How do girls react around cute guys, or when they see ?

what does it mean when - a girl holds a 2-3 stare with u

A girl quickly looks away?

Looking away?

cause I'm always with my buddies and I'm jealous they good looking, when we pass by some girls some stare at him the whole way some don't even bother looking do majority of girls don't want the guy to know their attracted to them by not giving eye contact?


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  • Most girls automatically turn their head, but its more like a natural reaction. just keep checking under the radar whether or not she takes that second look. Don't EVER break the eye contact yourself, if eye contact is made, make sure she is the one to break away, it shows dominance and a characteristic of being an alpha male, which is very important when it comes to getting girls. When it comes to a "better looking friend," well, for one, don't look at em that way, for another, either you can not be around him around girls, which is kinda retarded and beta like, or you can have more game than him and be seen as the interesting one.


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  • I usually look at guys I think are cute,

    and sometimes I get caught,

    when I get caught I usually look away quickly or make eye contact if I was really into them.

    all you could know is that these girls are looking at you, your just not noticeingg.

    i don't think girls avoid eye contact so guys don't think they are attracted them,

    i think they avoid it because sometimes it can be really awquard getting caught staring at a guy.


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  • If he's better looking than you, you'll have to get by on charm.

    If he's better looking and better company, don't hang around him in mixed company, he'll do you no good.