfectly shaped nose, or the longest legs. For most men, if she looks like she takes pride in her appearance and he finds her attractive, then he is good to go. If she makes stupid jokes or sounds like a moron, a guy still might push through it. If she is awkward or clumsy but cute, she is seen as more approachable and sweet.

    If a guy shows up on a blind date, he also has to look good. He can't show up not bathed, unshaven, smelling, and sloppy. Most women want him to look like he has put an effort in also. Then he has to put the real work in and actually impress her by coming off like a remotely interesting person. Few women find awkwardness adorable, like men do. If a guy is very awkward a woman might actually be afraid of him or his intentions. Most of the women I know read body language a lot and if something is off in the guys body language, she will have a problem with him.

    I've heard several stories of guys and girls talking on the internet. They exchanged pictures and everything was fine. They met and it all went to crap on the woman's side. He still wanted the relationship but there was something about him she just didn't like so she ended it. And they always say "He just was different in person". Meaning "On the internet he had the time to think through a response and I couldn't see his body language."

    Even in relationships I think guys have a problem with this. My partner is awful at saying romantic things. He is great at doing stuff. He is the most romantic man I know but he just can't get the words together in his mouth. He couldn't write a poem to save his life. The man can actually make hilarious raps in 2 seconds flat. But if I ask him to put two lines together regarding how he feels about me, he couldn't do it if I gave him 2 months! But he is really no different than every guy I've known in this. Guys just have such a hard time getting the words out. But I can throw on a dress I know he likes and he is focused on me all night.

    That's why when any guy does have all the words, I distrust him. That is always the biggest sign of a player in my opinion.

    • I agree with that anonymous user down there, even if a guy is very hot and good-looking, but he has no life, is a boring person, has a boring personality, is not confident and does not value himself, has a negative attitude, is not social or outgoing, is bratty, does not have his sh*t together, girls will not want to have anything to do with him. A girl can have all of those negative qualities that he mentioned but if she is at least really hot, guys won't care, they will still like her.

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    • Socially awkward guys have it the toughest, I'd say for the most part, there are more guys out there that struggle to get a girl than the other way around, because us guys always have to be the ones to take charge and initiate, I hate it but oh well, it's been that way for centuries

    • LOL Your update is cracking me up! So you did the whole question to show your girlfriend that she took that fight the other day too seriously? ;)

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  • Can't denied it though because that is the fact and truth, women have to be look appealing not only because they love them selves but to be attractive and pleasing to the eye. If they look messy and unattractive, they themselves feel low self- esteem and will be turn off to guys that they think they might have crush.

    For guys they have to say the right things because perhaps they are a man? The head? And man is usually refer to a leader who can be more rational than a woman, someone who guide and take care, I think this is more to a ' true man' who can be the role model, I mean like a King is usually man, not woman, so they have to say the right things and woman is usually a nurture and a supporter. And also as a prime minister or president, most of them are man, and they are the head of a country. So I think you get what I mean.

    I think for the conclusion is, man is the head, and should suppose to say the right things, and woman is feminism who is naturally love them selves and like to look good and impressing others, because if they look good, they feel good too and they love when their partner loves it too.

    • You completely ignored the question. . .lol

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    • Its more important to look appealing for girls though. the sweet stuff is just to help us make sure we're saying the right things and such

    • Girls don't have to worry about saying something stupid

  • women always having to look good. I feel like I'm never going to look good enough for anyone but with enough trying you'll figure out the right things to say

    • Seriously? most guys just want to see skin. . .it's not hard to throw on a pair of short shorts and a tank top. . .we actually have to think before we speak to appeal to a different personality every time we talk to a different girl. Plus you girls have make-up to help even more. . .however, there is nothing we guys can buy to help us figure you out.

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    • Have you missed everything ever written in every magazine ever? No one likes fake boobs, hair, eye lashes or fake everything and the second a guy finds out their fake they're disappointed...especially if they're boobs. face it, you guys have it easier opening your mouths. It's much easier to talk than to be perfect, and don't kid yourself, perfection is what you guys want. I have no problem trying to be perfect for you guys but a little acknowledgement would be nice

    • No such thing as perfect :P

  • i think women are turned on by more than just what they hear and it's different for every girl!

    LOTS of things turn me on!

    • Thats why I said. for the most part. haha. make sure you read it closely

  • Men saying the right things is more difficult.

    But if I don't find him attractive, his talking couldn't convience me to sleep with him.

  • I admit I think too much and over analyze things and can be overly sensitive so men do have it hard because if I had to always say the right things I'd do a terrible job lol.


What Guys Said 3

  • its tough being a guy;)

    • Can be. but..women have it worse...child birth

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    • Thanks, ill try lol

    • If guys had to do child birth, they'd be able to. We're just lucky we don't have to. As if we couldn't take pain.

  • People, be honest, you can always learn how to flirt and say crap, but you can never be visually appealing to everybody you see. Girls do not believe those hypocritical results of this poll, I want you to understand that you'll usually end up with someone who finds you sexy, you don't need to be that beautiful, you only need to meet that special one who looks sexually attractive to you as well.

    Nerds, stay out, that's the truth, I'm very sorry.

  • definetley men saying the right things, pretty much a girl just has to look good, be hot, pretty, that's all, she does not need anything else in order to attract a guy or get a boyfriend. However, us guys have to have high social status, confidence, good social skills and conversation skills, the right attitude, the right mentality, the right way of thinking, have our sh*t together(that means not still living in our parents house by a certain age, have a decent job, because traditionally we are supposed to be the main financial provider), etc. Because when us guys have to say the right things, we are prone to making mistakes, rejection, accidentally creeping a girl out. If a girl is very hot and pretty, sure a majority of the guys that will be approaching her, initiating with her will be random creepers, not the type of guy she wants, but still, if she is desperate enough, she can get any guy she wants, and eventually the right type of guy she wants will have come into her life, literally, since girls do not approach guys or ask them out, initiate.

    • I don't think girls have that high standards. If a guy appeals to us, or attract us, it is not That easy to mess up. He just has to be able to pull of his behaviour... It is not true at all that girls do not approach guys or initiate. If a guy would be able to keep up with all those standards you just put here, I would feel that I am NO good at all for him. If guys make mistakes, it makes me feel more at ease because he is just not perfect ~nobody is...

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    • Only good looking women have that unfair advantage. ugly women... well I just feel the utmost pity for.

    • You really think ugly women have it harder than ugly men do? is there evidence to support that?

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