Why blue eyes are so overrated?

Why almost everyone say that blue eyes are more beautiful than the others? why they have that effect on girls/guys? what do you think about it?


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  • They aren't, they're a personal preference just like a toned stomach or a certain height. What one likes doesn't mean others have to.

    I like blue eyes because to me they seem more expressive, varied in shades and with dark features are striking to look at


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  • they are overrated in the countries that it is not common


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  • Because they're rarer I guess. They stand out. They also have a slightly mysterious, cold look to them. I personally prefer grey eyes though. But comparing those eye colors to brown eyes which are far more common, brown eyes give off more of a 'safe' comforting vibe. Blue eyes can look more evil in my opinion.




    Same as why anyone likes any color, it's really not a big deal at the end of the day.

  • People have different preference in eye colors as other things like height, hair color etc. I live in Norway where the majority is blue eyed, white and blonde. But I've preference for brown eyes, tan and black hair. Brown eyes has a warm color that I likes and I finds the plain Norwegian look plain and boring to be honest. Probably because I sees it everyday.

    But there's factors why people finds blue eyes beautiful.

    1. It's their favorite color and they just likes it because they finds it beautiful. There's sometimes as simple as that.

    2. Blue eyes is rare where they lives and therefor looks exotic. People tends to like exotic things by nature because of genetic diversity is good.

    Blue eyes is genetically recessive genes and the majority in the world has brown eyes. It's mostly in north-Europe, west-Europe and north-east Europe people has blue and green eyes. In South-Europe, Asia and Africa people have mostly brown eyes.

    3. You sees the pupil better and some people are into that. Blue eyes gives a more intense stare and if they're aroused it's more visible in their eyes.

  • I think one of the reasons is because of the colour "Blue". Blue is a very pleasing colour, a soothing colour to our eyes. The colour also appeals to most people.

    Another logic behind that is " Blue" is a sign of life, and so a blue eyes automatically gives some kind of an positive energy to the other person who sees their eyes.

  • well I would actually love such ice/steel blue eyes for my self because my grandpa (never met him) had such eyes (a bit less shiny than terenc hilm but close so far I know)
    but I although love my dark eyes since thay happen to change color if I have strong emotions which is I guess pretty cool so yeah I guess its just always some persons who overrate the eye-color

  • 1. Blue eyes are a very rare, genetically recessive gene, making them explicitly exotic.

    2. The color itself, blue, has a dual nature of induced calming and chilling effects that make it theoretical useful for survival (just like red can induce excitement and passion).


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