What is the difference when a guy calls you beautiful, cute, pretty, sexy?

no guy will tell me what they mean according to them, so maybe you guys will?


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  • OK, I'll try to give you my personal perspective.

    Beautiful: Classy, feminine, mature and graceful. A genuine woman. Strong and confident. Nice skin, nice body, nice eyes.

    Cute: Big bright eyes, small youthful features. Feminine, but in a more youthful way. The type of girl guys want to hold and protect.

    Pretty: I'd consider it a mix between beautiful and cute. Pretty girls look very feminine, but not as youthful and cute as a cute girl. They have nice skin, pretty eyes.

    Sexy: Similar to beautiful, but more based on body and "hotness", althouh a strong and confident woman can be very sexy. Mysterious, smoldering, feminine curves, sensual and hot.

    I'd say that "beautiful" and "sexy" is used more for mature women who dress and carry themselves with a certain class. These women look more confident, mysterious and womanly than a cute and pretty girl.

    Girls who are "cute" and "pretty", are more youthful than the "beautiful" and "sexy" type, and they seem more fragile and sweet.


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  • This is how I've always interpreted them:


    Looks - Genuinely, classically good looking.

    Personality - Confident, smart, generally above average and amazing.

    Cute (this is the one most people disagree with me on):

    Looks - Unique, soft features. Uniquely attractive.

    Personality - Quirky, spontaneous, and just all around cuddly and lovable.


    Looks - Generally good looking. "Pretty" strikes me as a compliment of someone's face.

    Personality - Nothing.


    Looks - Slammin' body, very provocative attire, supermodel face. Basically a Barbie doll (which I, personally, am not really into).

    Personality - Something of a tease and overtly sexual.

    Hope that helps.

  • although there are going to be people who disagree with me, this is my PERSONAL thinking when it comes to these words

    Beautiful is something I will tell to a girlfriend, or a girl I really like ex. hey honey you looked extremely beautiful in that dress this evening

    cute is a girl when refer to a girl as datable as in the combination of her looks and personality ex. I think ______ is really cute and I wouldn't really mind dating her

    pretty is something I say to a friend that is a girl, ex. Hey you look pretty today

    sexy is a word I refer to someones physical appearance and usually in the context where I just want to have sex with a particular girl ex. man that girl is sexy, I wouldn't taking her home tonight

    • I agree with all this as well. This gives a better idea as to whom we'd give each compliment.

  • beautiful: petite, sophisticated, "perfect"

    cute: slim, nice hair, great personality, adoreable, sometimes sarcastic

    pretty: school girl in uniform

    sexy: body, models, such as Jessica Alba (younger), vida guerra, megan foxx


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