Girls, what are you thinking when a guy looks at you and you end up looking away? its more in depth

is it always a bad thing? do the different ways have different meanings like

if as soon as she looks at you she looks away,

or she holds eye contact with you and her eyes get wide for a couple seconds then she looks away,

or she just stares at you normally then looks away,

if there are more can you tell me

cause that happens sometimes and I just thought it meant she found you unattractive, but some girl did all 3 to me but she stared at me later and I looked away then later she looked away as soon as we made eye contact then she would play with my weights behind me in the gym when I'm still sitting there.

does that mean she was just shy? are some girls or most girls like that?


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  • Sometimes we could be looking at a guy and then they look at us and we look away because we are shy or don't want them to notice that we are looking at them. Or I find if I'm having a convo with someone that I feel nervous around ( usually I'm really shy around new people ) I'll tend to not keep eye contact for very long because I feel awkward when someones staring at me. Other girls may be different though.. Hope it helps :D

  • we look away because we don't want you to know that we are also looking at you

    holding eye contact then looking away is being shy I did it to my ex it kept him thinking about it for ages

    normal stare is more like a dreamy look she probably finds you attractive


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