Should I dump her? She is beautiful but it was so easy to get her. I didn't even try.

OK,I met a girl in a club

She end up to be an easy catch. I was too drunk to go home on my own and she invited me to her house. She got a cab and paid herself. When we got to her house she made me food and we end up having sex (first time in my life it was so fast, on my first date - not even a date). I didn't even ask for it, she forced me.

She went on my facebook added me to her friends and changed her status to in relationship with me. When I woke up I got breakfast in my bed.

A couple of days later she called me on a date and paid for everything herself.

Seriously, I DON'T like it. I am a man, a hunter and this girl shocked me. Should I dump her? She is beautiful but it was so easy to get her. I didn't even try.

Okay, Ladies I didn't try to act like a sexist or an oldschool boy. Its just that I never expected to see a girl taking all flirting and dating in her hands. Usually, I am the one with plans for tonight or a week from now


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  • no, I would not dump her, if she is nice, does not steal yourstuff, hurt you,or anything like that, why hurt her, she helped you out when you were drunk.. which was nice


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  • First off, yes your a man. BUT women aren't deer so no, your not a hunter. :|

    You need to stop thinking like that because if you actually said that out loud, people would laugh at you.

    Secondly, why is it so bad that a woman should initiate everything? She clearly knows what she wants and went after it. If your too much of a 'manly man' to let a girl chase you, then you really need to work on that. Its 2010, not the 1950's, women actually hit on men these days. Please, don't die of shock.

    But after all that, I do suggest you think about whether you could be in a relationship. This girl has 'Clingy psycho' written all over her. You knew her for a couple of hours and she already listed herself as in a relationship with you? But I mean if she's a nice girl, why not?

    But, she seems like the hunter in the relationship, luring you with sex and yummy food right into her relationship trap. Bet you didn't see that one coming.

    • I love girls and respect them. Its just that from my experience I haven't seen many girls initiating a relationship with a guy first. Most of the girls I met or I know wait for other guys to approach them first. Of course there are exceptions but not to the level I've seen in the last 2 weeks. Even if Ill meet a girl its very unlikely that ill rush her to make a decision and have sex with me.

      "Bet you didn't see that one coming." - You are absolutely right!!!

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    • Maybe she wanted to jus hook up at first, but liked you enough to want to pursue something. If you don't want a relationship, than don't go out with her. You don't want to end up possibly attached to her, but wanting to be single.

    • I am not really against sex on a first date. As a guy I actually applause this idea and trend. It just feels a little awkard when a girl wants to have sex and a relationship. Usually this kind of relationships end up in friends with benefits

      I guess you are right, I should see where it goes

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  • You don't say anything about the personality of that girl.

    Shouldn't that be the most important element in thinking about her?

    Just talk with her a lot more and then draw your conclusions.

    • You are right!

      One question - would you rather date a 10/10 slutty girl or 8/10 cute, shy girl?

      I would go for an 8/10

  • What's your secret? Not a joke, I want to know. I'm tired of hearing from other guys about how they just go out and get girls - if you're not super good looking or rich, what do you look for, what do you say?

    If I could meet a beautiful girl and have sex with her on the first date I would be in heaven and I would not consider dumping her, quite the reverse.

    • Every 15-17 year old guy wants to have ANY car but when he gets one he wants a BETTER/NEWER one, same with girls. I don't want to go out with a slut no matter how beautiful she is.

      Secret? There is no secret, just be yourself, always optimistic and at least take a shower or have nice clean clothes occasionally.

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    • Your soulmate would be a cheap hooker selling sex for money.

    • You must be 15, when you'll be 16 come back and ill explain you some things :D